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(Very first I have to apologize some of the pictures in this review and their quality. I wanted genuine pics for my review but not many of the photos succeed. They been taken from an old fashioned TV since this review is about the original release of this title.)

Prima impressione

I barely know anything about this game. Super Mario Bros. 3 (スーパーマリオブラザーズ3) is the most unfamiliar Super Mario —game to me that I know besides Super Mario Bros. 2 (that is much more familiar to me.)
All I had back in mind was someone saying: “This game is difficult. Be aware, traveller.” I didn’t knew where this thought has came to me but it might be some time in my past that I have tried this game with no success. Whatever the reason was I wanted to play this game so badly so I bought it for my NES —console. I know what you are thinking why I didn’t have this game already? Well, I just never felt I wanted to play it. So, I’m innocent.

I bought the game through a re—sell website and I gave it a go immediately. I was stung. Of how good this game was, that is. It wasn’t overly difficult as I thought (one big reason I thought so was because no Nintendo Entertainment System game has save system so a power cut, system failure or something other like nature catastrophic and you’ll have to start all over again.
However this game is different and it won’t make you start ALL over again, just some levels back that might be up to 10 levels but if you have played your cards right you can skip most of the re—doable levels so no worries.

First impressione of this title is quite good after playing couple of the first world’s levels.



In your controls is the very famous Italian plumber Super Mario (don’t sue me if I present him as a Super Mario since if I have heard right it is indeed his real name? Please correct me.)

Wow, the original 1987 NES controller works like it should be. The controller had the familiar stiffness in it and it is to be used roughly. The controller literally squeaks and creaks under my handling but no worries; it won’t break.
I swear to the God (which is satan to me, by the way) that if you would use this gen. gaming console’s controller in such matter it would break down.
It would turn into a dust and vanish to the nothingness in your hands.

Super Mario Bros. 3 is very simple with the controls. Well there is two buttons to press after the four directional buttons. Mario can jump, run, walk, use item that has its own moves such as a leaf that gives you raccoon ears and a tail so you can fly. Or the familiar mushroom that turn you bigger or a fire flower to give you ability to shoot fireballs.
There is also some quite peculiar ones such as a raccoon suit that gives you power to turn into a statue or a frog suit that gives you ability to jump better and have better agility. There is many more for you to be discover so behold!!

What I have to say of the controls overall? Well they work fine, nothing super special about them.


The plot of this game is not explained other than in the introduction booklet; Mushroom World has been invaded by enemies and Bowser’s seven nasty kids who overtake all the castles and steal every castle’s king’s magical wand and turning every king into an animal. So you go on your journey to beat every level (or sometimes skipping them) and to get every magical wand back and also teach a lesson to all those seven brats.
And as a final act the Bowser kidnaps the princess Toadstool and Mario has to save her and beat Bowser.

The plot is very basic Super Mario and I don’t know does it ever get old? Maybe in Super Mario Bros. 23 it might get a little bit old and players want something new.


Personally I don’t like any NES game sounds. It is very high pitch quickly changing notes. Some of them are good, in fact, as an example the original Super Mario Bros. The catchy tunes and not too complex or annoying. Super Mario Bros. 3 has very bearable background music and sound effects, but still I turned my CRT TV’s mono speaker lower. Mario does all kinds of sounds that are familiar to all Mario players. It still isn’t the same—old—same, it got a new vibe in it and little bit darker to be precise. I like it, yes I do, but only in low volume.


As of being third instalment of the NES’ Super Mario Bros. —game series it has a tons of improvements to the two previous releases. The graphics are made the way that it looks many layers deeper than completely flat 2D Super Mario Bros.
This game also has different art style than Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 2 has. Seems like every Mario game is different—looking and that is the one magical side of the Super Mario —series since the characters can look different every new release no matter if its those old VHS —cartoons or a newest Nintendo Magazine or whatevers. It seems they are always made the way of vaguely describing them and the graphic artist does the rest.

So the characters has a new special look on them and with the new style of graphics in level design makes Super Mario Bros. 3 look very distinctive and stand—out—like and even little darker and mysterious.


Press to the right, jump, collect an item, transform, fly, hit enemy, lose the ability, hit enemy, turn small, run, jump, run, finish the level.
I mean what else you expect me to say? This game is from… God knows what timeline in history of all time (1988 A.D. to be exact) and back then basic people played with rocks and pinecones so when the Nintendo Entertainment System came out it was one the best way to experience video game. People didn’t dare to complain simple controls and so unergonomic controller shape that it would be illegal now days. But then people were more tough!!

There is also a huge new thing I like to address. The game isn’t just platforming, it is also a strategy game. Firstly, you can collect, what seems, unlimited amount of items (power ups or other item that helps you on your way) and they can be accessed in the world map which is also a new feature. This way you can strategize your gameplay and of course the best items needs to be saved for later on.

Secondly, there is Hammer Bros. who are roaming the world map. They move to different spot every time you die or finish the level. You can manage to avoid them since they might to be a bitch to beat sometimes and if you have little life left and many levels to go. Of course there is items you can use to skip the Hammer Bros. or make your way onwards by breaking boulders on your way and getting through a pipe to other place in the world map.
Player can also choose which way to go on the world map since there is usually one or more roads to choose from and with that different levels to go through. These things makes this game special since usually NES games were very straight forward and not complex at all.

So, this game contains elements that fulfills, to me, standards of a strategy game. And also not to mention the special places like a Toad’s house where you can participate to a memory game where you need to flip cards and trying to match two cards together, or, trying to match three slides together so the correct image is made and as a reward you’ll get more lifes or an item.

Difficulty level

Okaaay, I need to think of this. Personally I think this game is somewhat difficult. Not always but variably. It is easier than Super Mario Bros. for sure but still this ain’t the easiest one and no to mention that I have to keep the console on all the time or it will looses my progress if I want to continue where I left off.
The good thing is the strategy part and the fact that you don’t have to start all from the beginning if you loose all your lifes. The game makes you go to the beginning of that portion of the world map where you are which isn’t usually bad ‘coz the levels is already cleared so all you need to do is go to the farthest level where the game lets you go and continue.

Ultima impressione

I usually hate this part the most, since I really can’t say my ultimate feelings of any game. They are mixed and blured and upside down and all—away—around. But if I must I will tell you my Ultima Impressione!!

I love this game and it is by far one of my (newest) favourite game out there. That sounded like this game is something new and just released. No bitch, it’s not, but to ME it is new since I have barely played it before. The simple mechanics and most of all the strategy you can play. It changes everything in a get go. It’s like a chess that can end up one from kazillion different ways. Well this game ends the same way every time but the way there is changeable.

For new Mario fans I think they should play all the first releases. I think they’ll have much better understanding the progress and growth of Mario games and a brand all together. And, of course, the reason that this game and other older Mario games are big part of history and games that will never end to exist.


Player can also choose which way
to go on the world map since there is
usually one or more roads to choose from
and with that different levels to go through.

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E_ESRB_agerating_us_02Jun14Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 16.56.52.png

Release Date: Out Now
Genre: Action, Adventure
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo

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