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First assassination

Assassin’s Creed Origins took me by surprise when it launched a year ago. I literally had lost all hope for this series when I played Assassin’s Creed 3 and Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag. Those two games were absolutely horrible. My first impression of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was how rough the graphics looked. It’s improvement from the Origins but the jump isn’t that far away. How about the gameplay? Story? Sound? Controls?

Once upon a time there was an assassin…

(Contains some spoilers)

I played as Kassandra.

AC Odyssey happens four hundred years before AC Origins in ancient Greece, which makes Odyssey the first game in the storyline. Player can choose between a female or a male (sister and brother) Kassandra and Alexios. In the beginning, when they were just little kids, they are thrown off of a cliff by their father because Spartan rule (an Oracle) told him to do so. They both survived the fall without anyone knowing about it. As she grew up Kassandra became a Misthios; a mercenary known in ancient Greece. Now she is after her broken family and the Oracle who told her father to throw them off the cliff.

As she goes on she becames across Cult Of Kosmos which ultimately is the reason why her father threw them off the cliff. Kassandra then wants to kill all the members of the Kosmos and goes for a big hunt across Greece islands.

Controlling the gameplay

If you have played Origins the gameplay is very same as the controls are, too. I like how the controls are various but simple at the same time. Player can upgrade moves and abilities and I mostly upgraded the same moves to another level before taking any new moves or skills. I think upgrading armor and weapons was little bit too simplistic and definitely would need an upgrade.

Gameplay is very well balanced on the sea (with a ship as in AC IV: Black Flag) and on the ground. I find it joyable to sail and having a battles in the sea which always took surprising turns. I like how they have added choices that player can make and usually they’re choosing good or bad and as an angel I am I chose worldpeace every time.
Overall if I think everything I could do in the land or on the water AC Odyssey is very various and will fill many player’s needs (sexuals as well).

If there was something I didn’t like, it has to be the climbing and parkour as it happened mistakenly too many times. I died because my character decided to jump on rocks like a child than run away enemies.

One thing that bothered me was how difficult it was to see the targets, waypoints, etc. They were yellow or white coloured that completely melted together with the surroundings and I gave up long time ago with that already in the AC Origins as it had the same problem. Other issue was the difficulty to find the place to go or target to kill. Sometimes I needed to read the hints and find my way but many times when there wasn’t any clues the game should’ve shown to me the next target; it didn’t. This frustrated me and killed my flow. Sometimes the game forgot to update it to the map so I needed to wait or load the game again to make target to show in the map. This was absolutely exasperating.

AC Odyssey is sometimes grinding as it’s partly RPG and by doing side missions player can easily gain extra EXP. points.

History in graphics

AC Odyssey is graphically better than Origins but just a little. Ugly it’s not but not gorgeous either. It’s beautiful but mostly just historically than graphically. After playing some other AAA –titles such as Marvel’s Spider-Man I’m expecting graphics like that. Developers have all the power to put out Spider-Man or upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 level graphics and physics and in this case they didn’t, so therefore my opinion is what it is.
There isn’t much more to say about graphics, really… other than 90% of the NPCs looked exactly the same. Main characters and some random NPCs had same face and that threw me off many times. It also seemed like all the male characters had done from one model and had one same beard.

AC Odyssey’s HDR isn’t the best out there. The colours looked washed out and off many times. It is beautiful when gazing the nature but it definitely lacked something. Photo mode was basic and nothing special about it. I would’ve liked some kind of gimmicks as in Marvel’s Spider-man has.

As of huge open world AC Odyssey is, I didn’t barely find any mentionable bugs or glitches.

Sound world

I like the voice acting itself (minus the accent) and it was something that added points to this review. Sound world is various and in the cities you can hear all kind of noises and voices as you walk (or run) past people, animals or blacksmiths. Only important characters spoke english which actually was kinda weird why they did make characters’ to have an greece accent? Why not make them speak their native language in the first place?

Even though I liked all the audio but it felt like I heard it many times before and all the enemies voice actors were used over again in the past five AC games.

Difficulty setting

‘Easy’, ‘Normal’, ‘Hard’, ‘Nightmare’ are the difficulty choices and as I do reviews of the view of ‘an average player’ I played this in ‘Normal’ difficulty. It was moderate and only difficulty was trying to find the next place to go as it was very unclear to me the whole playthrough where to go when my next tarket isn’t shown in the map.

If an enemy is even one level above you it becames ugly trying to kill it and if you have forgot to save the ugliness becames absolutely disgustingness since the auto saving system lacks.

…the end

Even though AC Odyssey is various and vast game it feels rushed and some points unfinished. It feels like they took the Origins, changed few things here and there and voíla; the new game is done. It’s just too similiar to Origins and I would’ve liked to see something new, in gameplay- and control-wise. I liked the game overall but many things made it bad such as the same character models, bad auto-saving, impossible to see waypoints or lack of them. I literally spent hours in wrong things just because of the bad design or lack of things and that killed my mood fast.

I liked to watch all the environments and ancient art. Overall Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is a new story but it feels the same as the previous game. I would’ve liked something entirely new and I’m not hoping but waiting and expecting this from the next installment of the series. Even though I liked the game in overall and it’s good game, but feels like something we’ve already seen. Please give us something new, more than just a title and theme.

Yes I did it as everyone else, too. I climbed on Zeus’ dick :)

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RELEASE DATE: Oct 5, 2018
GENRE: Action / Adventure / Role Playing Game (RPG)
PUBLISHER: Ubisoft Entertainment
DEVELOPER: Ubisoft Quebec
PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
Microsoft Windows

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2 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (PS4 Pro) review

  1. Great in-depth review, I’m dissapointed that there aren’t any real “assassin creed” game-play in this game but I do like open-world RPG games. I expected this game to release with a few bugs and glitches, just like Origins most likely will be fixed in the coming months.

    So I think I’ll wait for this game to drop in price during Christmas time and then buy it.

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