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First impression

I love indie games—that’s no secret. The Mooseman came to be one of those indies games I wanted to play. What got my eye at very first was that the game looks like drawn from pastel colours. First thoughts was how plain the game looked; there was no bright colours, HUD, or such. Just couple of toned down colours. Very first impression was, I dunno, boring, neutral. Can this bizarre small game to change my mind?


The story start of a Russian woman speaking (in Russia) and telling a story of moosemen who went in their journey to hunt their pray. To be honest the story went little bit over my head since I don’t speak Russian and the translated text was absolutely horrible to read!! It was thin and tall and packed together so it took time to read and in half way it was already gone. But what I understood of the story was that it tells ‘official’ tales of our world. Tales of old Komi Permians, Komi Zyrians, Mansi and Sami people. I only recognize Saami people since they are Finnish (lives in north Finland). Others seems to be in Russian area.

You go to side-scrolling adenture of a Mooseman to find yourself, find your story…


tales of our world

Gameplay & Controls

The Mooseman is a side-scrolling and that right away restricts many things from you, such as a one dimension. No biggie. Even so, the game has some neat effects and ways to add the third dimension to the game. Overall the gameplay and controls are minimal with some gimmicks but it works.


Right from the start I knew that Sami people (Saami) was assimilated to the story because of the art style. It’s very down to earth with calm colours and the certain type of human-animal-nature drawings could be found all the places. Even my home has decorations of such style bought from Lapland (Lappi).


There was no option to set music, effects, and such. In couple of levels the music was BOOMING LOUD!! I mean L–O–U–D–!–! I don’t know what that was all about but rest of the game I was scared the sudden loud music as I had to turn volume to level that I could hear what was going on in the game. Otherwise the sound worked like a charm and I liked it. You can listen OST at developer’s website.


I died a lot in some certain points that was pretty intense. I’m not accusing that this game is difficult. It’s not. This almost felt like a side-scrolling walking simulation.


It’s very down to earth with calm colours

Last impression

The beginning was boring and I didn’t expect much from the game—but boy, I was wrong. The gameplay becomes interesting with new moves and enemies and bosses. It holds so much more than I honestly thought. Nothing gag–worthy this is not, but at least a way better game than many big studios’ games nowdays that comes out half done.

The Mooseman is very well done little game but it still kinda lacks of something, but I don’t know what…

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E10_ESRB_agerating_us_02Jun14 7 fear

RELEASE DATE: 18 Jul 2018
GENRE: Action
DEVELOPER: Vladimir Beletsky, Mikhail Shvachko
PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch



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