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NOTE: I played this with New 3DS XL which is little bit different to the other 3DS consoles. It have a C–button, which works as a right stick. It also has extra buttons and better hardware so the games might work a bit better and loading times are shorter. I haven’t even tried this with the other consoles as there are so many of them and I don’t have time to test all of them

First impression

Recently I played Luigi’s Mansion on its original platform GameCube. I loved it. I played it on GameCube because I wanted to see the differences and possible changes before I play it on 3DS. I wouldn’t call it remake it was more of a remastered or ported.

My very first impression was how good the game looked even though I could see little of the old harshness in some textures. I didn’t see anything new and different in the first glance, but then I saw something I wanted in the original game and that was co–op. As I don’t have any real life friends I hoped it would be online co–op, but sadly it was just local.


The plot is the very same: Luigi goes after his lost brother Mario to the ghost mansion which made me think the game is named as ‘Luigi’s Mansion’, meaning Luigi owns the mansion? Whatever the ownership in the contract is he is scared and his knees are shaking of fear. He has a friend, a professor, who helps him by giving him a vacuum cleaner so he can suck ghosts in there, and therefore, literally clean the mansion from ghosts, and finally rescue Super Mario.

Gameplay & Controls

I had one thought before started playing: am I gonna break my 3DS system? As I played this before with GameCube controller I had to push and pull madly in opposite direction where the ghost was going as I wanted to suck it into the vacuum cleaner. Ghosts goes bananas as they are being sucked and you need frantically use the controller. I found out that I didn’t break my 3DS console, but what I realized was how difficult it was to move the left stick because of the shape and material it’s made of. Slippery and smooth that can’t hold thumb well.


OK, I gave up very beginning in the game of trying to take photos of the screen/gameplay. It was a hassle and uncomfortable and technically bad. I always want to use my own images on my reviews, but with this I barely can.

Luigi’s Mansion (3DS) is pretty looking game with nothing super special about it. The art style is kinda bold and childish, but it works. This isn’t meant to be realistic and scary, but fun and goofy.


Luigis Mansion (3DS) has great surround sound effect. It really felt like some of the noises are coming behind me or some other very specific direction. I also tried headphones but I like the speakers better. What annoyed the hell out of me was how Luigi yelled Mario’s name when pressing a certain button. The button was also a action button, meaning, if you missed the spot where you need to push the action button he yelled Mario’s name. So, you can imagine how many times I heard Mario and it really annoyed me alot :/ “MAARRIIOOO!!”


This has to be little bit more difficult to the original due to the controls. GameCube’s control is bigger and better shaped for hands when 3DS is not. My fingers hurt when they needed to be in weird position all the time and my hands became exhausted. Caching the ghosts was difficult because of the slippery left stick. The last boss is the most pain but it was rewarding to beat it and rescue my (big?) brother.
What I would declare to be difficulty in the game was when I had absolutely no idea what to do or where to go. There come times where I needed to cach ghosts that are hiding in the objects around me. After finding a ghost it tried to fly away from me as I tried to suck it in the Poltergust 3000. Usually it got away and felw to the next room through the wall and I couldn’t enter that room as it was locked and I was keyless. Only thing left to do was going out of the mansion to the crazy professors lair and then come back so the game resets and the ghost is again the room where I can enter. I had to do this many times until the ghost was caught o.O

Last impression

Luigi’s Mansion is must and there isn’t any excuse as ‘I don’t own GameCube and that game is hard to find’. NO! You can easily obtain 2DS / 3DS and play this. This is a game that I can see myself playing again and again. Even though it has little flaws it is very lovely game. Luigi has always been my favoyrite character in Mario games. Not just because he’s green but because he is always underestimated and kinda disliked… like me!!

It’s shame I can’t try local co-op and see what it’s like. What I think was missing was something extra. Maybe some new rooms or places or mini games… but as I said this just just remastered+port which means it’s made to be 3D effect and just coded so it works on other console. Even so, I highly recommend you to try this and save MAARRIOOO!!

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RELEASE DATE: Oct 19, 2018
GENRE: Action-adventure
DEVELOPER: Nintendo / Grezzo

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