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First impression

After seeing some gameplay videos and images of The Persistence, it was clear that I want to play it. The Persistence looked like the scifi–horror PSVR —game that I’ve been yearning for. The game starts off of you being materialized to life and a voice is speaking to you that sounds very much like a super intelligent AI. There’ve been problems in the spacecraft; it prints these new bodies but they are not human…
So, the story is already sucking me in and I can’t wait to play.


So the spaceship is printing new bodies but they are not human; they are monsters that will kill you on sight. Your first mission is to get to the main power source and start it. This voice is with you all the time (or at least as far I played it) and it tells you where to go.

Gameplay & Controls

In The Persistence you’ll need to collect things to upgrade yourself and make new weapons. But the gameplay is one of the worse I’ve seen in while. Literally you’ll lost your progress and have to start again and there’s a twist; every time you die the layout of the level is completely changed. It means you’ll need to find your way to the destination all over again. There is no savepoints or checkpoints. You’ll can keep everything you’ve collected though and with this I think it means grinding to the gods until you’re invinsible!! Player can also buy different kinds of weapons and grenades which will disappear when you die. So it means every gameplay is literally its own; the weapons you can use had to be made the stuff you collect and also the level design changes every time you die. The reward —feeling that players need is not there. It feels good when you manage to collect something or defeat certain enemy and SAVE/CHECKPOINT after that, but in The Persistence, you can forget all of that.

The map is OK-ish. The only problem was that player can’t rotate it, so it stays in one position… until the game decides to turn it 180° without you noticing it and you wonder why you won’t ever end up in the wanted destination.

Controls works like a charm but they could’ve been better, too. You can’t run first of all and that is super bizarre when the enemies can run like a maniac. It means death everytime when more than one enemy sees you. It’s like a some Mario —game; you either manage to jump to another ledge or you’ll fall into the pit and die.


I have to say this game looks nice. It didn’t have that jagged edge feel to it. The Persistence and Resident Evil 7 are the most gorgeous PSVR games out there.


You can hear all kinds of clanks and clonks here and there when you’re hiding behind a crate, wondering what the sound was. The sound world is brilliant and the 3D–audio works perfectly with The Persistence.


The Persistence is difficult, yes. It frustrates when I was near the destination and then I die. Video games should let player continue where the latests save is or at least make reasonable checkpoints. It’s easy to control, but when enemies sees you then it’s BGB*.

Last impression

The concecpt is awesome but the execution is an execution. It annoyes me that every component is there and they’re working… except the gameplay. With that the developers maybe said “fuck that, let’s ruin this game and annoy the hell out of the players!”.

I really tried to like this game but I can’t.

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*Bye Girl Bye

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RELEASE DATE: July 24 2018
GENRE: Action / Adventure / Horror
PUBLISHER: Firesprite Ltd
DEVELOPER: Firesprite Ltd
PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4

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