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First sticker

This game is ominous. In a good way, that is. I bought this game long time ago but never managed to start playing it until now and I whipped myself because of that. The game is awesome, why I didn’t play it before!!
Stick It To The Man is excellent example of unique story and gameplay and an idea overall.


Controlling the protagonist is simple. It’s not complicated what so ever and that is good thing, because this kind of game doesn’t even need more than it offers. You can jump, read minds and take/put sticker. That’s it.
Controls work very well and there is nothing negative to mention except that some points it was difficult to choose a right choice of the many since they were too close together but that is nit picking and that “issue” doesn’t really matter since the game is not fast phased.


Stick It To The Man starts of our protagonist a young man called Ray who is flying in outer space and he starts to tell his story how he ended up there. So the game starts and first thing what happens is that something falls accidentally from airplane to Ray’s head. When he comes to he realizes that he have a weird, pink, sticky and long arm poking out of his head. Next thing he realizes is how he can read peoples minds, take stickers and attach them to other persons or objects. He can also swing himself other levels or over the death pits by sticking the hand to the pins that lies here and there.
It quickly comes clear that he can only see this hand and others think that he is insane so he goes to see a psychiatrist. There is also a suspicious “Men In Black” —men after him since they have found out that Ray possesses the secret ‘thing’ inside his brains now.
The story goes like a butterfly effect and one thing leads to another and Ray finds himself places like mental asylum, prison and spaceship for an example.


I have to say this now that at some points this game sounded lot like Banjo—Kazooie styled music and of course of some effects as well.

Almost all the characters are voice acted and I fucking love it!! It shows dedication and hard work to this little masterpiece and of course it bring the game and characters to life. The voice acting is very good and in the credits it comes to knowledge that, for an example, one voice actor has done over ten different characters.



The game’s art style is kinda like mixture of paper and cardboard. All the objects and characters looks like paper thin and 2—dimensional. It reminds me of Paper Mario in a way.
Everything is drawn in a caricature way; exaggeratedly and too much. It is funny and some things or persons made me laugh just by the appearance.



So what you do in this game is to read peoples minds and if they think of something specific it appears above their head in a mind bubble and you can take that image to yourself by ripping it out with your weird sticky hand. Then you need to figure out what sticker goes to where so that you can progress on your journey. Usually when you put the right sticker it’s place it will open a door/pathway or gives you a another sticker.
So basically this game is puzzle slash point and click —type of game.
It might sound easy but it is not. I found myself wondering around the same places trying to figure out what I’ve been missing and usually it was something so simple like I forgot to read someones mind or I forgot that I can swing myself to another level. Sometimes it was truly difficult to figure out what to do but that is not something to be scared of. This game is a scale of Easy—Normal—Hard it is at Easy.


Even thought the controls are simple the game is not that simple at some points. There is spots where you have to manage to go through these ‘Men In Black’ —dudes and they can outrun you like that *snaps fingers* and they’ll shock you until death.
No worries though; you will be re—printed from the nearest saving machine called Mr. Copy.

I personally didn’t loose my patience even though I died more times than there is numbers available. The game was so good and funny all the time that I can easily forgive that.

And secondly it is sometimes not clear what to do next or what sticker goes where. You can, of course, run aimlesly and try all stickers on everything until you find right things to do.

The game is not like a huge area or world for you to be roam, but one place at the time. Let’s say first you are in the city then you end up in mental asylum until you manage to escape from there and so on.


Last Sticker

I always look for new indie game to play and I remember choosing this one when I watched some trailer of it and it hit me. This game reminds me so much of Banjo—Kazooie in many ways; the gruesome and sometimes black humour with funny looking characters. Not to mention the background music.
I liked this game instantly when I finally started to play it and it goes on smoothly and surprises you with all the sickness you can imagine (of game that is age of 12 and up).
Stick It To The Man is not super long game, approx. 5 hours or so, but it is worth it. If you looking for something easy and unique for once this might get you off.

This game is 19.95€ on the PS Store and taking in to consideration how well this game is made it is worth it. But if you want long game experience this might not be the best piece to that.

I can’t wait if there’d be a sequel. And yes, another level it goes.


Everything is drawn in a caricature way; exaggeratedly
and too much. It is funny and some things or persons
made me laugh just by the appearance.





Release Date: Out Now
Genre: Action
Publisher: Ripstone
Developer: Zoink!


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