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First impression

First Borderlands –game I ever touched was Tales from the Borderlands. It wasn’t action-based, but more of story driven, as are usually TellTale’s (R.I.P.) games. My first touch of the saga got my interest and points and I promised to myself that I’ll someday play the other Borderlands –games, but sadly I never got time for that. I got another chance when  Borderlands 2 VR came out (which is a VR port of the original game Borderlands 2.)


I’m not completely sure where the story of Borderlands 2 VR is in the timeline of the saga. The story is about place called Pandora (that is featured in the other parts as well) and evil Handsome Jack who rules it. Your job is to seek treasures as a Vault-Hunter and free Pandora from hands of Handsome Jack.

Player wakes up in the freezing junkyard and the first thing is to follow a little helping robot that teaches you the basics and you need to find your way to the city called Sanctuary. Along the way Handsome Jack puts a bounty on your head and so everyone tries to kill you from now on.

Gameplay & Controls

Player can choose from four different characters which one to play with; Siren, Gunzerker, Commando and Assassin. They all have their own skills and weapons to use (I played this with Commando called Axton. He is a commando who know his guns and fighting.) Gameplay is mostly going from A to B, bring certain object to someone, kill someone, following the minimap and killing all the crazy enemies that comes along the way. Alongside main missions are side missions that will give you extra points to spend. Player can carry specific amount of weapons and shields that can be found literally from everywhere; in boxes, from dead enemies or buy them from automats. Weapons and shields are procedurally-generated and usually there were so many weapons and shields that I couldn’t carry them all, so at least player isn’t out of weapons at any point of the game. Player can also level up and upgrade stats and skills with the skill points that are earned by killing enemies and bosses and completing missions. What helps the fighting is a move that slows time, giving player moment to breathe and not forgetting a little robot that helps you navigate around Pandora.

I’m very pleased of the control options — actually all the options/settings that Borderland 2 VR have. I’ve played so many PSVR games that won’t allow player to change how to move since I HATE to move in 45° sections and teleporting from spot to spot. This game, though, have so many different options to make gameplay as comfortable as possible and the moving around also has many variations. I used these settings; free moving, fast walk speed, fast turning/aiming and low tunnel vision effect to eliminate possible nausea. I must say I did felt dizzy in the beginning of the game, but I got used to it fairly quickly.

This game can be played with Move controllers, but I only used basic controller. I was expecting this to support Aim controller (that I actually own), but don’t expect that, at least at launch. (My Christmas wish is to have Move controllers so I can try them out on variety of games!!)
Only bad thing of the controls must be the vehicles, because I think I didn’t learn how to drive at all. Controlling the cars is very bizarre, I think I haven’t seen that kind of controls in any other game.


Borderlands 2 VR looks graphically very much like the other games of the saga, especially Tales from the Borderlands. It’s kinda cartoon-ish with heavy edges. Because of PSVR image quality all the little details, such as minimap, is very unclear and almost unreadable. Enemies far away are very hard to aim at, but many guns have a scope that helps. Overall graphics being big and bold helps to make everything look more clear, but in contrary the environment looks very pale and empty.


Borderlands 2 VR is heavily voice acted and it’s done well. 3D audio works fine and it helps to navigate and locate enemies. I would’ve liked more variation of enemies voices, that’s all.


Without the skill to slow time this might be kinda difficult to deal with sometimes and since there isn’t any difficulty settings. Some of the bosses are super hard to kill. Borderlands 2 VR isn’t just shoot and kill as many enemies and bosses are immune to some weapons or they need to be shoot to certain spot only, so it took me many tries to finally kill some of the toughest enemies. Collecting the best shields and guns and upgrading skills and stats is absolutely mandatory. I still would say Borderlands 2 VR isn’t the easiest game out there but it’s not the hardest either.

Last impression

Nowdays there are plenty shooting games like Borderlands 2 VR on PSVR library and I must say this is one of the best ones out there. Not just the variation of skills and weapons, but the story and voice acting that enriches the whole package. As of me who haven’t played any Borderlands games other than TellTale’s, I became fan of the series and now I must play the other games, too!! I’m not sure if this game for everyone, but shooter fans this is must. It has little flaws here and there and it could’ve needed little tweaks to make it better experience.

If you are core and FPS fan and you own PSVR, I think it’s time to try this one for sure. Borderlands 2 VR is funny, sadistic and twisted in many ways and that should satisfy you all crazy gamers.




m 18 violence    2klogo.png

RELEASE DATE: Dec 14, 2018
DEVELOPER: Gearbox Software
PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4

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