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The first shot

It has been while since I have played Resident Evil 7 biohazard —game. In fact I played it only twice since it appeared like a wild Pokemon and it had super effect on me. I only played it twice since the game was ‘too real’, ‘too scary’.
And it was. I remember that the most scarying thing was the Molded ones. They just had something that struck me. Jack was scary too and not to mentoin Marguarite.
I couldn’t play it but only in small amounts so beating the game took kinda long time for me. I thought the next time would be much easier but it wasn’t so third time never came. I also never played the game on TV only VR. I never have witnessed the graphics or how the game looks overall on TV.
In VR the horror is at least 98 times more present than it would normally be.

The DLC—content was announced long time ago and first what came around was Banned Footage Vol.1 that included ‘Nightmare’ where a one character of the game have to survive until to the morning. It also included ‘Bedroom’ that was very nerve racking; you were tied to a bed and you could release yourself and try to find clues and keys to escape the room but every time Marguarite came back you needed to go back to the bed, tied up and wait. If you let too many things differently, as they were originally, in the room Marguarite would notice and your end would be there after her rage.

Soon came Banned Footage Vol.2 which included ’21’ that was a deadly card game and ‘Daughters’ which was deeper story of the Baker family.
After that also came a one extra content called ‘Jack’s 55th Birthday’ where you need to serve food to the daddy as fast as you can.

Not A Hero DLC was announced long time ago but it was just recently released as free DLC (all those said above is not free. In PS4 you can buy them separately or as a Season Pass).
There is also coming something extra as an ‘additional story’ or something like that I heard was in the air.

So, I downloaded the ‘Not A Hero’ and gave it a shot. Very first I notice how little things took me back to the beginning of this year when RE7 was originally released. I didn’t let the past traumas to interrupt me and I moved on with this piece.

First impression was like waaah, the graphics was so good and I said bad things about it almost over a year ago when nowdays’ PSVR —games are horrible shit…?
I think I need to apologise.
Very first there comes little reminder what happens in the end of the RE7 and how the ‘Not A Hero’ gameplay take over from that.
Very first thing I notice is how slowly Chris, the character you play as, walks. It is very slow and my options are so that he walks the fastest he can. Running, though, is ‘kinda’ fast.
I also got jump—screamed—sceared in very early in this game so that is a good sign. So first steps of this journey is… hellish—positive!!

Chris in ctrl

Chris moves, like I said, slowly but that might be due to the limits of the processing power or the limits of the ‘RE Engine’ that the game uses? I remember when I played the RE7 with VR I said the game should be called ‘Resident Evil 7 seconds’ since it took precisely 7 seconds things to load when you ran from A to B. It is ridicilous how long you have to wait and literally take time to things to load around you… sometimes it took 9 seconds… AND I’M USING PS4 PRO !!!!

And I also screamed and yelled and cursed the game since there is no dodging move. The character literally moves just like in the very first RE, like a tank. It was OK in 1996 but not in 2017, VR and 1st person.
Usually I just took the enemies attack since it was pointless to try to squirm away so I took it like a man; in the ass without a lube.


scihparG and sound

Like I said above the graphics takes 7 seconds to load sometimes even more than that but it is the best looking VR game out there. Graphics look nice and they work for this game.
Lightning effect is superior and it plays main role of background as a placement—wise. If you play this game you’ll notice what I’m tryinna’ say here.

I don’t know what else to say about this. I’m not sure have there been a graphic update recently but it looks good :)

The sound effects! That is top notch and you MUST play this with headphones. I don’t care if you have only a foamed headphones of an old Walkman from the 80’s that you must to plug into the controller’s headphone jack, but headphones you use must!!
The clicking, clacking, water dripping, slimy smushing, metal clonking, you name itling —sounds are to be heard everywhere. You never know if it’s a monster lurking behind next corner or what it is there but the sounds will make your imagination flow…


The story starts in 1996 when I was a child…

The story is loooong and complicated if you wanna know the whole story about RE until this point and why this all is happening and what Baker family has to with it and so on.
I’m here only talking about THIS game’s plotline.
Chris Redfield is a BSAA agent who fights against the bioterrorists all around the world. I think he has been in every country in this planet since bioterrorism seems to happen everywhere. But now he is in a small Louisiana village, in the Baker’s residence where the latest (not as plot—wise but game—release—wise) bioterrorist’s attack seemed to happen and he has to figure out what happened there and he need to find the team sent there before and he need to catch a Jack Baker son Lucas. (The end of the RE7 is the beginning of the ‘Not A Hero’ —DLC so there might be SPOILERS AHEAD?!.)
He ends up in the mine where he encounters the Molded monsters and Lucas who attacks him.
In the mines he’ll be attacked by few different type of enemy which are new to this series and he need to get out there and catch Lucas.
So this is the little story that you have to go through.

The story is actually OK. It has its ups and downs and it is pretty predictible but it suprised me couple of times. It has nothing special about it, the story is not that long, I can reveal that much.





The gameplay is only 2 hours long. So there you have it.

I wanna keep this review short since was the game. So Chris doesn’t know how to dodge or use anything he’d been taught in the army. That is super annoying and you will die because of it many times. He can only block attacks. .
He also doesn’t have a flashlight with him. Why? The game can be extremely dark sometimes and hard to see.

As a new addition of this is a helmet that has an upgraded HUD that shows your health and also you’ll have an oxygen level that has to be managed and monitorized in some events.
There is also some other alterations to the main gameplay by compared to the original (RE7) game. So expect it to be something new and different.
Gameplay is extremely brutal and core so if you haven’t played RE7, be prepared.

I have this same problem with all VR games that have info/option window floating in the air next to something or someone. Usually the window is half the way inside of some other object next to it so you can’t read what it says. Sometimes you don’t have chance to click cancel and move other place to try it again. You have to make your decision, or whatevs is in the options, right there.
I also couldn’t find a complete input map so it was a bit struggle in the beginning. Even if the DLC is 2 hours long it is totally completely re—playable. And you should play it again!!


The last shot

I already love this piece of DLC. It is no long but you will can manage to have spent much more than just 2 hours with this if you wanna little challenge you can try the highest difficulty settings ‘Professional’ or an example.
This is also free (it might need the Resident Evil 7 biohazard —game to work but most of us have it already in our library) so points to the Capcom for not being greedy and demanding 19.99€ or some shit like that!!

I honestly don’t know what else to say than I already said above. This free DLC is amazing and I encourage everyone to try it if you have a chance. Is it good enough to make you buy the whole game for it? That I do not know and I’m not taking any part to that. I’m only reviewing this particular game.


++ for Not A Hero!!


The sound effects! That is top notch and you MUST
play this with headphones. I don’t care if you have
only a foamed headphones of an old Walkman from
the 80’s that you must to plug into the controller’s
headphone jack, but headphones you use must!!


m17+18 languageviolence

Release Date: Out Now
Genre: Action / Adventure / Horror
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
File Size 4.27 GB
PS VR & PS Camera Compatible

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