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Recently I have noticed how much remasters have come to the light of the day. One of the best examples is Skyrim. There is countless Skyrim ports and remasters and version and whatevers.

How it will be in the future? When other consoles come, for an example PlayStation 5. Will there be remasters of remasters? One of PlayStation’s IP Uncharted series. It already has remasters from PS3 to PS4 and will there be PS4 to PS5 and so on?
Why they even do that? When I have played those games the graphics still SUCKS. It look, at it best, slightly better than the original one. I simply don’t understand the artistic mind behind all that. Only reason I know is money. They don’t know what else to do so they use ready product to make it slightly better and I bet it doesn’t even make that much effort and then they sell it sometimes even close to new AAA—title price.
And all the idiot gamers will buy those.


Why not something nostalgic and part of history would let be as it is and not raping everything back to life for sake of money and lack of ideas and artistic skills. I simply hate that. I hate when they goes for the money and not for the art.
Games are art, or at least they can be. There is so beautiful games that’ll take my breath away and I need to stop and gaze the beautiness.

I understand if they bring back something that is so old that no living person has the console nor the game anymore, but last gens games? Really…
There is and there is coming REMAKES that are made completely again. All the design, areas, characters, plot, gameplay is going to be made again and that is something I could agree with. If only they do it ONCE and not 47 times.
Just close your eyes and think of PS5 and PS6 and how there is countless Skyrim ports out there for those consoles. And of course countless other multiply raped titles.

I would totally buy it if they do, like I already said, PS3 game to PS5 completely remastered. I mean COMPLETELY not some character design when everything else around it looks like someone took a pixel shit and smeared it to the walls.

We shouldn’t call these remastered. Recycled it should be.


These sites are add—free

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