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First overtale

Very firstly what I must say about this game that it is extremely unique. I have played hundreds of games and I haven’t ever encountered something like this. Undertale is one good example that good game doesn’t need high end graphics.
I remember years ago I saw soooo many jokes, memes, comic strips, you name it —things all over the internet but I didn’t have a clue what this Undertale was. I soon discovered that it was a video game but it was only for PC (and I play on consoles). So one of my goal was to someday play this highly praised game.

sans1Time passed and finally I heard Undertale was coming to PS4 and PS Vita. It wasn’t only coming as digital but physical also. Something took over me and I ordered, very limited ones, Undertale for PS4 and PS Vita physical games. And that’s not all; I also bought it as digital so I didn’t have to open the physical games.

I really didn’t have any idea what this game tells about, how to play it… or basically anything. All I knew was all the millions of user created media I saw online all the time.

I started playing and there I go…


You control a character (you name it… literally) and for me it was Ann since to me it looked like a girl. The controls are very simple. You can control the character by directional buttons or joystick. The game is played from up… I don’t know what the perspective is called but from up to down… like all NES and SNES RPG —games would be played.
There will be random and not random battles that are half turn based and half not.
The fight scene is the brilliance of this masterpiece since it is different every time; the basics are the same but the fight itself changes greatly.

Usually in the fight you can choose how you are going to kill the enemy and you can also feel sorry for it and spare its life. Your basic attack move is three bars that run across the screen and you need to time/hit the button in very right moment to gain the maximum hit. After you have done your move there comes a little box that contains a heart (your heart) and you can move it around. It is now enemie’s turn to attack. The attacking takes place in the little box so there will happen something, let’s say enemy wants to shoot you with the laser; you need to move the heart and avoid the laser attacks.
It isn’t always that simple since the enemies attacks contains lots of tricks that you need to solve. Sometimes it is not clear what you need to do to beat the attacker or boss and they do all kinds of weird, unfair or absolutely ridicilous moves that makes you grin.
This makes the game so special, it is this innovative fighting system that I haven’t seen or heard before. It simply just isn’t turn based battle where you hit the X—button until the enemy is dead — you need to figure out how to do it, what item to use, how to avoid attacks or even spare the attackers life. Every enemy has their own unique attacks and ways to avoid them that makes every fight different.


Story starts of a little legend how humans and monsters used to live in harmony but then they divided and the monsters went to live underground. Then a girl (Ann) falls down to the underground and finds herself lost.

UPDATE: It has come to my knowledge that the main character isn’t boy or a girl. His/her sex is ambiguous.

Soon comes two characters to your aid, Sans (a skeleton who’s every word is written with Comic Sans —font) and his brother Papyrus (a skeleton also who’s speech is written in Papyrus —font).
You become friends with them and they show you the underworld.

Undertale is full of corky, hilarious and weird characters and mostly I was wondering “how that thing even came to be?”

As you progress in the game you’ll encounter bosses and evil persons that try to stop your journey to get back to humans’ world for reason that I’m not going to spoil you.
The game is not like some Agatha Christie type of super mystery, but it holds things that I think is better to be experienced than to be told.

Undertale also contains tons of humour and it is little bit twisted in its own way. Also plot twist here and there and especially in the fighting scene where you never know what gonna happen.

The story in Undertale has huge impact to the player emotionally. Even though the game is not realistic looking or voice acted it has the magic to touch you and really think everything. What I started to think was my life, choices I have made and I also took the game very seriously somehow. All the user created media I have seen online is about the sadness and emotional part of the game.
I know it is just a game but it has it.


There is no voice acting at all. This game is made of NES/SNES style in mind and only sound you can hear is effects and background music which also is oldstyled and it remains me of GameBoy/NES/SNES games.
Music is what it is, I must say it suites this game but still I wouldn’t use headphones since it would annoy the hell out of me after a while but the music itself is beautiful. What I mean that the compose is great but the way it is played is kinda annoying. For me at least.


If we look games today and compare it to the Undertale there is no chance Undertale would win by any means. And it even doesn’t need to. I imagined the game being made with different art style in mind and I quickly realized that it wouldn’t work at all. The way this game has been made suits for it like a glove.
This game NEEDS to be done the way it has been done and there is no questioning it!!

Like I said above I don’t know what name the perspective holds but it is to be played from up to down (you look from upper perspective to down your world/character). Yes I am stupid since I have no idea what it’s called.
Anyway what you see in this game is very minimal and simple. It looks like that anybody could’ve done that game but still holds certain artist’s uniqueness that is unseen before.
All the character designs are perfectly ominous and overall everything reminds me of Adventure Time —cartoon.


First of all; nobody has to die in Undertale. You can play it that way — or you can kill every enemy you encounter or you can kill some. But the choice is there.
There isn’t much I can add about the gameplay since all I wanted to say I said it already. What I want to address that this is RPG / Puzzle game since there is puzzles to be solved. I personally didn’t find the puzzles to be overly difficult but some of them are different than what average players have used to.
And as I said you can choose the way of playing the game, which I mean that you can kill or show mercy to your enemies. You can also collect armour and weapons that will rise your ATTACK or DEFENSE and you’ll level up in this game as well but be noted you don’t have to level up since you only gain EXP when killing an enemy and sparing their life won’t level you up. But that is one trick this game holds… the game changes by the way you play it!!
I don’t know is there multiple variations what happens in Undertale or does it have alternative endings? I thought of this because you have an option to choose how you play so does it affect the story/ending? That I do not know and I played this only once.

UPDATE: I have seen youtube videos that there is different endings and story overall the way you play it. This is super neat. I need to play this again.


Undertale’s difficulty… be determined!!

There isn’t a difficulty choices in the beginning but if I have understand correctly the game changes the way you play it. If you choose to kill enemies and gain EXP (Execution Points) then enemies and bosses come more likely to be tougher. I had difficulty with some bosses, specially the last one since I played the game by killing and sparing lives. I would say this game is Easy—Normal—Hard it is Normal on average but you can make it to be Easy or Hard. Choices are yours.

Last undertale

If you own PC, MAC, Linux, Playstation 4 or PS Vita you’ll NEED to play this. Of course if this is totally not your cup of tea but if you look something little to play this holds a unique everything. I’m not surprised that this game is almost every where 10/10 and if I have understood correctly this game has been made only ONE PERSON! Think of that.

This is truly a masterpiece and cult classic already. The creator Toby Fox has won multiple awards and this game surely is one of a kind.

I paid 14,95€ and I must say IT IS CHEAP!! This game should cost much more if you think how well it is done, the uniqueness, new fighting system and how the story changes and have variable endings and this game includes LOTS of secrets that I think only true fans will be capable undercover.

This kind of extra—ordinary game appears ones in every 20 years in gaming history.

Play it.

Undertale is full of corky, hilarious and weird characters
and mostly I was wondering “how that thing even came to be?”



Release Date: Out Now
Genre: Role Playing Game (RPG)
Publisher: 8-4 + Fangamer
Developer: Toby Fox

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