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First impression

Steampunk styled, inspired by Neil Gaiman’s book Neverwhere, with also resembling Alice In Wonderland —adventure game set in the year of 1899 sounds absolutely irresisteable. I love childrens’ fantasy books; all the iconic and best selling books resting in my bookshelves. Another Sight came out from the studio Lunar Great Wall Studios to fulfill my needs and I left my lunch uneaten to get my hands on to this game. Another Sight promises innovative gameplay, intriguing puzzles, amazing soundscape and emotional story.

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Kit loses her sight in London Underground after a tunnel collapses. A red cat comes to her aid and soon she realizes to be depending on it. Together they go for a miraculous adventure, that Kit never could’ve imagined. They find a secret society of history’s greatest artists and inventors living beneath London, away from the society. To get back home they have to go through magical places and difficult situations.

The plot started right in the action and nothing extra was pushed into it. Some stories needs well introduction, but Another Sight doesn’t. It pushes the player into the gameworld quickly and I was pleased with that. All the things comes up and clear in very beginning and the plot grows steadily, revealing secrets gradually. Overall the whole plot was imaginative and magical, just what I wanted from this type of game.

Another Sight_20190702174708 copy.jpg

Gameplay & Controls

The gameplay is sideway scrolling with 3D elements. Mostly player goes sideways and sometimes the characters goes other directions, as well. Player have to control Kit and the cat, Hodge, but one at the time. Kit does all the harder work and puzzle solvings, when Hodge jumps around, helping her. As Kit can’t see without a sound, Hodge helps her with that. I would say the gameplay is mostly easy platforming, when the puzzles gives the difficultiness.

I liked how simple the controls were. Nothing complex was introduced, but I noticed it was difficult to make Kit jump over the obstacles. It was because without sound she can’t see the edge and making a sound for her to that spot was tricky.

Another Sight_20190702212602 copy.jpg


Even though not having the most advanced graphics, that was not the main point in the game nor it took away anything from the whole gameplay. Everything’s being seen from afar and from there all looks good, but some scenes brings the camera closer to the characters and objects, making them appear very rough around the edges. In these moments I would’ve liked graphics to be more refined and detailed. The art style was like children’s storybook, matching with the wholeness.

Another Sight_20190703125223


Another Sight is voice acted throughout, but it still doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. I believe this might be just personal and not equable reviewer’s opinion, that the main character’s, Kit’s, voice and accent are pretty annoying. It’s just her certain British accent with the tone and way she speaks it, but understanding that the game is set in the year of 1899 and likely they spoke that they back then. Overall with the other characters the voice acting was good.

Another Sight_20190703122607 copy.jpg


The puzzles in Another Sight wasn’t very hard to solve, but more of interesting and fun. I had to use the cat, who goes different way than Kit and do his share, when Kit had to go usually the harder path. Since she can’t see, the vision to the player is very limited. Only sound makes her to see, so creating noise or asking Hodge to meow helped. The gameplay was moving sideways, so there’s no way player can get lost. Towards the end enemies started to pop up and avoiding them became hard due to the movement restriction. I was pleased with this upped difficulty and avoiding the enemies was made ingeniously.

Another Sight_20190703130251 copy.jpg

Last impression

After ending Another Sight I felt good. I liked the gameplay and how different it felt, even though it was sideways, but amped with extra stuff. Adding the cat was brilliant addition, even if the cat’s quiddity was left unknown to me. Another Sight promised innovative gameplay, intriguing puzzles, amazing soundscape and emotional story. I can confirm it got all that. Promises are easy to make, but keeping them takes talent.

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RELEASE DATE: Jun 27, 2019
GENRE: Adventure
DEVELOPER: Lunar Great Wall Studios
PUBLISHER: Toplitz Productions
PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch

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