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In recent years I have noticed how much remasters have come to light of the day. One of the best examples is Skyrim. There’s already countless Skyrim ports and Remasters and version and whatevers.

I played Skyrim VR and I thought it was made greatly and I can roam the lands and feel like I’m there. I believed that all the controls and gameplay are fine-tuned. But I couldn’t be more wrong. The game looked absolutely horrible, too low quality for being PS4 title. The controls, gameplay, graphics all were not optimized at all. It felt like the game just turned to VR and that’s it. This is the quality what these Remastered or other imports and versions usually are. And I paid too much of something that’s made only half way.

How it will be in the future? When the next gen consoles come, for an example PlayStation 5. Will there be Remastered from Remaster?
I simply don’t understand the mind behind all that. Only reason, I believe, is money. Devs don’t know what else to do, or they just need money to do the next AAA –title, so they use ready products to make it slightly better, selling it sometimes close to new AAA —title price. I’m so disappointed how many PS4 games are Remasters and not a new game.

Why not something nostalgic and part of history, would let be as it is and not pulling them out from the garves for sake of money and lack of ideas and artistic skills. It doesn’t help that the prices of Remasters aren’t reasonable. I simply hate that. I hate when they goes for the money and not for the art.
Games are art, or at least they can be. There’s such beautiful games, that some of them took my breath away, needing to stop playing and gazing the surroundings.

I would somewhat understand if they bring back something that’s very old from generations back, but last gen’s games? Really…
The REMAKES are different story.  They’re done completely again. All the designs, areas, characters, plot, gameplay have been made new. The same idea, basic and major aspects are still there, but with something new. That’s something I could agree with. If only they do it ONCE and not 5 times.

I would like to see some video games from 70-90’s to come alive as Remake. Those games are so old and simple, that it’ll give planty of room to create something new, but still keeping the original idea with it.

Just think of PS5 and PS6 and how there’s countless Skyrim ports and versions out there. They’re the first games that comes out usually, when a new game console appears and of course, countless other multiple–revived–by–CPR –titles.

We shouldn’t call these Remastered. It’s more like recycling (because it’s environment friendly).



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One thought on “Remaster this, Remake that and Definitive them all

  1. I was once an opponent of re-anything. I argued that the monies used to fund a remaster or remake would be best spent on a wholly new project…whether it be a brand new IP or a new sequel in an ongoing series. I’ve since abandoned that fight for a few reasons.

    One of the reasons for my disdain came from the observation that these things are, as you stated, nothing more than cash grabs that exploit nostalgia. I was incensed by the blatant and obvious predation but I eventually inverted my position. I realized that not everyone played every game that was ever released and that there were many who would want to play great games like Shadow Of The Colossus or RE2 for the first time on current hardware. I became more sympathetic to these gamers who wouldn’t have access to legacy hardware and wanted to play these games.

    Lastly, I realize that there wouldn’t be a market for these types of games if they weren’t successful to begin with. Gamers want what they want and publishers will supply that want. Regardless of my desire for brand new games, the consensus has made it clear that there is a place for nostalgia and re-everything alongside innovation and novelty. I accept that but I still prefer that we move forward without looking back sooooo much.

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