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“My name is Clue, Jenny LeClue”

She said, with audible voice.

As everyone knows, I am the n°1 Jenny LeClue fan. That’s right, the title is mine. I really like this game, charatcers, storytelling, gameplay. I know, I’m a sucker for this kinda stuff. I already played&reviewed it on my Mac, back when the game was originally released. It didn’t have any voice acting, but some time ago, Jenny LeClue – Detectivu got an update for voice over. So, as it’s written, so it shall be done; I had to play it again and finally hear, what kind of voice Jenny and other characters has.


Keep it short and sweet

I know this review is nowhere close to the release of this game, but I wanted to write this review, because I like the game so much! Also, I try to get my review-backlog shorter. Yes, that kind of thing exists! It was a SICK year of 2020 and I was struggling with my reviews at least half of the time, due to health-related reasons.

Anyway, Jenny LeClue sounds cool. The actor for her voice was spot on and exactly what I expected her to sound like. She’s witty, quirky and funny.

All the other voices did fit like a glove and they all sounded very much like they did in my imaginative head. This experience was like first reading a book and then listening it as audiobook.


The game is still visually stunning and I would gladly hang some of the scenery on the wall, with my other posters.

What comes to the gameplay itself, it was pretty much the same as before, but now I played it using Nintendo Switch. This voice over addition does lift the overall experience and if you haven’t played Jenny LeClue – Detectivu yet, I mean, you can find this game on most platforms, so what’s your excuse?





“All I care about is keeping this town crime-free…”


E10_ESRB_agerating_us_02Jun14 7-1 Switch play modes pro controller logo

RELEASE DATE: Aug 26, 2020 (Nintendo Switch)
GENRE: Adventure / Puzzle / Platformer
Nintendo Switch (reviewed)
Classic Mac OS
Xbox One

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