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Comatosed mind

The unique hand-drawn visuals and eye-crossing zoom-like gameplay style was the facts that caught my interest on this title. Path to Mnemosyne is a small indie game with tricky puzzles and the gameplay is, probably 3D, but it also looks mixture of 2D. Mostly black and white, covered with gloomy atmosphere and only voices echoing telling me that the player is inside someone’s mind. It seems like the main character, a girl, is stuck in her own mind as she is being in some type of coma. The main goal is to find the way out of this endless nightmarish dream, by collecting memories and unlocking puzzles.

All this is very artistic take on what’s happening in human mind, especially if there is physical or mental trauma involved. The puzzles were imaginative, but sometimes too overwhelming as they were sometimes hard to crack. The gameplay style makes them even harder at some point, as the visual depth only made me see certain distance back and front.

Path to Mnemosyne_20200110191107.jpg

The way out of Mnemosyne

To solve the puzzles all the clues can be found from the surroundings, where they sometimes were covered too neatly. The game isn’t actually that long, if the puzzles can be solved quickly, but instead of 30-minutes, this took me about 3 hours. It was sometimes frustrating trying to memorize areas and puzzles, as mostly I had to crack many of them together to be able to continue. Running back and front, trying to figure out the possible solution took many tries—too many, I would say. It did kill the mood at some point, especially towards the end when I wasn’t sure did I do something right or wrong, so internet came to help to me find solution one of the last puzzles.

The puzzles were interesting, though, and as progressing I got the story more open and what is happening, and collecting extra memories gave even detailed view of the outside world. The music was sometimes scary and ominous, that after while keeping headphones on I had to take them off. Listening the same weird tunes just made me unfocused. The controls were kinda slow and little clunky, but Path to Mnemosyne isn’t fast paced game at all.

I do recommend this not warmly, but let’s say lukewarmly, to puzzle lovers, because I believe this game did frustrate more players than just me. Also, getting platinum trophy (PS4) isn’t that hard and takes only two playthroughs.



“A girl, is stuck in her own mind”


7-1 fear DevilishGames

RELEASE DATE: Jun 27, 2019 (on PS4)
GENRE: Puzzle
DEVELOPER: DevilishGames
PUBLISHER: Hidden Trap
PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4 (reviewed)
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
Microsoft Windows

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