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First Impression

This time around I thought I was playing with Jack (the man in a house) but in very beginning I was told WRONG!
So story—wise this is surprising. Who is this guy and why I’m after Zoe? It is very intriguing even ‘who are these, Bakers, anyway?

First impression for this game was the graphics. I was not over with that fact yet (I just finished the free ‘Not a Hero‘ —DLC and I’m still fascinated how the game looks.
Secondly comes the sounds that strikes very quickly and the evil atmosphere you wan taste.
Overall I can feel anxiety and looking around this filthy surroundings you can just vomit right away!!
So this is first impression that I always do in my reviews…



You don’t own any weapons at start so only weapons are your fists. This character is crazily strong and can kill Molded ones just a few strikes. Yes they are easy.
After a while you’ll get a spears and it take a moment to master the throw and hit the target. The spears are mostly for the alligators that roam the waters. You can kill Molded monsters as well if you like.
You will get couple other weapons in later of this little gameplay but I won’t spoil you with that.

Controls are… tank—like. As I have said before.
In normal play it is OK but when you need to dodge moves from super fast boss it is not fair at all!
Just take the hit or block it there isn’t much you can do. This makes some boss and other parts unfair and annoying to beat. I know it might rise the fear—level but then should everything else move like that.

From controls this story piece get naah — 2 points .






The lovely story starts with a man (you, me, the player) finding Zoe (Jack and Marguarite’s daughter) from a filthy swamp area, lying on the ground surrounding by two SWAT look—a—likes and you (the player) are worried and scared that something bad is happening/happened to Zoe so you burst in to the scene and fight off the soldiers and take Zoe, who is mostly completely crystallized, and you carry her to safety.

In the safety there is Zoe lying on the bed now, unconsious, and one soldier who is neatly tied up and then you (the mysterious player). You almost kill the soldier until he gives you helping advises like the antivirus or some is in the near. You’ll need to collect it and safe Zoe who is his… niece.
Yes there you have it, The player is named Joe and he is Jack’s brother he maybe lives some nearby so something like that.
Then you’ll on your way to find the antivirus for your niece. The trip won’t be so simple since the bog area is full of monsters. Kinda natural and kinda un—natural.

So the story is mainly try to rescue Zoe from from this mysterious Swamp Man that kidnaps Zoe all the time from Joe and trying to make it impossible to rescue this girl. Who is this Swamp Man and what he wants?! It will be revealed in text episode…


Gameplay is great if you eliminate the stucky controls. All the sounds, water dripping, metal clanking, door screaching… you name it. You can hear all sorts of scary sounds that’ll make you look around you ‘what was that?’
There is no puzzles in this 1—2 hour piece of horror so don’t wait for them at all. Only puzzling thing is as some places you can’t go onwards since the way is blocked and you can’t hit it (to destroy the blockage) until all the enemies are killed from that specific area. So you can’t run away your duties no matter what.

I know you will notice one thing in this game. Well you have noticed it if you have played Resident Evil 7 biohazard —game, that how slowly, the character you play at, moves. Walking takes forever from wall to wall in a room and running is like slow—motion when everything else is moving normal speed. It, yes, creates fear but it is totally unnecessary way to do it. It is the same thing that I would make a game or movie and only scary parts is the jump—scares. Totally cheap and way of showing “we don’t have any artistry what so ever…”
I would, yes, make the player to move little bit slower or stumble when running but it would be just ‘a little bit’.
It frostrates when you are good player but the game is itself made to have bad controls :/

I also want to tell about the life gauge meter that is none. You’ll never know when your health is gone, almost gone, or full. The surroundings of your view gets red when you take hits. I do not remember how it was in the main game and if I remember correctly you have a smartwatch to see your life meter, and even in ‘Not a Hero’ you’ll have a smarthelmet that shows you the health.
I don’t have anything bad to say about this. I like how it is eventhought it makes everything more complicated but you can’t have a life gauge in real life and this game supposed to happen in this world anyway.
And it adds fear—level with grace this time. It is genious to not to show directly your life gauge and making the player to choose when to use health recovering items or not.
You can see how the character acts when he takes hit, does he fall in his knees? Does he yell in pain? Does he just take the hit without a nod? You’ll need to listen your character if you wanna him to survive the horror

I also wanna talk about one weird thing that this game does a lot. Very often when running from place to place the image quality drops from 720p to 240p fairly quickly. I don’t know why. Maybe the processing power is not enough or memory issues or simply just the engine it uses? This might be the answer why the character ‘runs’ so damn slowly so the game can load while you squirm.


Last Impression

I would love to play this all over again and I would love it to be much longer than 1 — 2 hours. But still it misses that something that makes this 5/5 and I think it is that sticky controls. It just stuck to me.
Joe seems to be very sympathetic character even thought you might get annoying of his redneck—isms very quickly or you might find it funny. Depends on your taste level. Atmosphere is very cold, moist and dark. Enemies can jump to the scenery any given time and the mysterious Swamp Man can come anytime to take mano—o—mano with you. This is storyfull and tells lot what happens after you (I know you did!) left Zoe in to the quayside and left with Mia (in RE7).

If you did leave her, you’ll need to play this then. For her sake!!


It is genious to not to show directly your life gauge
and making the player to choose when to use health
recovering items or not.



Release Date: Out Now
Genre: Action / Adventure / Horror
File Size: 6.79 GB
Developer: Capcom
PS VR & PS Camera Compatible


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