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“Hello, my name is First. First Impression. Nice to meet ya’ll!”

First impression is very important. It’s not very, it’s more like the most vital thing in EVERYTHING! So do remember kids that…. oh this is just a mere review not a speech.

First impression of this game called Farpoint is extremely positive. If you have played VR games, or just PSVR games in this case, this is one of the most ingenuity of them all thanks to the Aim Controller. So this review contains the game (Farpoint) itself and the mechanical part of it; the Aim Controller (the game can be played with normal PS4 controller, but I didn’t try that out so I have no comments of that part.)


I’m losing my control over this control

Playing with Aim Controller is very extravagant experience. It truly feels like you are holding a gun (and it’s also fun to hold the gun sideways with one hand like a gangster and try to hit enemies blindly over the rock you are hiding behind :))
There is several different kinds of guns all with their unique features. One can only have two guns at time and one can change them as the game lets you.
The guns have infinite ammo; some of them are super effective but needs to be loaded more often and some are like machine guns but are not that precise. Guns have also a secondary ammo that is either finite or infinite. Those bullets you should use wisely.



The aiming overall is very realistic and you can or you actually have to close one eye and aim with other (tilting your head sideways or course) and it is superb!
The aiming is maybe 97% precise. The hardest thing is trying to aling all the three aiming crosses that lets you hit the enemy fully. Yes there isn’t a one cross there is three of them you NEED to align in a split of a second. That is the tricky part of this all :/. I don’t know why it is this way. Maybe it is due to something technical? Or plainly due to add a difficultiness.
The controller is little shaky, too, maybe cause of the mechanics it uses (i.e. the light from the controller which can’t be tracked 100% accurancy)
We also can’t forget the image quality in the PSVR. It is low, well little bit over “low”. Littlelow. (If we compare it to 4K what I’m used to, or even 1080p!)
PSVR is FullHD divided by two so each eye is 720p and that is not very sharp since the gameplay itself has, note: HAS, to be downsized. Every game PSVR has to be downgraded since there needs to be two different images rendered and PS4 or PS4 Pro can’t do better with the hardware it holds.
So… what I’m getting with this is that enemies far away or not even that far away are completely shot by luck since you can’t tell is the mushy—pixel—shit an enemy, ally or just a rock.
There is one maybe design flaw in this controller and it is the placement ot other R1 button. It can’t be reached without moving your hand completely off the grip so I’m not sure of its purpose.


Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 20.44.56


What if our world is graphics too?

I was still very impressed of the graphics and how “sharp” the image was compared to other PSVR games I’ve played. Resident Evil 7: biohazard is my favourite alongside this game. You can’t actually see very far away to the background since most of the time you are in a tunnel—like area and all you can see is rocks around you, but still it is very pretty game if you forget the simpliness of everything.
Enemies look OK as much as I could regonize them.
So A— for that!


The story of my life… in another dimension!

The story starts of astronauts that are about to come back home from outer space. They were studying radiation that is coming from some kind of source and when the astronaut (you) goes outside closer to the radiation, in a small spaceship, he and the other astronauts gets sucked in a whirlpool of radiation and what seems to be a wormhole of some sort and they end up in… other dimension?
Well they end up in somewhere and crash to a unknown planet and in unknown location.
You go onwards with your gun and see burning wreckage of the shuttle. Then you come across chips that holds memory of audio recordings so you can hear what happened to the other astronauts Dr. Moon and Dr. Tyson. You also come across with memories that you can scan with your gun and see holograms what happened to the astronauts (whoever was there to record these things in a first place) and you see that they are alive at least.
As you go onwards there is more of these holograms for you to see that tells the story what happened/happens to the survivors and what kind of lifeforms the planet holds.
I can tell you it holds at least monsters, aliens and machines… yes and sometimes all at once!! (Think whatever you want from that.)

The story seems to be told in couple of perpectives and timelines and that adds spice to it. Alltogether the story is interesting and I have to mention that I didn’t play this game through!! The reason is the difficulty level and technical problems. Aim Controller is OK but the PS Camera and how it have to be placed. In this game it HAVE to be on top of your TV. Half of the time I played it PS Camera placed under the TV since I didn’t have anything to place it and my TV is SUPER Slim and it couldn’t be placed there either as is.

I ordered a stand for it (notice: I have the old camera, not the new one) and when it arrived I continued playing with the camera on top of my TV. (If we go in to the details of the stand, even when it is the official one, is not that good. The PS Camera won’t stay balanced horizontically. See Figure 1. Reason because the wire is too thick and heavy it seems to pull it up?)The experience with this new setup was much better since I could aim upwards!! But still I… we’ll we get there next.


Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 20.44.27


Difficulty level?

The golden difficulty question… well they said the story part is 5 hours long but seems like I have managed to lapse around 17-18 hours… Am I doing something wrong?
Answer is: No.
Like I said before the problem is: the camera placement, mechanics and image quality.
The image quality is problem in every PSVR game if we really wanna go there.
The difficulty in in-game is decent tho. The game gradually progress and so do the difficultiness but if you have a little break like I did (when waiting for my stand to arrive) and suddenly going back to the game and then it is super difficult to continue in hard mode from the jump and it kills the mood in a split of a second with uneven image quality… and that happened to me all the time if I had little break.
Other issue what I had was the way I had to play physically and it made my back hurt very quickly. You can’t play this game by laying in couch couzily. It had to played sitting in very sturdy position and usually sitting in the edge of the couch and trying to keep your back straight in the soft edge is very not-friendly to your back in a long run.


“My name is Last. Last Impression and I have come here to kill First Impression!”

…or are you? First of all I can say that it didn’t manage to kill First but it surely tried.
Overall this game is good. It is not perfect in any ways but it is good. If you like space and shooting this is surely for you. If you like shooting but also like variety this might not be suited for you since it is somewhat repetitive. The enemies do change but it is more so pretty much the same. They should’ve make it little bit more action—like. That would’ve keep your heart palpitating for more. But with difficult playing position (of course you could play it standing up if you have room for it. I surely don’t), repetitive gameplay and bad image quality this game surely loses some serious One More Level —points.
But like I said this game is good… in every other way. The graphics are the nicest of them all PSVR—games, story is good and it will keep progressing as you go, sound is good and the 3D—sound makes it even better, difficulty level keeps gradually rise throughout the gameplay.
Like I said before I did not finish this game but I surely played at least 85% of it so this review is legal (before you sue me!)
I don’t know the end and what happens there gameplaywise and storywise and I will end this game when I feel like and right now I don’t.


Everything said above and price tag of 60€ this game overall might be too expensive. Farpoint does not feel like “full game” and I mean by that it feels more like an indie game than Sony’s AAA—title of full 60€ price!
I have noticed many PSVR—games are very expensive and maybe it is just that way? Maybe developing VR—game takes more manpower than I thought so this pricetag could be as legal as this review.
But, if you are in a budget and you are unsure of this game I wouldn’t recommend this to you… at least now. Wait until it drops under 40€. It shouldn’t take long. But, if you have money to spend and like to experience an alien shooter in VR then this definetly is for you!

Would I play this one more level? Maybe.


The aiming overall is very realistic and you can
or you actually have to close one eye and aim with other


Farpoint review2




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