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[This Info -section is still under development. Not all of the undermentioned are finalized yet.]

An average everyday player:

I’m Juril Moone, thirty-something-years-old writer and gamer from Finland. I love all kinds of games (minus some) and consoles but mainly I use PS4 Pro. That’s why most of the reviews you can find here is of PS4 games. Occasionally there might be reviews such as PSVR, PS3, PS Vita, 3DS —titles. I do like to keep giveaways every now and then, especially just before a new hit game is coming. These sites are absolutely free from ads and any kind of disturbances.

Yes, I know, my English isn’t absolutely perfect, so grammar errors are likely to come.

You can find me on Twitter or adding me on PSN: Jurkka
If you have any questions, comments or want to contact me, you can leave a comment below or send me email :)

I do love indie -games! I’ll gladly review your indie game, if it suits my style/genre. All other games are also welcome, but I do not own any Xbox -consoles or Windows PC. My Mac computer can run some demanding 2D and not-so-demanding 3D games.

About the site:

One More Level -site works best on desktop browser. I try to get this work on tablets and phones, but sadly I’m not master of web designing and my site runs on WordPress under paid Premium -plan. Meaning, I only have limited options and settings for web desinging.

I also want to say that, One More Level -site is completely non-profit. I gain no money through this site. I don’t have any deals or contracts with anyone; I solely work alone.

About sponsor:

Sometimes I do accept little sponsors. At the moment I do have one sponsoring with Finnish video game store. The sponsor is only in action in the Finnish version of the reviews; games that have physical copy available for purchase.

About reviews and scores:

All reviews are written by me, based on my personal experience with the video game/product. I held my rights denying to review and/or scoring the publisher or developer provided game or any other product (digital and physical); if it contains subjects, themes, innuendos or any material, that sexualizes minor, contains heavy racism, heavy subjects, innuendos or material itself of any illegal act. This doesn’t apply to light references on such subjects.

I do reviews of various video game -related products, at the moment I mainly review video games, but I also begin to do them of books, comics and visual novels. I changed my review style from being long and in-detailed, to much shorter and focusing on main aspects. This way the reviews are much more approachable and inviting. The scoring I left the same, being 1 to 5 (example: 3/5), but the summary (with the score) is no more available.

Details of the scoring:

Some reasons for my scoring:

1/5 = did not please in any aspect, did not work properly. Not recommended.
2/5 = content itself is almost working/fully working, but unlikable/unimaginative, possibly good idea, but badly executed. Still not recommended.
3/5 = did please and was overall decent, some aspects worked some didn’t, missing something or was boring. Recommended (details in the review).
4/5 = did please greatly, nearly a full package, some little aspects or details were missing or didn’t work. Recommended
5/5 = did please fully, nothing was bad, all aspects worked, very imaginative or unique or something new, (might still contain some minor minuses). Truly recommended.

About the hardware and games consoles:

All games consoles and peripherals are bought and owned by me.

The list of games consoles, TV, computer, controllers, peripherals used for reviewing video games:

PlayStation 4 Pro (internal SSD: WD Blue 3D NAND SATA SSD 1TB)
PlayStation VR (launch model) + Move Controllers + Aim Controller
Nintendo Switch (newer model) + Nintendo Pro Controller
Macbook Air (13-inch, Early 2014) (i7, 8GB DDR3, Intel HD Graphics 5000)
Sony AG8 TV (OLED, 4K, HDR)
PS Vita (launch model)
Sony Xperia 1 (Android 10)

About the video games:

Some video games used for reviewing is provided by the game’s publisher, developer or distributor, or are bought personally by me (physical or digital version).


I will always read all the given info and instruction send by the publisher (or whom I am in contact with regarding the provided video game for review) and add the necessary logos, links, mentions or any information they request/require. This only applies on everything else than the review itself, meaning I will not add any opinions, verdicts, statements or views, other than my own. Also, I will not take any payments, money, bribes or other deals to fabricate reviews, i.e. writing a fake/paid reviews, of any kind. Providing a video game (or any other product) under my review, should follow truthful and fair protocols.

All material used on the site are provided either by me (screenshots during the gameplay, images, videos, photos),, publisher/developer issued press-kit files or copied online from various video game related sites. I use all copied material under fair use law and I use them in the same topic as the material itself, to give reference to my reviews. None is used to show the original material purposely “under bad light”. If you see any material owned by you (copyrighted) and want them to be taken out of the site, please contact me via email.

One More Level -video game reviews site, operates in accordance with the law and we (I) try our best to work correctly legally, ethically and morally just. Even though we (I) are non-profit, independent, almost a hobby-like review site, we (I) follow all the essential rules, norms, standards and practices in our publishes.

[This Info -section is under development. Not all of the aforementioned are finalized yet.]

I hope you enjoy your visit,


— J.M.

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