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(Rise Of Insanity can be played with PSVR or without. This review is mostly of the non-VR experience)

First impression

Just as I mentioned in my previous review of rising trend using mental health as theme or inspiration in video games. Rise Of Insanity is yet another first person walking-simulation where the story with horror and mental issues seems to be the vocal point. I’m always interested of such topics, but to be fair; these kind of games starts to get boring already. Does Rise Of Insanity offer anything new?

Rise of Insanity_20190713141147


Player is Stephen, a doctor of psychology who has a weird and questionable new method for treating mental health patients. Doctor’s life isn’t in the best shape possible as his wife and son got recently murdered. Everything seems to be surrounded with mystery and guilt; one of the doctor’s patient and even the doctor himself. But, who is truly the guilty one?

Player has to uncover the truth and go through different sequences, that shows different parts of the story. Even though the situations was shown like a hellish nightmare, the story was surprisingly linear. With these types of games the issue becomes, when almost everything is shown nonlinearly and usually unclearly, and if the game is very long it just stirs the pot and confuses the player. Rise Of Insanity does right in that for being more linear with the story and not overly long game. Still, the plot was just OK and I could see this being much better as a suspenseful book, rather than anything visual.

Rise of Insanity_20190713141656.jpg

Gameplay & Controls

This was mostly walking-simulation game, but player still has to collect keys to go onwards and solve some puzzles. There was deaths, or I think it was more of a failing and simply starting over. Also collectables were scattered and hidden, I didn’t find them all, though. With pieces of paper, letters, magazines and audio tapes could be found, that told more of the happenings. There were propably like three things to do with the controls; walk/run, look and interact. Everything was kept super simple and I think the controls worked perfectly.

Rise of Insanity_20190713145311.jpg


Developer told me Rise Of Insanity is mostly made to be played Non-VR, that surprised me, because usually games are firstly intented for VR purposes. So, that was the reason why I played this without the VR. I noticed immediately that the graphics were dated and reminded me of an average PS3 game. What was surprising, was all the paintings and posters on the wall, and how detailed and sharp they were, but then everything else looked like from over a decade ago. Everything also were very simple and surroundings were kept almost empty. After finishing the game I tried the PSVR option and I was surprised; it looked exactly the same. I was waiting for huge dip in the visual quality, but I didn’t see any. The game even performed the same way, so I would put this firstly VR and non-VR for optional for those who doesn’t have the gear.

Rise of Insanity_20190713155348.jpg


I played with headphones and I liked all the spooky and eerie sound effects, but being turthful; anything would sound scary Rise Of Insanity kind of environment. Voice acting was there and it was good with nothing special in it either.


I played this in one sit and I didn’t find anything complicated. The puzzles were easy and I always found the needed key, which was mostly due to the vast emptiness of the surroundings. I always have couple difficulties in these type of games; running and turning around, since sometimes they’re so intense. I had all that the whole playthrough and I only failed (died) couple times.

Rise of Insanity_20190713164049.jpg

Last impression

At best Rise Of Insanity is just an average game, with nothing special about it. If these kind of games keep popping up, they should figure out something else, than just suspenseful surroundings with jump scares. In this game, saw everything that I have seen many times before and I honestly can’t say anything memorable of this game.

If this would’ve came out 12 years ago, it would be all over praised with one word headlines “Stunning 10/10 JGN”, “Epic 5/5 SpotGame”, but sadly we’re living 2019, closing to 2020 and about year from next gen. consoles and this is still what comes out? Rise Of Insanity is not horribly bad game, but there’s also nothing overly special, new or good in it. If you want to play this I truly recommend this played as VR.

Review copy kindly provided by the publisher.


esrb-rating-m-015-us-01may19 12-1 contentdiscriptors_fear_12sept13

RELEASE DATE: Jul 12, 2019
GENRE: Horror / VR
DEVELOPER: Red Limb Studio
PUBLISHER: Red Limb Studio
PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4
Steam / Steam VR
HTC Vive /Rift

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