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First impression

I hesitated of bying Marvel’s Spider-Man game for my PS4 Pro. I’m not super fan of Spider-Man although I watched the cartoon every saturday morning when I was a kid in the 90’s. I like Venom and he is my favourite character in Spider-Man universe. That was the ultimate reason I bought this game in a hope of there being Venom in the game

As I launched the game I was stunned by the graphics and overall technicality of basically everything visual.

I played Marvel’s Spider-Man in span of a three week. Yeah, three weeks (sue me), and the reason was, that I didn’t like it that much. It was good but it was awkward as well.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180928155339


The story starts of Peter Parker and Mary Jane how they found out the Demons (bad guys) are after a substance called Demon’s Breath and it seems like it will reign chaos if enemies get it first. Peter goes after the Devil’s Breath. One thing leads to another and finally the city is full of villains that are freed from the prison by Doctor Octopus.marvels-spider-man-villains-scorpion-square-01-ps4-us-27jun18

The plot is very long and there are twists and characters for days, that I don’t know what actually to tell and what not. I did lots of side missions that got me off track for hours and sometimes I forgot what the plot situation was at the time.

I must say I like the story and how it’s been told. It might feel little repetitive but just a little. Marvel’s Spider-Man is full of characters from the comic such as; Mister Negative, Kingpin, Electro, Rhino, Scorpion, Vulture and Shocker. The plot is very detail rich that will twist all characters to the story nicely.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180928151715

Gameplay & Controls

OK, I’m gonna say it first; the controls suck sometimes. I vagely remember playing Spider-Man on PS2 aeons ago and it had this exact same issue with the controls. I think they had to make sacrifice on something and it was precise movement that was taken out. It’s very easy to control Spider-Man to go long distances and fast but when he is in small area, or you need to go through some certain spot/hole, or you try to jump away from rockets and other incoming attacks it became annoying. Or trying to glimb to the building it took couple tries to land on the roof. These kind of silly things that I’m not sure could they even be fixable with an update?

Marvel’s Spider-Man has also kinda of a ‘magnetism’, as I call it in many games. Meaning that the playable character is pull towards certain objects and things such as rails and edge of buildings and so on, and it is usually OK and it makes controlling easy but too many times I ended up wrong place because it was difficult to do a one simple little maneuver.

Many other things won’t make sense either such as Spider-Man can do certain movements or he is sometimes overly strong but then suddenly when enemies come around he looses all of them and became weak and slow.

marvels-spider-man-villains-rhino-square-01-ps4-us-27jun18And it’s true that spiders can’t swim. At least in New York City. I couple times fell to the water and it was ridicilous how slowly he swam. It took so long to get back on the ground after dropping into the water that is was frustrating.

Gameplay overall was good and I liked how side missions worked with the rest of the game and wasn’t some random things, although it sometimes felt of being a delivery boy most of the main and side missions.

Player can buy more moves by using skill points, craft a new suit, upgrade weapons and I liked how simple everything was (I remember of playing God Of War and being confused of the complex upgrading system.)
I loved the Photo Mode that was one of the best I’ve ever used so far in a video game. There could’ve been more frames, but that’s pretty much only negative thing about it.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180923214642


Marvel’s Spider-Man is beautiful, realistic and detail rich visually with real–like physics everywhere. I was stunned by the 4K HDR that was gorgeous. I recently played Shadow Of The Tomb Raider and it had pretty awful HDR. Marvel’s Spider-Man shows how it should be done. Many times I just gazed the super detailed and realistic faces and skin and it was just beautiful. The effects were high notch but they came on my way (view) too many times that ruined my gameplay. I didn’t find any slugging, slow loading or short drawing distance. Technically Marvel’s Spider-Man is superb.

I did had couple of bugs and glitches here and there but it’s totally forgottable, if we’re looking how perfect it is graphically, mostly.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180923212325


If the graphics aren’t enough detailed then the sounds are. Spider-Man had same lines he said but with different tone based on the situation he was at. When he was talking to someone on the phone he said the lines out of breath when moving or swinging. These little details makes this game 70€ worth all over the place. The voice acting was very, very good and blockbuster movie quality.



I played Marvel’s Spider-Man on ‘Normal’ and I had to turn it to ‘Easy’ in the last boss battle because the awkward controls and because of a major glitch that made my progression impossible. I was just about to beat the final boss when he froze and I couldn’t do anything to him so I had to load save again and realizing that my nerves are shuttered and I need this to be more easy.

Marvel’s Spider-Man have very fast phased gameplay and all fightings and boss battles needs fast fingers. I still wouldn’t say this game was particularly hard or easy it was OK but bad controls made it unbearable sometimes.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180916214908

Last impression

I’m still not Spider-Man fan eventhough Marvel’s Spider-Man was pretty awesome game. It’s weird since I like Venom but I more like him because of his characteristics and looks. Peter Parker was kinda annoying as a person and his ‘jokes’ was stupid. I also was wondering one thing the whole gameplay; why Peter Parker (Spider-Man) doesn’t have A DICK?! He has nothing between his legs (I now know why Mary Jane broke up with him.)

Anyway dick or dickless I would recommend this to anyone who likes little bit of challenge, comic characters, good graphics and physics, Spider-Man fan or not this is worth its price.

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RELEASE DATE: Sep 7, 2018
GENRE: Action-adventure
PUBLISHER: Sony Interactive Entertainment
DEVELOPER: Insomniac Games
PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4

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