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Hello everybody,

I simply can’t wait for the Red Dead Redemption 2 to be release (October 26th, 2018.) I just recently played the first installment of this series and I loved it. I have high hopes for this second game and seeing all the gameplay footage it looks amazing!! I want to give away a fresh physical copy of Red Dead Redemption 2 for PS4 console.

As usually, participating to this giveaway I would like to start a conversation about Red Dead Redemption 2 overall impressions, graphics, gameplay, what you think of the story is going to be about… or basically anything what comes up in your mind of this game.

I will keep this giveaway up until October 25th of Finnish time. I’ll dispatch the game as soon as game is released.

(I recommend to login or leave your email address when commenting, so I can contact the winner. The game is PS4, PAL—version, but it will work on any PS4 console.)

Screenshot 2018-10-04 at 13.09.15


Thank you and have a nice October :)


76 thoughts on “Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4) giveaway

  1. They put so much detail on the open world that’s going to be a game changer like Zelda Breath of The Wild was in 2017 and you can expect a lot of good sidequest/mission which is the big problem of all recent Open world like Spiderman for example have they all fulfill their big map with the same 4/5 fedex mission copy paste 200 times. Being GTA (the games I played the most from GTA 2 to GTA 5 my favorite still is Vice City hope GTA 6 is coming back to that Miami vibe) & a western fan just exploring the world created by Rockstar will be dope a dream come true and a reminder of Leone, Corbucci, Sollima movies who made the best Italian western which are the main influence for Tarantino who made the best recent western but also the best american directors who made some of the best western like Aldrich, Samuel Fuller, Anthony Mann or even Cimino who made the most ambitious western ever with Heaven’s Gate. This is clearly the most ambitious game made in long time they worked on it for 8 years with a 1000 people nobody can put that much money into developing a game. Rockstar is on the top of the world. The only question I have are they going to reuse the GTA 5 gameplay where you control multiple characters in order prepare a robbery that could be cool even if we haven’t seen that in the trailers. Also happy that Rockstar said the game was influenced a lot by the latest Tarantino Hateful Eight so we should have a big part of the story being set in the snow territory of the map, we know they word hard on the snow imprints.


  2. A lot of what we’ve seen so far points to how much detail they’re trying to implement for Red Dead Redemption 2. From the horse horse genitals, to the gun play requiring you to take better care of your weapons, the ability to grow a beard as time passes, the neccesity to eat and bathe to otherwise save yourself, the amount of little things that you can do that will otherwise impact and change your rep in the world, to just the overall changes and improvements to the gameplay from the original.

    Granted, I’ve never played the original, but I’ve always enjoyed the idea of the wild west in a game, and this game will be the best bet for it.

    Story wise, I’m not entirely sure what it will be about, but I’m guessing the story will focus on John’s time with his gang in the past, and will probably explain a lot about what he’s done, and might end up showing him parting ways with the gang or show the gang dying. It could go almost anywhere.

    But I’m really excited for this game. It will be the benchmark of what’s been a fantastic year in gaming. Here’s hoping for a chance to play this game, whether if it’s from winning this or from me purchasing it.

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      1. Agreed. I love just how much effort they are really putting into this game. It’ll definitely be a game that’ll probably reach the high point that God of War has set in just this year alone.

        And that’s soemthing that’s crazy to think about in of itself


  3. Rdr2 looks so damn good, the graphics and scale of the open world is ridiculous! Gameplay looks unbelievable and super real (especially the hand to hand combat). I don’t have a clue what the story will be about but I can’t wait to find out!

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  4. Wow! My most anticipated game of the year. I absolutely loved Red Dead part 1 and rank it second only to GTA5 as the greatest open world game of the last generation. Rockstar has the formula down for open world, story driven games.

    The game just looks oh so beautiful. I just watched the Digital Foundry graphical analysis and I am just in awe at what they have accomplished. There is so much going on in terms of texture work, lighting, animation and LOD that this could easily be a next gen title. The real world simulations are so robust and the world is soooo alive. To have NPCs react to your body odor is just so next level. I don’t know if I like the quasi survival aspects and the weapon durability systems. I’ll have to wait and see if they affect fun factor. Aside from that, I could never imagine a game like this being possible on current generation hardware.

    Now the only minor grievance I have is with the choice of the protagonist. This is a PREQUEL not starring John Marston. I really enjoyed his story in part 1. I would have loved the follow up to focus directly on the relationship between John and Dutch (I wanted to play through John’s eyes). I hope that there will at least be some revelation regarding the events that lead to the fracture and dissolution of the crew. Don’t get me wrong. Arthur looks very interesting and capable. His story will most likely be as interesting. Regardless I will enjoy this for months…hopefully.

    The first game took me about 2 months to complete because I was busy at the time but I was also doing a lot of fun, non mission/story critical activities in the game. The only game that took longer was GTA5 which lasted me about 3.5 months. I really hope to get as much play time out of this game.

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    1. ~2 months to complete RDR1 story. I got it on sale in 2014…way after its initial launch.

      It took me 3 months to complete GTA5’s story because I was also playing The Last of Us at the same time. There was also so much to do in that game.

      The thing is that even with all of the extraneous events occurring in my life at the time or things that vied for my attention I still played the hell out of those games. They were so much fun.

      Now that you’ve played RDR1 would you say that it was one of the better (if not best) games of the last generation?


  5. It’s weird to me that PS4 can make this kind of graphics as RDR2, but most PS4 games looks like crap. I know developers need money to make more money and they don’t have enough resources. But the overall difference between PS4 games is huge.
    RDR2 is going to be the most gorgeous game on PS4, I’m sure of it. (I always look the details, I must have some kind of OCD :) )

    I would like RDR2 to have photo mode, that is something I like to do in games nowdays. Pause the game in right moment and move to right angle add effects and then take a shot. I’m sure RDR2 would make beautiful photos.

    It’s true that the story is under covers and we don’t know almost nothing of it. At least John is in prison and someone frees him. Maybe something happened and everyone thought John was the culprit and he ended in the prison and by escaping he’ll become an outlaw. Maybe they rob bank or something!!

    What I’m not looking forward is the controls and gameplay if they’re complex. It’s good to have lots of detail but I’m worried that the controls and gameplay (upgrading self, weapons, horse, moves…) are lot to take. If the game itself is detailed as far as horses’ genitals then what we can expect of the controls and gameplay? In the gameplay videos everything seems pretty simple, though.


    1. It is a gorgeous game indeed. This game has me feeling the same way I feel about Cyberpunk 2077. I can’t believe a game can look this good on a PS4.

      I know the story will be great but I really wanted to play as John.

      As for the controls and systems I hope the actual shooting, fighting and traversal are not too complex. I would like a fairly involved/complex upgrade system though. What I am wary of is the whole idea that you may have to eat or clean your weapons to maintain health and accuracy. I do not like survival games so I hope these systems are not absolutely necessary.

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    1. I don’t like GTAs in general and I don’t know why. GTA 5 didn’t get any Pro patch, wonder why. GTA controls are weird, but maybe we’ve seen enough of that saga over the years so it becamne boring. If they gonna make new GTA it have to be something new.


    2. For me I have to give the edge to GTA5 specifically (not the GTA series as a whole). There were just so many fun things to do in that game. The story telling from the three separate perspectives was also very well executed.

      This generation RDR2 looks as if it may take the crown of open world game of the generation and maybe even game of the generation, for me. It has to prevail over the likes of Witcher 3, Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War and Bloodborne. It also has to compete with TLOU2, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding and CP2077.

      So, will RDR2 be better, in most or all aspects, than GTA5? Most likely. From what I’ve seen the world is monstrously huge and there is a crap ton to do. I may find myself agreeing with your opinion after October 26th.


      1. I did like GTAs years ago. When I was teenager we played GTA 3 with cheats and laughed all the things we could do to pedestrians. GTA 5 is good with the three seperate story in it yes, but it just wasn’t my cup of something anymore. I still do want to play it someday just for fun.


  6. I think this game looks amazing. From the graphics all the way down to how all the people in the game can be involved somehow. If it’s as good as it looks and people are saying, then this will be the game of the year. I’m so excited for this game to come out.

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  7. I really enjoyed the first one, and I’m absolutely sure I’d enjoy the second part (unless the story mode is set before of the events of RDR). Graphics look astonishing, and I’m really excited to play it since Red Dead Redemption was the first game I completed on a 100% (I was just a kid on that time). Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait a year or something and wait for a price drop haha, but I’ll definetely play it sometime!

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  8. Do you guys think when PS5 comes there will be Red Dead Redemption 2 Remastered/Remake :D Since PS4 games are 50% of remastered this remake that. Lets say it will come, what kind of graphics and enhancements there’d be? Is there even anything to be remastered?


  9. I think it’d be nice if it follows the same style as the first one, it’ll be interesting to see how it looks between the regular PS4 and the pro and whether it’s worth an upgrade for that 👌 cinematic experience


  10. I loved the first game and have been looking forward to the sequel for a long time. I love the open world and freedom it gives the player to play the game the way they want to play. There are a ton of quests and places to explore and things to do.


  11. If this game is remastered on the PS5 and the XB Next, the only thing I can see them doing is increasing the frame rate to a solid 60 fps and possibly pushing the resolution to native 4K with higher quality textures. Maybe we get more PC like customization options like shadow quality, or draw distance sliders. This game is already straddling the next generation line so I don’t believe there is much more they can do to make it more “next gen”.

    I would love to play this game again, in a few years, on my PS5. I’d rather not have to pay for a remaster. I would rather replay it via native backwards compatibility with an enhancement patch. I usually replay these big games every couple years out of nostalgia and to re-experience the fun. I still have all of my legacy consoles all the way back to PS2 so I never buy remasters of games I already own.


  12. I think games are art as well, even though it’s made digitally, but same we could say about painters that they use tools and paints to create art, so what’s making digital art different? The world is not accepting fully digital art yet.
    Anyhow RDR2 is close to next generation. Ain’t it funny that all the consoled get better games toward the end of console’s cycle?! When I got my PS4 in 2013 I wasn’t impressed by the graphics overall in games. I really thought we’ll get games like RDR2 in 2013-14 or when the Pro came out PS4 got little better games and now when it’s end of its life there is many games that are beautiful and creative, many games I’ve reviewed lately. Why it is so? Are the updates on consoles made to optimize the console system so developers can have more power to use in games?


  13. I agree. Games are indeed a form of art and expression. Here in the US that is a big deal since it protects the medium from unnecessary, oppressive government censorship. Games may never receive the same consideration and respect as the “fine arts” but I don’t believe the medium needs to seek legitimization or validation through comparisons to these more revered forms of art.

    Rant aside, I think most of the improvements in visuals and performance come from improvements in development tools and processes. Devs have had low level access to gpu from the beginning so I don’t think there was much more that Sony needed to unlock. Now that doesn’t mean that Sony hasn’t been optimizing their hardware and reallocating resources. I just don’t believe that any incremental improvements to hardware can account for results such as God of War or Horizon Zero Dawn. It is more attributable to the maturity of the programming tools, familiarity with the hardware and pure talent.

    … and talent plays the biggest role. The Order 1886 released pretty early in the PS4 life cycle prior to any mature optimization and it was a graphical showcase. There are other examples but this shows that talent will always beat power. This is just my guess.

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    1. I don’t know much of graphics desining (I know but I’m not a graphic artist I’m Printing Product Assistant in rough translation, I think my profession has a new name? That what I heard, at least where I live) but it’s talent yes and how you can do gimmicks and tricks to make something look awesome or photo realistic I just don’t know what and how these tricks are made.

      I never played 1886 ‘cos it got luke warm reviews, but now I definitely play it if I got a chance. I know already RDR2 id going to be outstanding. It going to have sibling rival with God Of War, that’s for sure. R* can’t make bad games since they’ve been on top very long time now. But there is still always No Man Sky scenario but I really doubt it :)


      1. If you get a chance you should try 1886. It is frequently on sale for less than $10 here in the US (that may not be the case in your part of Europe). At the time many considered it to be one of the most graphically impressive games. I was going to dismiss it due to the mediocre reviews but I gave it a shot after watching a launch day stream on Twitch. For the most part the game is shallow in content, okay in narrative but gorgeous in presentation. I really hope Ready At Dawn get another chance with this IP.


  14. I literally can’t wait to play the prequel to one my favourite games of all time. And cannot wait to see my man John Marston again…. Also excited to meet the new outlaw Arthur Morgan (PS: Who Looks total badass btw)
    I would love to have this one.. but sadly i don’t think i’ll be able to afford it though. So i like to congratulate the winner whoever it is in advance (cos i ain’t so lucky anyway 😂). I’ll probably have to find a way to buy this because this is something in my list I HAVE TO GET… wish me luck
    Cheers Mate

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    1. You’ll never know who might get it. I’m not necessarily looking for “the best anwser”, sometimes I do pure ‘random choosing wheel’ if I can’t find the right one. And who knows I might give away two copies…


  15. This game is going to reinvent the genre, everything seems to indicate that it will be the best videogame of the generation. There were great games with good graphics, but none with a world as intelligent and dynamic as in RDR2

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    1. RDR2 has a really good chance of being the open world game of the generation. It’s only true competition for that title would be Cyberpunk 2077 if CP2077 releases before generation’s end. Witcher 3, Zelda BOTW and Horizon ZD are also great contenders but I think RDR2 may have a more robust and varied sandbox than those titles. Of course, this is all unfounded as of today.

      As for game of the generation RDR2 will have some stiff competition from multiple genres. It all depends on whether it can deliver a compelling narrative with all of its technical feats. Don’t forget that we have yet to play TLOU2, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding and the aforementioned CP2077. Bloodborne, God of War, WItcher and Zelda BOTW also pose legitimate threats. We’ll see.

      I really hope the story is as good as or better than RDR1. If that is the case it will most likely be my personal game of the generation.


      1. Yes, TLOU2 and Death Stranding are on the line as well. If those two comes to PS4 then we have many to choose from, I think TLOU2 and Death Stranding may come to PS4 if PS5 hasn’t come out yet. It would be weird to have those kind of games to be “last generation” but so was TLOU1, it came very end of PS3 when PS4 was just around the corner. I’m sure AAA developers knows when a new console is coming out and so maybe they can play their cards right.

        How much developer knows about new consoles and stuff? I think they have to since how they can develop games if they have no idea, but how quickly they get the news and hardware?


      1. Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, Kojima and CD Project Red have all said that their upcoming games will be releasing this generation. That is alot of games. If some of them slip to next generation that would actually be a good thing. We would have games to kick off the new gen which I speculate will start at the end of 2020.

        Dev kits are indeed out in the wild so at the least, one or two of those titles will be cross gen. All of the internal, first party studios have them so I can see the likes of TLOU2 or Ghost OT being made in a way to also take advantage of the strengths of the PS5. It is also most likely that EA, Ubisoft and Activision have PS5 dev kits and we should be seeing the first of their next gen games by 2021-2022.

        I want next generation to be wholly discernible from this generation but I don’t know in what ways. Aside from the obvious upgrades in textures and native resolution what else can we expect from next gen? Take RDR2 for example. It looks gorgeous on both the Pro and standard model PS4. I cannot imagine how they will improve on these visuals in any substantial way.


  16. I know this will be a massive game, and I’m sure RockStar have put on it a lot of money (maybe the most expensive ever made, at least from them) but I’m a little afraid that that amount of detail can be a little annoying sometimes. I’m super curious to play it and feel it on my own hands.

    Nevertheless, they’ll gonna smash the table with this game, and I’m sure they one way or another will link this story with Marston’s, I mean, maybe at some point on the main story will begin John’s story, and that would be awesome, having a chance to see it from another point of view.

    We all have seen the graphics, and look awesome. RockStar never disappoints in those kinds of aspects, and we only can wait for a beautiful game which probably will drink a lot from GTA V. Massive open world and alot of stuff to do, find easter eggs (I love Rockstar’s touch on those) and amazing and incandescent side quests like RDR had and you actually want to know how did they end, because they weren’t just side quests, were like little parallel stories. I rememberthe first side quest I had to do in the first game, having to find a kid which was lost from his mother, and started to finding bones etc. The hunter skills and finding the “golden animals” to finally confront the great bear.

    I don’t know, this game felt magic since the beginning to me, I’ve never played poker but I learnt it just to get all the suits and collected all the flowers and plants just to fully expirience this masterpiece.

    I’d really like to get it, but I’m sure whoever gets it will enjoy and that makes me happy.

    PS: “Sorry for my bad english” cliché, I’ve done my best :P

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    1. I remember too when I started playing RDR1 first time (not many months ago) and it felt very different than other games in general. It of course, had vibe of GTA but all the surroundings and missions and everything felt something new. It was just awful to play it 720p on a big screen and I thought “was this really how I used to play games 5-6 years ago?”


  17. Rockstar has gone on record stating that RDR2 will take about 60 hours to complete the campaign. It was originally 65 hours but some last minute cuts were made. Now that is obviously a lot of game. I am going to spend every free moment available playing this game. There isn’t much more that will occupy my attention in the months to come.

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    1. 60 hours seems fair and something that will do in open world games. My occupation is also in RDR2 in upcoming DAYS since I need to do the review fairly quickly, but I’m not playing this 100% to make review out of it, story and side missions will do. And of course everything else we can do in the game.


      1. If there aren’t any trophies tied to the incoming online multiplayer I will try to platinum this game. I plan to complete every available non campaign critical side mission and activity. I usually don’t trophy hunt but I will for this game. I hope you get to enjoy the game at your own pace but I know you may want to put out a timely review.

        Here is the interview done by Vulture that has all of the info.


  18. Well it’s a great game for people who dont have the thought of campaign being dead
    A game with 90 + hours of campaign and a script of more than 900 pages just makes people more hyped about this game and the fact is unlike many other campaign games which have a boring type and only involve action it is a game with very rich story and graphics

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  19. The most fun I had playing the first game was the multiplayer gameplay. Talk about a intense awesome time.. The weapons and the maps stood out to me, such brilliant design and overall pace really made it my favourite online multiplayer game of all time.

    If the new Red Dead is anything like the original, then goddamn… we are in for a hell of a ride. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together with the new platform and updated graphics. Its all happening now, the time has come, the day is nearly upon us till we get to play this holy gift of the gods game.

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    1. It’s very interesting battle this year, indeed. There’s so many absolutely great titles out for the battle. There should be a Tekken type of battle of these titles. You choose your title/character (the character is shape of the game box) and fight with it. The one who wins the most is the GOWTY!! (I know I have such amazing ideas all the time.)


  20. I love that they’re trying to evolve the open world game experience. Sometimes open world games have become the same experience with a different paint job, so it’s good to see a developer try to move it forward.


  21. The fact that every Rockstar studio has been working at least a bit in RDR2 makes me want to think that this is gonna be the game of the Year (Sorry God of War). But Rockstar games has that something special, an outstanding attention to detali and gameplay so addictive that I’m dying to have this game.

    The first time I knew about RDR was in 2012 in a web page called 3djuegos. I was looking for a game to buy for my ps3 and i noticed RDR had a 9.9 rating (The highest the page had rated and the only one at the moment) so I bought it and OMG. One of the best experiences me and my brother had. This game will always have a special place in my heart, so I´m so excited to play RDR2.

    Everything Rockstar has shown us looks fantastic. And I´m so intriged to see how the plot goes. To know how to gang face a lot of troubles and see how John Marston gets away,


    1. @ Edgardo Marineros
      We still have to wait and see if the story is compelling and if the campaign is fun. Everything else about the game looks so polished and “next gen”. If the campaign is as good as everyone is speculating it to be then it will indeed be game of the year and top runner for game of the generation.

      If the story is great and there are no game breaking bugs it could achieve a 95 to a 97~98 Metacritic score. GTA5 sits at a 97 so RDR2, by all indications, should not be inferior and if so not by much.


  22. I also love games that brings me back to some good ol’ times and memories :)
    I wonder what kind of ratings this get. There is always someone who dislikes this. Like I did with God Of War I dislike some of the things there but otherwise the game was good. I might’ve been too harsh to it, but thinking now, that was my first impression and first gameplay for the series and that was my impression of it. Even though playing it again with New Game+ (that should’ve been when the game launched) after months from release I liked it more than before.


  23. Thank you all for taking part of this giveaway!!

    I enjoyed reading all the thoughts and comments. This game is going to be MASSIVE and sales will proof it.

    As a winner I chose user BLÜR I emailed you as well. Hopefully you reply me very soon as I want to send the game for you asap.


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  24. I’m honestly amazed by this game. More than 1,000+ worked on this game for more than 7 years. They created an eneroums open world with I believe like 60 hours of playable STORY. And that’s not like everything, you can spent plenty of hours doing random stuff. Riding a horse and looking at the beautiful scenery, go fishing, talk with random guys, play card games, rob a bank, be a hero or be a total outcast, grow a beard, decide to be stinky,.. The amount of the detail is unbelievable (yeah the horse stuff is pretty interesting too :D). And I like that even when you decide to go hunting, you have to hurry up because if you tavel for too long, the meat will go off. You can play and watch a gameplay from hundreds of people and still this game will look different. I’m so excited that the game is finally being launched tomorrow. I cannot wait!! I’m so freaking hyped for this game :) and I’m so thankful for this opportunity, you’re so generous. A real santa! :D


    1. Oh it’s a pity you’ve already chosen the winner. Thought I still have some till the 26th :( but congrats to the lucky one!


      1. I only kept this until 25 October. I wanted to be sure I’ll get the winners address in time so i can send the game right when its released. Please check back as I keep giveaways every now and then.


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