A randomly bought game

I came upon a year ago released game A Tale Of Paper. It seemed a nice little game that I could play cozily. A Tale Of Paper is made by indie studio Open House Studio and the game can be played on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. I played this on PS5 console.

Little Nightmares meets Inside Meets Limbo

The plot of A Tale Of Paper is little bit vage as the game just starts as player controlling a paper figure. It quickly becomes clear that the paper can learn new shapes and therefore learning new skills such like jumping higher. The puzzle elements are rather easy and I didn’t get stuck on any of the puzzles. The gameplay and controls worked and there was nothing negative to say about those, other than the controls might feel tiny bit janky.
Graphically the game looks OK and the art style and atmosphere reminds me of Little Nightmares meets Inside meets Limbo.

There’s nothing much to say about A Tale Of Paper. It is rather short experience (about hour and half). If you are fan of forementioned games I suggest you try this one out.



“the paper can learn new shapes and therefore learning new skills”

E_ESRB_agerating_us_02Jun14 7-1 fear

RELEASE DATE: October 14, 2020 (EU)
GENRE: Adventure / Puzzle
DEVELOPER: Open House Studio
PS5 (reviewed)
Nintendo Switch
Xbox One

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