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Inmost title screen (Nintendo Switch)
The title screen sets the colour tone; grayish-blues, with shades of teal. Very gentle to eyes.

What’s in the most?

I’m gonna get the obvious out of the way and say how beautiful the game Inmost looks. That what caught my eyes, when I was randomly browsing upcoming indie video games. Inmost is developed by Hidden Layer Games; a studio of two developers in Lithuania. Previously they’ve made smaller Flash and mobile games, until they wanted to create something bigger. They took a huge gamble for creating Inmost, risking the whole studio, but thankfully it paid off, because when Inmost was released on Steam and Switch — it was praised by critics and gamers.

Inmost (Nintendo Switch)
The theme is sinister and dark.

Beautiful colours of darkness

It was clear, how the main theme of Inmost is dark and depressive. Even though, the colour palette is absolutely beautiful, having huge variation of shades, it was still sad-esque to look at without other primary colours. I personally love these colours, they’re my favourite, and it’s always diffcult try to explain them to others, because this theme doesn’t have name.

I played Inmost with conneced to TV and Handheld mode. The positive side with the colours was how gentle it was to eyes, when playing in dark. The overall art style was basic pixelated 2D with twist of effects. Lighting, glowing and shining -effects were used brilliantly. Deep dark shadows hid everything else.

One of the characters was a little girl.

I played Inmost using headphones (when on Handheld mode), because the sound design was as amazing as the visuals. Seriously, this is meant to be played with headphones, because the sound desing was realistic and scary. There was something uneasy about this mixture of pixelated graphics and movie-like sound effects.

The story is told told very metaphorically. Inmost is played with three different characters and piece by piece it becames clear what have happened and what these characters are about. It’s a sad story about loss and hope, the game even having a warning of it’s possible effect on player.

The game is about 3-5 hours long and it should be played in a one sitting, but I played this with two or three. Inmost is played using three characters, one at a time, and each of them having skill or move the other character didn’t. Puzzles weren’t overly complex or anything I couldn’t solve. The platforming part got me sometimes, meaning, I mostly died on enemies and traps.

The other character was assassin-like ninja.

The end

I don’t have much else to tell about Inmost. It’s well-thought out game, idea and story. It did feel odd game at the beginning, because the way all was told and shown in this hauntingly colourless world.

I do urge you to play this, if you’re mentally fine with it. This is one-of-a-kind indie title, giving players something unique for once.


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“There was something uneasy about this mixture of pixelated graphics and movie-like sound effects”



esrb_t-addf8c69e4e93438b2a4cf046972279b7f9a6448929fbb0b0b7b7c28a0e60a24 12 Switch play modes pro controller logo Chucklefish_Logo_tiny Hidden Layer Logo_1

RELEASE DATE: Aug 21, 2020
GENRE: Indie / Adventure / Puzzle / Platformer
DEVELOPER: Hidden Layer Games
PUBLISHER: Chucklefish
PLATFORMS: Nintendo Switch (reviewed)
Apple Arcade

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