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Don’t judge a book by its cover

I was offered to review Infini. After quick look at the game’s peculiar art style and bizarre gameplay, I realized Infini was something different. Year 2019 was one of the best year for indie games and indie studios/independed makers. Video game industry has surpassed any other entertainment such as movie and music business by revenue. It’s one of the most profitable business out there and great chance for indie devs to become successful.

Infini isn’t the first game from small studio Barnaque, that have previously made a bunch of little games, that you can find in Infini being their first big release, that have found the way from Itchio and Steam to Nintendo Switch. Inifni also have snatched several honorable selections and mentions, and got the finalist place on indie game festival.


Mind-bending endless infinity loops in abstract universe questioning the reality itself

My initial impression was very positive. The game has a somewhat “clear” storyline, telling about a person called Hope, who are in Infinity, an abstractly odd universe where everything seems to be in endless loops. He wants to find the way out of Infinity and seeks help from his friends Time, Poetry, Technology, but also has to encounter War and Fatality. For me this all is more like a human mind as a whole, put in visual form, meeting with external feelings like reality, time and space.

Gameplay is mind-bending and it takes a while getting used to the very unique style of… basically everything player has to do, or look at. The weirdness is endless, but yet it all makes so much sense. The world of Infini reminds me of our dreams, where we think all makes sense and nothing is weird, even when we dream the most impossible things at the most odd surroundings.


The puzzles sometimes got me, though. I got stuck few of them and towards end they becomes even more crazier and ingenious. The key to make the puzzles so crazy, is the way how humans naturally think, and the developer knows this and utilizes it well. Making sure players will have to bend their minds every 4 dimensions and think outside of the box. This is also the reason why diffculty sometimes gets out of hand and a way too out there. Some puzzles were such a pain to solve.


We’ve all been there

Infini is one of my favourite indie games of the crazy year of 2020. I really liked the story and the main character Hope. Even if the gameplay and art style looks like it was made under the influence of heavy hallucinogens, the game overall is very understandable and relatable. It dives into the world of complex human emotions and thoughts—which likely we all have struggled in life—realizing it fully visually and with unique puzzles.

I truly recommend Infini for all of you puzzle gamers.

(Review copy kindly provided by the publisher)






“Infini reminds me of our dreams, where we think all makes sense and nothing is weird”


esrb_t-addf8c69e4e93438b2a4cf046972279b7f9a6448929fbb0b0b7b7c28a0e60a24 12

RELEASE DATE: Jul 3, 2020 (Nintendo Switch)
GENRE: Challenging puzzle / Story driven / Singular experience

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