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First impression

Many indie developer does platform jumping 2D pixel-art games and the list of them is long. I think there’s so many of these type of titles that I easily start to overlook them. The Last Door is different story, because it’s point-and-click game. I’m sure there might be countless of these games on other platforms, but for the PS4, the plot, gameplay, genre and overall look caught my eye. The Last Door Complete Edition was released for PS4, but at the moment it contains only two seasons and the final is coming later.

The Last Door - Complete Edition_20190525184253


The first season tells about a man named Jeremiah Devitt who receives a letter from his childhood friend, asking him to come over. As he arrives he sees everyone being dead. This spirals him to uncover the truth and everything seems to point towards a school they went together. The story includes supernatural themes, evil forces, secrets and turns that fills the story evenly.

The second season is of a Devitt’s psychiatric who goes after him since he’s been missing some appointments. He is worried of him and tries to uncover what happened to him and his whereabouts. The second season also has horror-supernatural themes and plot thickening by minutes.

After playing two seasons I love the story altogether. It’s different and unique, and every episode ended in thirsty cliffhanger that made me play the next episode right away. Even being story-driven game, it doesn’t include long monologues or pages of reading stuff. Everything is kept simple, but containing lot of information.

The Last Door - Complete Edition_20190524150911

Gameplay & Controls

The Last Door is 2D, but it has some 3D values in it. Most of the time player can move the character all over the screen, but it still technically feels 2D to me. It’s not bad think at all, just wanted to point it out. Player needs to invesitgate everything and what makes it easier is the availability to see where exactly all the clickable spots are. I remember some 90’s-00’s point-and-click games that made player literally just press everything on the screen to find the correct things. The Last Door look like 90’s pixel game, yes, but it is updated to modern day. Collecting items player have to figure out where to use them and how or combine them together. The item list isn’t long and complicated, it’s kept suitably light, but still leaving player to figure out their purpose. Controls are very basic, without any gimmicks, simply move around and click things.

The Last Door - Complete Edition_20190525193743


Being pixel art game, the pixels are rather big. Everything might seem little messy at times and hard to read, but that’s the magic of it. The old-school style looks nice to me, but it might be difficult to watch from huge TV screen. The Last Door includes blood, dead bodies and some grossness, even if it’s not graphically clear, it still gave the needed effect to me.


It did seem little odd that the graphics were pixels and all the audio and effects were high quality normal sounds. I honestly thought they would’ve made them sound like some GameBoy, but soon I realized they made the right choice. The audio around the player gives clearer picture of the surroundings and where the player is. The Last Door isn’t voice acted (just point that out) and it actually would be silly if it would’ve been.

The Last Door - Complete Edition_20190602161121


I had no difficulties with this game. OK, I can admit looking some walkthroughs couple times, no big deal. My average brain went off sometimes and I didn’t know how to continue, even after trying to do everything I could. Usually the solution was me missing a spot to click at. The puzzles aren’t overly hard, but maybe little different than usually in video games.

The Last Door - Complete Edition_20190524132311

Last impression

I can’t wait for the final season. The Last Door is great game and I was surprised its content richness and story how it’s written to have turns, scares and cliffhangers to make me turn another episode. I don’t know what else to say about this since there isn’t much to say anymore. Other than PS4 gamers should try this, since it have come available.

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t 16-1 violence

RELEASE DATE: May 23, 2019
GENRE: Horror / Puzzle / Adventure / Point-and-Click
PUBLISHER: The Game Kitchen
DEVELOPER: Plug In Digital
PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4
Microsoft Windows
Windows Phone

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3 thoughts on “The Last Door Complete Edition (PS4 Pro) review

  1. I love pixelated adventures, so I picked this game up on PC last year. There were parts that genuinely got the hairs standing up on the back of my neck and made me jump – those damn crows!

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