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It has been a long road

It’s been possibly the longest playthrough I’ve ever done by Life Is Strange 2. The game began with Episode 1: Roads released over a year ago September 27, 2018. Episodes from 2 — 5 dropped out about every 4 months, which is a thing that has to stop. Between those 4 months I’ve already played and reviewed countless of other games and going back to the next episode was painful. I didn’t know how I felt about the game or the last episode. Not to mention what happened in the previous episode(s), making it hard to choose the best choices as progressing in the game. Did I love or hate some character? Did he do this or that? Especially detailed things was completely gone.

Thankfully developer shows quick replay what happened previously, but that doesn’t help fully. This is the reason episodical trend in games has to stop, especially if the total playthrough lasts almost 1,5–years. Why not just make the game completely first, like everyone used to, and then release the whole thing. Would you go see a movie that has been cut in three portions and every piece are released after 4 months, making watching a 2 hour movie last 12 months. I mean *sigh*…
I have a whole another book-long opinions about nowadays video games and how horrible marketing, techniques, lies, campaigns and whatnots developers/publishers use.

Life is Strange 2_20191203202809.jpg

Away to Puerto Lobos

With that said, I remember some parts of the previous Episode 4: Faith, but not the very detailed things, such as what I was thinking about Sean and Daniel’s mother, who appeared to the story to help the boys. Episode 5: Wolves starts off showing the situation of Sean and Daniel, how they live in a place called Away, that resembles a community, but is more of a escape place for people who wants to come and search themselves and what they truly want from life. So does Karen, mother of the Sean and Daniel, who’ve been living there a long time. Away is somewhere in the hot desert of Arizona, near the border of the U.S. and Mexico. Jump over the border and head to Puerto Lobos, the place where the boys have been trying to run away the authorities, that been after them since the beginning.

Walking around in Away I found only few things to do besides the story part and the whole community area wasn’t even explorable, which was kinda bummer. After the boys goes to the border, things start to happen and everything turned more exciting and thrilling. Making choices came evermore important as the gameplay got more pace and time running short. I liked that, but it was short lived when the game was already over. Episode 5: Wolves presented some new interesting side characters and areas, but the interaction with them was lackluster. Towards the end the game throws in rather debatable subjects, that I don’t know what I think of—really.

Life is Strange 2_20191203220420

The end of the road for two wolf brothers

My ending wasn’t what I initially wanted, but I was somewhat happy how I got the story of Sean and Daniel to end. I read online Life Is Strange 2 has seven various endings and of course every choice and their outcome throughout the game will shape it. What I think was the reason I didn’t get the ending I wanted, was obviously the way I played the game, but unfair in a way that I always forgot most of the previous episodes, when a new one was released every 4 months.

Is Life Is Strange 2 a good game overall? Yes, it’s amazing and well-written story (even when I still think Daniel was truly annoying), but maybe next time I’ll just wait untill the whole game is released to get the most out of it. I honestly do not recommend playing these kind of games any other way. With this review being about Episode 5: Wolves I give score to that only. Shortly, the last episode wrapped up OK-ish the story. The episode felt short and kinda empty. I would’ve wanted something more into it, maybe more action and drama to get the most shocking impact to the end—making this 1,5–years worthwhile.





“Thrilling—but short lived”



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RELEASE DATE: Dec 3, 2019
GENRE: Graphic adventure
DEVELOPER: Dontnod Entertainment
PUBLISHER: Square Enix
PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Microsoft Windows

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