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Adventure, Casual and Indie

There is no game: Wrong dimension is a point&click -type of game with a new little twist(s); there is NO game!! I wasn’t quite sure what did this meant, but the official trailer did show me a promising new type of game, or at least I haven’t seen anything like it before. The game mixes dimensions, realities and point-of-views with point&click gamestyle. I’m HUGE old 90’s point&click player and I still do play all kinds of new games from this genre. Hell, even PS4 has long list of them, mostly ported from PC. I’m hoping There is no game: Wrong dimension will deliver me all the fun it promises :]

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Don’t even start this game with me

The game starts rather simple way, making me to use in-game computer to start the game. The game has no name, not much of instruction are given, a voice is speaking; it’s the machine itself. He seems sad and try to tell me “there is no game“, pleading me just turn off the computer and stop even trying — and I did. I got an achievement for doing that! I launch the game again and I was ready to do anything to get the game going. So, I had to break the immersion and began to smash the UI (user interface) itself. After a while, I was fighting against the machine throwing traps and all kinds of shenanigns to my way, the machine gave up and started a game!

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There is no game: Wrong dimension is pretty much like that the whole gameplay; making me to fight my way through no matter what. I had to try to use everything I saw on my screen. The gameplay isn’t hard or complex, but trying to think and solve a situation by thinking it through from every percpective. Not just literally percpective, but also trying to break the dimension and think various ways like “if I would be in the game, what would I do”, “if I would be the computer where I’d hide this and that”. This jumping from a immersion to another is (probably) the hardest part of the game and I still wouldn’t say There is no game: Wrong dimension is a difficult game in any way.

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Voice acted

The game is well voice acted and the sad machine talks a lot. It gives many useful hints, but I think it gives them a way too quickly. I always want to think the solution myself, before asking for help. The game includes HELP button and I only used it once. Only little nagging with the gameplay is the way usable items are collected. There is no item slots, all are simply drop to the bottom of the screen and used by dragging them, which isn’t bad at all.

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There is no game: Wrong dimension was SUCH FUN to play. For a long time I did like the humour written in the script of a video game. Even if the gameplay happened ONLY by using a mouse and left click, it changed such ways that I didn’t get bored. I played this one sitting about 8 hours (8.7h), which is very rare nowadays with me. To sit and play 8 hours straight, which tells a lot about the game’s entertainment level.

I don’t believe There is no game: Wrong dimension is only for point&click lovers, because this is what I like to call something new. It includes different genres played with various ways. Great story and storytelling.

You absolutely must check this one out :]

(Review copy kindly provided by the publisher)




“pleading me just turn off the computer and stop even trying — and I did”


About the studio :
Draw Me A Pixel is a pretty new french games studio based in Lyon, France. The team is made up of three veterans with over 15 years of experience in the games industry. Draw Me A Pixel also works with independent artists to help bring their creative vision to life. The goal of the studio is to offer unique play experiences, surprising and entertaining, that make their way to the players heart. 


RELEASE DATE: Aug 6th, 2020
GENRE: Adventure / Casual / Indie
DEVELOPER: Draw Me A Pixel
PUBLISHER: Draw Me A Pixel
PLATFORMS: Steam (reviewed on Mac)

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