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First impression

I had no idea what Anamorphine was about other than it is story driven game. As I started the game I immediately noticed all the negative things of this piece. I mean everything was bad and unfinished as hell. This ain’t a good star at all…


Anamorphine is a visual novel without (or very little dialogs) narrative or even text. Everything is about looks and like they say ‘picture can tell more than a thousand words’. In the beginning was a warning of Anamorphine having depressive, suicidal references and it might disturb some of the players so I could choose to skip some of the content but I like live my life dangerously so I didn’t!!

The story is about a woman who have an accident and how everything goes bad to worse from there and player is her boyfriend(?) who also suffers with her.

Gameplay & Controls

The gameplay is interesting, but it is killed by absolutely bad technicals. Player can only walk and look so by looking some specific objects he can go different places, or worlds and seeking answers to everything that went wrong in their lifes. It was cool idea of having very minimal controls and still being able to delivere that much.

Let’s talk about the technical part: Anamorphine felt like some alpha–stage of a video game and not finished at all. It was full of bugs glitches, bad controls, horrible visuals, super sluggish, low frames… the list goes on. The game even loaded in very awkward moments and it loaded too many times and if the loading time is longer than playing time then something is clearly wrong.


It’s kinda weird to me that developers have the tools and hardware but they won’t use it fully. Let say we put this game next to some other PS4 game I don’t think they look even remotely made for the same console. Anamorphine reminds me of some PC game from 2007 at best. It was hard to tell what was intentional and what was not, such as going through many objects, actually almost all the objects.


There’s nothing positive I can say about audio either. It was as sluggish as the game itself.


Anamorphine is walkthrough simulation so I didn’t find anything hard in it, expect trying to technically play it through.

Last impression

This has to be one of the unfinished games out there. I can’t understand how this is developed when I played this PS4 Pro and still it was slow and buggy as hell?! Gladly it was soon over (about 1-2 hours) so I could delete this from my console. I heard this is also coming to PSVR and I don’t see any point in it.

I don’t know how this runs in other consoles but this review is only based on my PS4 Pro (with 1T fast SSD if you want to know). I noticed that this is also PS4 Pro Enchanced so how bad it is with original PS4?

I quickly googled about this game and weirdly it have decent reviews… I have no idea what’s going on? Is my PS4 broken or something.

T-ESRB-agerating-us-02Jun14 pegi7_agerating_12sept13 contentdiscriptors_fear_12sept13 contentdiscriptors_violence_12sept13 pspro-en-us

RELEASE DATE: July, 2018
GENRE: Adventure
PUBLISHER: Artifact 5
DEVELOPER: Artifact 5
PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4
Microsoft Windows

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