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There’s no doubt that Tunic isn’t inspired by The Legend Of Zelda games. Its aesthetics, cute graphics, gameplay and isometric view are quintessential aspects of older The Legend Of Zelda games. Tunic also has some features of Dark Souls, meaning the game is harder for ordinary gamers. But is it too hard for me?

The adventure begins

Tunic starts very simple way; you wake up in a shore. Soon, I found a stick that I could defend myself from enemies. Very soon after finding the stick I got my sword and shield. Now the real gameplay could begin.

Tunic is very simple in many ways. It won’t tell player anything, there’s no subtitles. There is text, but it’s gibberish. Some English words can be found here and there, but mostly it’s just some unknown language. Player can find pieces of manual book that reveals new moves or things to do (that were there already, but I didn’t know about them) and the gameplay gets more depth or new paths can be opened.

The gameplay is very simple. I can hit or shoot enemies with weapons, throw bombs, heal myself, dodge, use shield. I had also stamina and magic meter. But I did die a lot. The game is difficult and the boss fights are even more harder. Thankfully the game has “No Fail Mode”, meaning, a mode that I couldn’t die. I also had unlitmited stamina in the settings. Shamelessly, I did use them when the game got too hard for me.

In Tunic what I mostly had to do, was to do some missions like ring the bells in various areas and ultimately collect three stones. It was very vage what these tasks did to the world and its habitants, but after opening one area I could continue my journey and so forth.

Story-wise I couldn’t tell much about Tunic. Since there wasn’t English language much to be read, but there was a few big twist I liked a lot.

All the music in the game was very well made and I could easily hear The Legend Of Zelda inspiration in them.

Boss fights were well made and they were difficult for me, so I did beat most of them using “No Fail Mode”. But the game has New Game+ which will let you keep most of the items you collected from the first playthrough.

The last words

Tunic is one of my favourite games. I never play games like Demons Souls, Bloodborne or Elden Ring because they are too hard for evereyday gamer like me. Tunic offers something that I enjoyed: immortality mode. The gameplay, discovering the world and uncovering its secrets, the graphics and music, all did made me enjoy my playthrough.

I cannot recommend Tunic enough <3. Tunic is available on PS5, (reviewed), PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, macOS and Windows.



“All the music in the game was very well made and I could easily hear The Legend Of Zelda inspiration in them”

7-1 fear

RELEASE DATE: September 27, 2022
GENRE: Action / Adventure
DEVELOPER: Andrew Shouldice
PUBLISHER: Finji Games
PLATFORMS: PS5 (reviewed)
Nintendo Switch
Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S

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