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When it comes to Quantic Dream they surely know how to make multiple–choice–and–end games. Even though they haven’t made that many games in the past but what they do is impressive (e.g. Heavy Rain).
Detroit: Become Human is same kind of game like Heavy Rain and it’s full of choices, ends and outcomes. As of this little demo, that became available today, I tried every outcome that I possible could.

The demo is the scene that we all have seen before; a scenery of one android going against it’s (his?) family that it/he have been living (‘serving like a slave’ as he mentioned) with. Android has shot and killed the father and mother managed to escape. But their young daughter is under Android’s arms and he tries to drop her over the balcony of a skyscraper. Another android (detective?) is brought to the scene trying to make deviant android to let the kid go.

I had limited time to do my research in the apartment and figure out what has happened until trying to resolve the situation with the killer. It’s very important to know the details of the situation and gathering information will rise your precentage of succeeding at the mission (which is ‘save the hostage at all costs’).

(above; all possible ends of the demo)

The buttons are very similar to Heavy Rain but now it felt like they actually worked. As of investigation goes, it’s very simple. I’ll had to find clues of the situations and then reconstruct what have happened and with that I also found some hidden/important objects (I found a gun that dramatically changes the options with the deviant android.)

When confronting the deviant android (named Daniel) the amount of detective work I’ve made before adds new entries or questions (otherwise they will be locked).
My first playthrough I managed to rescue the girl and the android was ‘killed’.
As you approach the deviant android and choose your answers and questions the precentage will go up or down how likely you will succeed in your mission and that it exciting to see how well I manage situations like that (and there is time limit for choosing!!)

Graphically this is beauty. 4K HDR was gorgeous. The details and lifelike skin, teeth, eyes, everything was superb.

I like this already and can’t say nothing negative about it. Can’t wait to 25.5. for this to be released!!

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