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The shade of it all

Jenny LeClue is a game I’ve looking to get my hands on for a looong time. All the way back to the Kickstarter days 2014, when Mografi indie studio got funding to the game, I was excited. I love all the detective-plot-twist-children-story stuff and Jenny LeClue promised to give me all that.

I did play this on my older MacBook Air and I had to change the setting to medium and windowed to get it run smoothly, so the sharpest visuals I couldn’t get, but not the most jagged either. I did try to max all out and everything became even more beautiful, playable it wasn’t for me, though.

The game isn’t just amazing with the storytelling, but the visual looks is absolutely sickening! All the characters and places are 2D with handcrafted pictures layered behind each other to create illusion of depth and 3D. This means the game works only as 2D side-scrolling, which is oldest gameplay technique, but many times Jenny LeClue surprised me by showing new styles and techs, which refreshned and kept the gameplay interesting.


Reading is what?— FUNDAMENTAL!

There’s something extremely special about the whole ensemble, I tried to figure out what it is but didn’t get any… It might be the overall execution with the plot, storytelling, choice-making (that changed the plot), high visual quality, easy controls, performance, puzzles, twist and voice effects. Jenny LeClue isn’t voice acted, though, which is ‘thank god’ for me, because it doesn’t need it. I liked to imagine all the characters’ voices and without the voice acting, the gameplay comes more exciting.

I did expect many things from Jenny LeClue, but the length, variousness, story and overall vastness took me totally by surprise. It was very nice to play something that didn’t need constant focus on the screen and precise timing, running and jumping. In Jenny LeClue player cannot die or a situation cannot come where player have to start over. Everything can be handled with time to think, but some choices had time-limit (can be turned off in settings).


The modernized last words

All in all Jenny LeClue is hilarious, imaginative, something new and fresh and anyone can play it. A game like this made with such small indie team I have to raise my hat. I was expecting to run some errors or bugs, but my gameplay was flawless.

This indie game can easily win many big AAA titles recently published *list them here*, which shows that talent is the only thing that makes good games in the end. I like to give a prize, diploma and proclaim Jenny LeClue as modernized Nancy Drew!!

Jenny LeClue will get console releases Playstation 4 and Switch in later 2019.

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“Jenny LeClue is modernized Nancy Drew”

esrb_t-addf8c69e4e93438b2a4cf046972279b7f9a6448929fbb0b0b7b7c28a0e60a24  Mografi_LLC_Logo.jpg  512px-Apple-arcade-logo.svg

RELEASE DATE: iOS, PC/macOS/Linux Sep 19, 2019
PlayStation 4/Switch Later 2019
GENRE: Adventure
PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
Microsoft Windows

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