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This giveaway has ended!

Hi ya’ll!!

I decided to do a giveaway since I love video games and all the magic it holds and do a little unselfish act might help someone who maybe cannot afford to buy games. I thought a lot what should I give away and I became to a resolution that PSN Store Gift Cards would do the job just fine.

So there will be a giveaway from February 19th — March 22th (of Finnish time) of two PSN Cards value of $50 (one of each winner). Leave comment below and you’re in the giveaway!!

(I recommend to login or leave your email address so the prize can be send to you. Prize is to be send to the winners by email only. Winners have to provide their country so the right prize can be given.)


Join in to this giveaway of $50 PSN Gift Card by commenting below and you might be one lucky winner!!

Hope you’ll also enjoy other things in this website :)

These sites are ad—free

69 thoughts on “$50 PSN Cards giveaway

    1. Thank you for actually reminding me about this. I have my personal twitter account Juril Moore where I put newest things on my site.
      I should make a own account for this site but haven’t done that yet. I’m also very bad at keeping updates on the twitter site since I don’t use it much anyways but I try to do updates more often. Maybe I’ll get more readers through that as well :)


  1. A giveaway? Count me in! Thanks for putting this opportunity out there for everyone!
    (I’m located in the US, btw. Just putting it out there in case I win :)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi guys and everyone participating in this. I decided to keep this giveaway up extra 10 days so I will be closing it 22th. (I have so many things to do with my work and personal life that I won’t be having updating or even be here for a while). Thank you all!!


  3. Hello and thank you all for getting part of this giveaway. I kinda randomly chose the winners VOID and MIGUEL ANTONIO HO CHEN.
    I emailed you also!! :)

    I’ll keep another one sometime in near future.


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