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First Impression… if there even aren’t any

Resident Evil is from 1996 when the first game came out for PS1. Back then it was a hit but after the years its fame has faded away slowly. There, of course, are some old dedicated RE fans all over the world who always waiting for the next RE to come and blow them away. That, in fact, happened with RE 7 when it came out earlier this year and it blew everyone out of their gaming seats. But this RE Revelations was originally for 3DS back in early 2012. I remember when it came out it was the coolest game EVER and the 3D—effect was awesome!

The story is told in episodic form and it always being left in a cliffhanger and that is a good thing. The story tell of a Jill Valentine, Parker and Chris Redfield and some other side characters that will be led to a ghost ship Queen Zenobia in Mediterranean Sea and other locations like Finland Valkoinen Mökki (which means White Cabin and by the way as native Finnish I can tell you there isn’t that kind of enviroment in Finland as it is portraided in the game; mountains and such. But the snow is very much!)
Jill and Parke enter into a ghost ship and soon they’ll found out that the ship is full of monsters (yay, what a big surprise!). There are other people (agents) on the ship as well and their motives of everything is questionable.
The story and gameplay is told in a percpective of unlinear story which can be confusing. First the game starts with Jill and Parker, then you are with Chris and Jessica, then with Parker and Jessica… or whatever the order was!
Everything is linked to a city which was called Terragrigia and which was destoryed by monsters and terrorist group called Veltro.
Eventhought the story can be confusing for a newbie, it is very addicting. It is hooking even if you aren’t RE fan boy.




Control me like it’s 3DS all over again

Ahh, the controls… they are as stubborn as 3DS was. But it also raises the nostalgic —points byt three! 2012 isn’t that long ago but still this game seems so outdated as hell! We also need to remember that it was to a handheld and not for a console so the controls is what it is.
Eventhought the controls are outdated they’re explained very well in the beginning. The dodging enemies attacks can take some time to learn but when you finally got it, it is the one most valuable thing to learn in this game.
The aiming is actually pretty good and the game is 60fps it helps a lot. I don’t remember how the aiming was for 3DS but I remember of playing the game 99% at least so it couldn’t be that bad.


Graphics… kinda.

Oh my, the graphics aren’t HD —port—able at all! The hair full of gel and faces like a plastic and background like pixelmush… ahh just kill me!!
“C+… C+ is all I can give to you…”
My standard of graphics are pretty high since nowdays hardware is pretty good so it can run lovely graphics all day long.

What is HD—port anyway? Is it just a the same game to be ported to a console that can put out HD or is it newly made graphics to its finest? If it’s the latter then this game failed but if it’s not then what am I complaining about?! I didn’t found straight answer online so the answer might to be left to my own discover someday.
If we want to nidpick things we can go as far as the outfits of the characters of the game. Like Jessica, she is wearing a half—naked outfit and she supposed to be a professional agent… a slut she is!
Some parts of the game the graphics have some value and made nicely and then next item right next to it is pixelmush so the variety of graphics are kinda confusing.





The gameplay overall is OK. It’s not that complicated.
You can upgrade your weapons easily in item box. Item boxes are here and there and it will only can be used to change weapon (you can have three weapons at time with you) or upgrade them with parts you find thorough the game. You can carry up to four of any one type of grenade at a time. So there is four different types of grenades. Hand grenade, B.O.W. decoy (which lures enemies to the grenade before exploding), Pulse grenade and Shock grenade. They all be used at different enemies and/or situations.
Player also have a melee move. It can be used when enemy is near and attacking you, then you can melee and you will dodge the attack.
This move is life savior!! You’ll NEED to learn how to do it or else bosses and enemies are impossible to beat!

Player also need to use Genesis. It is a scanning device that let you scan enemies bodies and to find hidden items around you and also there are handprints that you’ll need to collect but that is more like bonus. There are total of 30 handprints in the game (I found only 14.)

Resident Evil Revelations have Campaign and Raid mode as a main gameplay. I played only the campaign and Raid mode is for online or you can play it all by yourself, but many missions are impossible without someone helping you. Usually they are missions that you need to go place X within time limit and along the way there is about twenty thousand enemies to be killed first. But you get the idea.

If you loved herbs in RE games I can say there is herbs to be use!! But… you can’t mix anything or use them the way you like. Only one herb gives you one “healing power”, so when your screen gets full of blood then you should use an herb.
You can also get one “healing power”, “pill”, “spary”… whatever it is by scanning enemies and enemies bodies what they leave behind (some enemies wont be left since they just waporates away so you’ll need to scan them when they are alive and near you.)



The save system is OK, nothing special to mention. There aren’t any typewriters or ink ribbons to be used (thank God.) You simply save your game after every chapter but of course there is autosave along the game so when you die you’ll be loaded nearest autosave point which can sometimes be little bit too far.

Some effects have been removed since 3DS used touch screen and PS4 have not a touch screen (it has touchpad but they didn’t use that) so there is some little things that was removed from PS4 version.

End of every episode you’ll get “points”. I mean you’ll get grade how well you did; accurancy, how many time you died and how fast you beat the chapter. Grades goes S, A, and B (I don’t know is there C or lower since I never got any.) For trophy hunters you want everything to be S!!
After you beat the game you can choose New Game+ so every weapon with their upgrades are available and you can choose difficulty as well. This is super good so the game is not impossible to beat in highest difficulty settings.


Difficulty level—up

I started the game with Normal setting. I have played this game hours upon hours in 3DS so I remembered everything what happens in the game so I was sure Normal wouldn’t be that bad for me. And it wasn’t.
Eventhought the controls are outdated when you learn them and that golden dodge move, you’ll be fine.
The game is not that hard but maybe I am talking this way since I know everything about the game already??
When the final boss came I only died once since I learned quickly the way it works. Some people says Revelations’ boss is the hardest but I found it quite easy. I found many enemies more difficult than the final boss. The enemies can take quite a lot of ammo before they die. Some even seems to be deathless untill you finally kill it.
With upgrades to the weapons along the game the enemies become more easy to kill. Those levelups (weapon parts) are most valuable things to find, so seek them carefully.

This game’s difficulty level is… Normal I would say.




Last Revelation

OK… calm down everyone.
This came is old as are all HD ports/Remakes/whatever and it will gonna stay that way.
Capcom has truly made the game to PS4 as it was in 3DS. Overall I think it is good thing. Why to change? I love the nostalgic—feeling I got playing this piece.
The game has very TV—Show—feeling and you need to play the next episode to find out what happens next. It is hooking and back in 2012 in a dark room with headphones on and effect of 3DS and Resident Evil Revelations on… the horror was there!!
But with PS4 it looses lots of points of being a horror title. It wasn’t scary at all :/

Anyway I like this game. It is not that bad and the plot is marvelous. It is not that much of the virus that mutates the enemies but more so of “Whodunnit” —feeling. (Who is the real murderer?) That what it was mostly and I love it!!



19.95€ is how much you’ll need to pay to experience this all said above. Twenty bucks is little bit too much for me to say that it is worth it. To be honest this game should be 12.95€. And that’s the truth.

Would I play this one more level (episode)?


The story is told in episodic form and it always
left in a cliffhanger and that is a good thing.



Revelations review.png



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