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First impression

“Being bad is good!”… at least in LEGO DC Super-Villains as I started my gameplay with Joker himself. I always want just a nip of information of basically anything I want to play because I don’t want to previews or trailers to give everything away. I knew enough about LEGO DC Super-Villains for me wanting to play it.tagline As the game starts I have to, first of all, design my character like in a RPG game and of course that takes lot of time as I wanted to make sure my villain looks bad. I also gave my character name Snack. Please don’t ask me why…

Next I had to help Lex Luthor escape the highly secured prison and this part the game teaches me the basics of the controls and the gameplay, which comes across very nicely. Nothing seem to be overly difficult or compex and I like that.
Along escaping the prison I also help other inmates and villains escape as well, making sure the chaos is done. I also get to play with, maybe the most bad of them all, Joker and with her (girl)friend Harley Quinn.

Everything just snatched me into the story in a small amount of time. I’m completely sold for this game. The plot seem interesting and everything starts compelling with great voice acting and characters.


top-jokerLEGO DC Super-Villains is very familiar story of being bad and a villain. You play with different characters and get rich story-telling.
As you help Lex Luthor excape from the prison you also discover that you are able to suck in new powers. Then the Justice League shows up and tries to stop you, and at that moment; Joker with Harley Quinn robs Batman’s lair because Joker wants some mysterious object from there. Then a team from other world called themselves as ‘Team Syndicate’ shows up telling they are heroes as well. Even so, they make Justice League disappear by using a mystical item. Harley Quinn witness the disappearance and record it with cellphone, but sadly she drop the phone as she makes wild escape with Joker.

As an aftermath the Team Syndicate proclaims they are replacement of Justice League, while they are on secret mission somewhere else. With villains being freed, Justice League gone and Team Syndicate takin place; the Arkham city is in despair once again.

The story starts off very strong and wild and it got me in right away. I like how the story is told with perspective of different characters.

Gameplay & Controls

Gameplay is fun in LEGO DC Super-Villains. All the funny moves every character has and the humorous way everything happens. Playing the story the player is in a certain area that needsto be cleared. It’s not a completely plaformer but more of puzzle type wherebuy-now-teeth everything is chaotic as villains fight with law inforcements in the background and some bystanders running for their lives here and there. There is so much going on that it’s sometimes hard to make out of everything and which objects or places are important and what is not. What helped the most was turning off the HUD and subtitles and the view got much more clearer.
Controls are pretty simple with every character having their special quirky moves. Those are needed to progress in the game or finding hidden things. When playing player is controlling four different characters at time.

Character creation has chockfull of choices. Player can choose countless of things how their character will look and behave. I was surprised by that as I thought all LEGO games are usually pretty simplified. It took me at least 30 minutes to create my villain because there was so much to choose from, and here’s the result:

LEGO® DC Super-Villains_20181023170042

LEGO DC Super-Villains has a hub-world that is the city, Arkham City, which is great looking and detailed. It has rainy, dark and gloomy environment, much like in the Batman: Arkham Knight video game. There are other areas, too, such like a swamp or bright and shiny city. Player can find all kinds of mini games and challenges there after the story mode — or wanting to have little break when playing the story. I found myself to drive around the Arkham and causing chaos to the citizens, every now and then.

Right now I have to say I couldn’t finish LEGO DC Super-Villains because the game is full of bugs and glitches. Many times I got stuck or other playable characters got stuck places where they shouldn’t. Sometimes the game just crashed right middle of boss fight or end of a level. Or the game simply just didn’t work and by that I mean some things never happened to make me able to continue and I needed to restart levels countless of times. The last straw to me was as I was in middle of big boss fight and then all of a sudden my team mates won’t fight anymore. I restart the boss fight many times with no avail. I didn’t have any other save. I called it quits but I managed to play around 5 hours at least.

So shortly, techniclly this game is highly unstable (I did try Boost mode off/on).


LEGO DC Super-Villains look great. Deep and saturated colours with sharp edges and smooth surfaces. Everything is very detailed at the same being simple. This mixture satisfied both; young and older audience. The game runs graphics smoothly and I didn’t find any lagging or short drawing distances.

I would’ve liked Photo Mode but there wasn’t any. A cellphone camera there was and I could take pictures and selfies, it had few effects/filters but that’s it.


LEGO DC Super-Villains has everything correct in the audio department. Sound effects, background music and hilarious lines with great voice acting are well-balanced. I noticed how in the options there was changes done by default. This is good thing because by putting all the audio in right value made the game sound so much better. If everything were turned to hundred it wouldn’t sound as good, but the choice is there if someone likes it that way.


LEGO DC Super-Villains asks in the beginning ‘have I played Lego games before?’ or ‘am I newbie?’ I chose that I have played the games before meaning this choice is harder. Playing the game I found out that the only difficulty is the mini bosses and main bosses. The whole gameplay is not challenging at all and that is a disappointment.

Last impression

This could’ve be my utmost favourite LEGO game there is. Everything is meticulously buy-now-harleydone and the muchness of the characters seems unending. But those goddamn crashes, glitched, bugs that literally wanted to stop my gameplay with finally succeeding in that.

Even so, this playthrough was fun as long as it lasted, but I’m really disapointed of the errors. I really wanted to end the story and do other stuff!! It really felt ‘good to be evil’ for a change and cause nothing but trouble, but can I recommend this to anyone? No. Why to pay 60€ for a broken game? With everything said above I can confirm that the LEGO DC Super-Villains is not solid as a LEGO bricks usually are.

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e10 pegi7_agerating_12sept13 ps-family-ps4-logo-us-11Oct16  logos-3-1

RELEASE DATE: Oct 19, 2018
GENRE: Adventure/adventure
PUBLISHER: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
DEVELOPER: Traveller’s Tales
PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
Microsoft Windows

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