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This giveaway has ended and the winners are JULIAN and MASON BROSKI.


Terve taas,

I think it’s time for a new giveaway. Summer is almost here and allergies tormenting people. So, I’ll giveaway a PSN Gift Card $50 to a one lucky chosen one at June 10th, 2019.

To participate this giveaway I’d like you to answer to this topic: Have any video game changed your life? How?  (You can also participate just commenting, without answering the topic :] )

I’ll keep this giveaway up until June 10th, 2019 (of Finnish time). The prize is given via email, or via privnote, as a code. You can leave your email address when commenting. This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE.



(I recommend to login or leave an email address when commenting, so I can contact the winner.)

45 thoughts on “PSN Gift Card $50 giveaway

  1. Right now I can’t say one specific game, but some recent games such as Metal Gear Solids, Observer, Transference, Oxenfree, Detroit: Become Human and other reality questioning or bending games will always affect me someway.

    Banjo-Kazooie somehow affected me emotionally when I was a kid, meaning it left good memories. One series that has definitely changed my life is Resident Evil. I just love it (minus some horrible titles) and like to collect stuff and my HQ is starting to getting too full already


  2. Games that marked me as a kid, on different platforms: Game Boy -> Pokemon, mainly the versions Red(Charizard) – first game I had for game boy, Silver(Lugia) and Emerald (Rayquaza).
    Sega -> Sonic and one football game that it was possible to run from the referee when he was going to give us a card xD. Even these days I have the nostalgia to play them.
    PlayStation-> the first games I remember are Crash Bandicoot and Driver. Soooo many hours wasted :D. Later, probably GTA, playing with friends.

    But if past 10/15 years we remember the games we played at the time, it’s because they somehow marked us.

    Well, GL everyone!

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  3. Soul Edge in the arcade changed my life. It caused me to ask for a Playstation and get me into fighting games, which I still have joy in to this very day.

    Also getting the Playstation got me into many other things which helped develop my personality into who I have become to this day.

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  4. I can’t really think of a game that I’ve played that was life changing. At least, not in a positive way. There have been games that I’ve played that mark specific, notable moments in the evolution of my love for gaming.

    Jungle Hunt Atari–first action adventure game
    Super Mario SNES–first graphically appealing game
    Tekken PS1–first 3 dimensional game
    RE1 PS1–first true horror game
    Metal Gear Solid–first compelling narrative
    RE4 GC–best survival horror game of the time
    God Of War 1,2 PS2–first game of true spectacle
    Halo 2 X360–first FPS
    Uncharted 1-3 PS3–first truly “Next Gen” games
    Mass Effect 1-3 X360–first RPGs
    Last of Us PS3–best, most compelling narrative and voice acting
    Destiny PS4–first game addiction and the last
    God of War 4 PS4–the most graphically impressive game I’ve ever played. Glimpse into next gen

    If I had to choose, Destiny 1 is the game that impacted my life the most…but for the worst. I was truly addicted to that game and I remember how tough it was to quit.

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    1. Oh wow, your story is interesting. I remember of playing some games such as Resident Evil 6 to 100% over 160h. It was very first game that I really actually liked to be addicted to. I don’t think I still have been so addicted to a game that I couldn’t stop. I have a friend, though, that was truly addicted to the gaming and, yes, to Destiny 1. He was addicted other games too, such like single player games and he told me he didn’t do anything else than just played day and night. He realized it at some point and sold his PS4 to making him to stop.


      1. When I became addicted to destiny I was at a low point physically and health wise. I was in and out of hospitals a lot and I was on very powerful medications for my gastro-intestinal tract. I lost a lot of weight and I suffered a lot of side effects like insomnia. Destiny was the only thing that anchored me to reality and sanity much of the time. I remember playing one day, without moving or eating, for about 8 to 10 hours straight. Destiny made me forget I was in constant pain.

        I played Destiny non stop from 2014 to July 2017. I remember the day I quit and I said I would never play the game again. I deleted the file from my PS4 and ejected the disk. I also remember how tough it was afterwards. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It took about 3 to 4 months before I stopped obsessing over Destiny and I was free and clear.

        Today I am in a much better place health wise. I have also instituted restrictions on myself so I never become addicted to any game again. I have dedicated the majority of my time to reading and studying to attain my masters degree. I never had an addiction prior to this but I now know how difficult these things are.


    2. Damn, that sounds tough. I don’t think anyone online knows about my health and medications, but I fucked up my back really bad 2011 summer and I’ve been in horrible pain in and out. Lots of different medications, I mean LOT, especially painkillers which ultimately made me addicted to them.

      I stopped only when my body started to say no, every time I tried to take those pills I vomited them out and then I realized I need to stop. I used them 5-6 years and because doctors didn’t give me any other. I have other medications for my pain and nerve pain now that I have to take every day and they work much better. All of them are strong painkillers, but more tolerable. I never have told my addiction to anyone and I’m still kinda ashamed of it.

      I also gain so much weight that I don’t recognize myself from the mirror anymore. I used to be very sporty and always running outside and going gym, until my fucked up back. Doctors said it cannot be operated any way and I literally have just suffer rest of my life. They told me no more running or gym, unless its very easy, which was not my thing at all. I went many various physical therapy and even tried chiropractics, with no avail.

      I was once in wheelchair because I lost feeling from my left leg because I slipped at home, being 2 weeks in hospital. Many other things was also stripped away from me such as I cannot use any machinery, drive a car (or even have drivers license), lift anything, do any kind of hard work or work needing fast reaction or focusing, even simple leaning forward (even vacuuming my home takes it toll). Other words, jobs suiting for me are close to zero.

      Everything I used to be stopped exisisting anylonger and I became this handicapped lazy ass with major depression and axiety disorder, getting worse every year. Usually I’m just at home, playing games, because that is something I CAN do. Sometimes they are my way to escape the shitty reality where I am. I started to do reviews only because I needed something to do and I wanted to feel even little normal person who has things to do. And also because I wanted to write and passion for games.

      I never talk about these things with anyone because I don’t anyone feel sorry for me. I act strong and normal when in reality nothing is OK or normal. Right now I’m in a place where I feel somewhat normal. I wake up early, do the routine things, start to write, read (I studied theroetical physics), play games or do something other than sit on couch and watch Netflix.
      Yeah, that’s about it, felt kinda good to write this all down.


      1. Wow. I had a severe case (much improved now) of gastro-esophageal-reflux disease that forced me to separate from my place of employment back in 2012. Doctors placed me on regular doses of powerful, yet effective, PPI meds in early 2012 and I was able to function normally until I started to experience acid reflux attacks of increasing severity. In 2013 I was in and out of the hospital and doctors’ offices a lot. I had to go through tons of tests. I had about 2-3 endoscopies (shove a camera down your throat), 1 HIDA scan and a motility/24 hour impedance test (shove a long probe through your nose into your stomach for a 24 hour stomach ph test). The doctors couldn’t understand why the drugs weren’t 100% effective so they doubled my dosage. That is when things went from bad to worst.

        I used a ton of my savings on medical expenses so I had to move back to my childhood home at the end of 2013. My pain/attacks persisted and increased but then I started to experience a lot of side effects all through 2014 and early 2015. Dizziness, tingling/burning sensation in my hands and feet (from nutrient malabsorption), weight loss (from being afraid to eat), headaches, insomnia…I was in hell.

        I eventually went to a gastroenterologist that basically saved my life. He told me that all of my symptoms would improve if I stopped taking the PPIs and implemented lifestyle changes. I did and in a year I was mostly back to my former self. I changed to an over the counter acid blocker that was not so adverse and it helped me to ween myself off of the PPIs. In early 2016 I started exercising again and gained back some muscle.

        Prior to 2012/2013 I was a body builder, a manager, a hiker, a dog owner…successful, independent and happy. I don’t know if I get depressed often but sometimes I question why I had/have to lose so much. What did I do to deserve this? No one ever answers me from the darkness when I am at my lowest so I realize that it is just my shitty luck. I also realize that only I can change my bad fortunes. I am thankful for my improvement and I have regained my aspirations. I am studying for my GMATs to get into a quality masters program some time in the future.

        Destiny was my anchor to reality for 3 years. 2015, 16 and 17. When I realized it was more damaging than good I had to put it down. Sometimes you have to use a crutch until you are able to walk. Juril, your situation sounds like you can get better. Debilitating, chronic pain is hell itself but every day we are alive there is an opportunity for improvement. My condition is one that can progress into cancer if not managed well so I make sure I manage it as well as I can. Don’t beat yourself down too much because right now you are doing more than many with problems similar to yours. Your blog is your labor and your footprint. Keep doing things towards your improvement and you will improve.

        This is the most I have ever revealed on the internet simply because I never had a reason to say anything before. Your sharing compelled me to share.


      2. I can imagine that reflux thing, because I suffered “vomiting” at nights. I woke up and felt how half of the stuff in my stomach came to my mouth (it wasn’t vomitin because my muscles didn’t contract, it was just bad reflux) and I panicked and spitted it on the floor. It was so gross, sometimes there was food and sometimes it was just burning acids from stomach. I didn’t know why is that happening to me, but it did continue couple years. Sometimes I didn’t even wake up to that and… you can imagine how my bed looked like. Until about 6 months ago I realized it is one of the meds I’m taking for sleeping. I take so many pills that it is hard to tell which one does some certain side effects. I stopped using it and I’ve been totally fine. It’s crazy how tiny pill divided half or even in fourth can affect like that. But it was horrible to wake up like that and I remember the first thing that came to my mind was that I’m dying or vomitin blood. Sometimes I was so tired I went back to sleep and sometimes I started to clean up the floor 3 am. I have wooden floor and I can feel how the wax is out of some spots :D I did have a bowl but I always missed it. Ugh, I’m so happy its over forever. Even when I was in hospital that happened to me and they thought it is like a “baby problems” that I need to lift my head upper so they gave me extra pillows, but of course it didn’t work and I remember they gave me like three times the dosage than I use at home.

        About medical bills, I am thankful where I live because of that I barely ever had any medical bills or have to buy my expensive meds because here goverment takes care most of that stuff, especially if your income isn’t enough. I was thinking if I would live somewhere else and with all my illnesses I wouldn’t be able to pay any of them for sure. I always wondered how people in other countries manage if they get extremely ill or have to have some expensive treatments.

        But now I’ll see where my life goes, I still work on my childrens fantasy novel (I write it in english) so it is kinda slow process because many days I just can’t do it. Hopefully your life is going OK and you’ll get back where you want to be :] I also was thinking recently why these things happens to me? So many things that I won’t be writing here, but I remember once my friends mother told me that “take care of yourself, because all the time something happens to you” and that phrase got stuck to my mind because it’s so true :D (Hmm, maybe I should write a book about my life…)


  5. Yo can I get it pretty pretty pls with a cherry on top of a vanilla sundae
    There are two games that impacted me as a child and that was gta San Andreas because that really got me into gaming and minecraft because it got me really creative and that helped a lot with school.

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  6. Email:
    One game that changed my life was Goldeneye for the N64 it was a game I played since I was 3 years old and I still play it to this day over 20 years later. Was the game that got me into first person shooters and after that it was timesplitters and halo. Having local split screen back in the 90’s with my siblings was amazing and it is an absolute classic.

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    1. Those split screen multiplayers are such a classic and rarety nowdays. I too played Golden Eye and Mission Impossible N64 with my siblings. FUnny how I’ve forgot that, but thanks for bringing back those golden times.


  7. Without saying too much, Tony Hawks Pro Skater changed my life. I gained a passion for gaming & wanting to learn how to create games. Soon, I’ll be going to college to learn how to develop games. I hope it eventually leads me somewhere great. Maybe I’ll go on to create my own company one day, who knows.

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    1. If I could use video game softwares/coding and could draw and do graphical stuff; I would do some kind of video game. It’s difficult to even start to do something like that when the knowledge is poor. The PS4 game Dreams hopefully gives me a chance to create a game something of my own.


  8. I met my boyfriend because he had a Mass Effect patch on his bag, which happened to be one of my all time favorite game series. We have been together over 2 years now.

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  9. In School I Never Realy Had Friends Becuese I Wass Poor One Time Hade Enough Money To Buy A GameBoy With Pokemon Red That Moment I Changed And I Played Wen I Can Thad Time I Wanna Be Ash So In Real Life I Try To Be Him I Maket My Life An Advanture With A Lot Of Stories And I Got Friends And I Want To Say Thx For Pokemon To Make My Life A Lot Of Fun

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  10. Well, I’m in a religon where I cant be free, meaning, I cant have friends that aren’t in my religon, and I cant watch violent movies or play violent video games. No birthdays, no holidays, get shunned if you leave. I am a Jehovah’s witness. Video games have changed my life because it’s the only thing I can do, I live in the middle of nowhere, so my internet is slow, I cant visit friends because I don’t have any, and I cant go anywhere. I would like the psn code because I can get offline games, and actually have fun at my house. Please and thank you, if I do win please send the code through email. I’m faking my name because if someone in my religon notice my name, I can get in trouble.

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  11. I remember when I was in year 6 (around 11-12) and all my friends were talking about a ps3 and black ops 2. They started playing games like two people were zombies and the rest had to shoot them(with their fingers lol) I became obsessed with wanting to get one so I pleaded with my mum and dad to get me one. At first they said no but after a few years when I was 14-15 I got it for my birthday. I remember opening it for the first time and being so excited. We got MW3 with the PS4 and it became my first COD to play. I then got bo2 and mw2 on my birthday and I fell in love with COD. I played for hours and got to level 80 on MW3 and prestige 1 on bo2. In 2018, after saving up for months with my brother I finally got the ps4 with the help of my mum. I remember playing fallout 4 and drive but they were not my type of games. I got fortnite as it was everything anyone played. I fell in love (no homo) with the PS4 and couldn’t stop playing (wasn’t addicted) my friends who first showed me don’t even play with me as they are busy with college and the person I play with doesn’t really buy games so I’m the one who needs to buy games. Unfortunately I’m 16I, I’m not rich and cannot buy games as much as I want to. I had to borrow £10 just to get RDR2 so I can play it but I don’t even play it. Video games have really changed my life and helped me forget things I don’t want to think about and just enjoy life. With the £50 I want to maybe save up for the new MW game or get a game called the Forest as me and my friend think it looks really good. If I do win please do email me as I’m forgetful and won’t come back to this post. My email is thanks for reading

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  12. Journey is still my favorite game till this day. It helped me so much to cope with a loss in my life.

    World of Warcraft changed my life in positive and negative (time sink) ways but I love Blizzard games I always did.

    Games are interactive art that helps us shape the person we are today.

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    1. You right, video games are art as any other art. We still live times where most of the people don’t see games/graphics as an art form. It’s weird that if you do something with paint that’s art, but if you use some advanced technique like graphics to create something, it’s not art? What’s the difference? In both the artist has to draw and use skills.


  13. Assassins Creed 2 made me look at life differently in terms of philosophy and family and overall coming of age. It stirred me enough to actually give a dam about my life and others lives as not something to waste because no knows what awaits.

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  14. I dont know if any game had has an impact in. My life but they really helped me when I was going through medical collegue, after many hours day after day studying non stop, playing videogames like Ac creed, Hellblade senua sacrifice or the batman trilogy and uncharted really helped me relive all the acummulated stress and just think about nothing while having great amounts of fun.

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  15. I’d have to say call of duty modern warfare 2 as it is the game that kick started me playing cod and ever since I have bought the new one almost every year.

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    1. I had issues with Wii in general. I just didn’t like the fact that I had to move, stand or wiggle my arms in every direction. I always prefer a basic controller and a comfy couch to play from. It’s a shame, because I missed so many good games on Wii. The PSVR is kinda same thing for me, I don’t like to move and get hot and sweaty under the VR goggles, so the games without Move controllers are my faves.


  16. So many games! However FFXI and WoW really brought great memories and also my brother and I gained an amazing sibling relationship. We played both of these MMORPGs together from beta testing to multiple expansions in.

    It wasn’t just games to me, it gave me family. The bond we created over video games will always exist.

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  17. Games that probably has changed my life would be the Call of Duty series. Call of Duty 4 was the very first game I got attached to. It wad also the first multiplayer game I played. It changed me because I met many of my close friends in the game, despite the many toxic gamers. It also got me into fps games.

    Another series would be the NBA2k line. It allowed me to understand more about basketball, as I first started basketball. I grew up playing both Call of Duty and NBA2k, and seeing the evolution and growth of both the games is just amazing because I am able to see the changes I was able to go through and the growth I have had.

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  18. Fortnite has changed my life as it has allowed me to play with my friends cross-platform and has also got a lot of gamemodes to play depending on my mood.

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  19. Honestly the game that has most changed my life was undertale. It had such a unique way of story telling and showing consequences for your actions. When you killed someone in undertale there would be this guilt that will follow you throughout the game until the end, where you are judged. This type of impact has shown a new meaning of your actions have consequences. It really makes you feel for things you care about. Undertale also has three different endings that all give you some kind of feeling of sadness. For example in the pacifist route of the game the game gives you a huge plot twist and brings back a dead “friend”. But soon you realize that your not able to save him and you have to say your last emotional goodbye. This has made me come to realization that you should use whatever you have now with passion and care because someday you won’t have it anymore.

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  20. Brütal Legend. This game has changed my life because it has introduced me into a lot of different heavy metal bands and it just made me love heavy metal in general!


  21. Thank you all for taking a part to this little giveaway. Hopefully you’ll follow me on Twitter for upcoming giveaways.

    The winner of this $50 PSN Gift Card giveaway is JULIAN.
    I chose a second winner of $20 PSN Gift Card MASON BROSKI.

    I emailed you both


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