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Reviewed using VR-mode

First impression

I admit I haven’t watched any episode of Rick and Morty (but I know what’s about). The co-creator of the show comes with a game Trover Saves the Universe and I know already the game is sick… ening, that is. All the NSFW material, swearing and absolutely randomness are waiting for me and I couldn’t be happier.



I think everything I try to explain about Trover Saves the Universe is gonna sound bizarre, but if you know about a show Adventure Time then you can easily understand where I’m going for, because this game have some strong similarities with it.

Trover comes to you (the player who sits on a chair with controller in his/hers hands) and you two go an adventure to save the universe from bad guy Glorkon, who has kidnapped your dogs and using their innocent energy to seek destruction (he put them in his eyesockets).
At the beginning Trover wasn’t helpful to go with you, but was ultimately forced by his boss. They need to collect various objects on different levels and the situations go from bad to worse all the time. Player also have to make decisions on the way, that seems to change how things are going to turn out. The plot is full of weird characters and situations that I found hard to describe.

Trover Saves the Universe_20190604224938

Gameplay & Controls

Player plays as ‘a player’, character that sits on a chair with controller in his hands, controlling all the movements of Trover. Moving the player happens by teleporting to certain spots. The gameplay is simple-ish, but still needs some technique when it comes to fighting with enemies. Trover has a lightsword and couple moves with it and timing is very important, than just smashing your way through. The puzzles got me few times, but in the end they weren’t that hard.

Controls worked like a charm and I didn’t have any problems with them, like usually in PSVR games. Trover Saves the Universe uses DUALSHOCK controller and is not Move compatibility, which is totally fine. In addition of moving Trover, player can move certain objects around and with it, help Trover in his battles.



Everything looks smooth, clear and sharp. All seemed more like a cartoon than a real world, and I believe that is the idea. I liked how smoothly the game ran without any issues. Trover Saves the Universe is one of the rare PSVR games that didn’t give me any nausea, eye pain, headache or discomfort. I don’t know exaclty why, but I think the game ran so smoothly, without any lagging.



Everything was voice acted, maybe even too much. Sometimes felt like some characters NEVER shut up, annoying me to the max. But that’s one of the crazy intentions and humours in the game. Characters like to swear and call each other names all the time, which was funny.

Trover Saves the Universe_20190605145247


Only few situations were little tough, but trying hard couple times got me through. I don’t find Trover Saves the Universe to be hard, more of full of various things to do and bizarre situations that might throw you out of the comfort zone i.e. thinking like a normal person.

Last impression

OK, let’s get this straight; this game is crazy! And I love it. Mixing South Park and Adventure Time is a sure win. I’m dead from inside and depressed as hell, but Trover Saves the Universe made me laugh out loud through the whole game. Everything was like a satire version of basic platformer from the 90’s. All the little details, such as answering to questions ‘yes’ and ‘no’ by shaking your head, gave extra points. As hard as I try, I can’t find anything bad to say about this piece of madness.

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RELEASE DATE: May 31, 2019
GENRE: Action / Adventure / Platformer
DEVELOPER: Squanch Games
PUBLISHER: Squanch Games
PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4
Microsoft Windows

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