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What is Fujii? A fruit? A person? A flower?

I dont’ know about you, but for me, all the pre-released media of PSVR game Fujii looked amazing. I wasn’t completely sure what kind of game I’m going to play exactly —something about plants and mystery. Yeah, that’s pretty much it.
I haven’t played PSVR games for some time now and it was good to get back to the system. I was ready for getting myself nauseas due the VR-effect, but surpisingly I got none.


The mystery continues

I was little bit hassling with getting the system back on. When I got everything running, it was surprise how the game just, like, started. It was on and I was supposed to start playing. No menu or anything. I grabbed my Move controllers and Fujii kindly prompted me all the controls. I always go through settings in every single game before playing, because I’m somewhat comfy-seeker and even tiniest thing might bother me throughout the whole game. So, I quckly learned there’s no menu or anything like that. By pressing start happened nothing (other than reseting screen position). Yeah, so I was out of any type of settings and options and had to take the game as it was.

First thing I wanted to change was the choppy-movement. I still don’t know what is it called as? Turning 45° at times and moving by teleporting to the wanted spot. Yeah, I always want to be free, but maybe many PSVR devs think it’ll cause nausea for the players, so they’ll ditch it. I rarely get nausea from playing VR stuff.

I got used to the controls quickly. The game world and story was a bit mystic. I was a thing going on some kind of mission to restore the light. All the three levels were beautiful visually and I liked all the mystery around everything. All the weird little creatures jumping around and secrets I found. The plants were otherworldly and some of the humongous plants made me feel tiny. Almost like in the The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap.


Maybe Fujii is best to be played standing?

I had troubles with the Move controllers. I had this same issue with some other PSVR games, as well. It seems I’m too near to the TV, even though my distance is optimal according to the PlayStation manual. The camera didn’t registered my controllers up and down enough, so if something was too low or too high it was impossible to reach. I saw videos users playing Fujii (on PC) standing and having much more space than I do. I just want to mention this, if someone has the same issues.

All the levels had doors, that needed a glowing spheres to open, and I went quite linearly the levels through. I could always go back and collect if something was left behind.
After every level, my little gnome friend took me to the main area, that worked like a hub. In this hub I could plant the seeds I found in the levels and watch the plants and flowers grow. They needed water and gentle touching to get them to fully bloom and reveal glowing spheres. Fujii had puzzles as well, but I didn’t find them to be too tricky or hard. I found items that I wasn’t even sure where or how they should be used.


It was mysterious what all I could do and find in the hub area and in the levels. Without the game giving any hints, it was just trying different things. All this trial-and-error might be time consuming. After finishing all the levels I got the “story part” to end and then I could freely roam everywhere. I bought seeds and pots with the collected spheres and visited some of the levels again.

Always welcome to the Utopia

I really liked Fujii and I have to say this is not a game for those who want to rush everything through. It was peaceful, relaxing. Time didn’t exist in the world of Fujii and it was a nice little break from our reality. If you want a little piece of mind and dive into something mysterious, this VR game will take care of it. But, one think’s for sure; I still don’t know what Fujii means!

(Review copy kindly provided by the publisher)




“Time didn’t exist in the world of Fujii and it was a nice little break from our reality”


3 E_ESRB_agerating_us_02Jun14  logo

RELEASE DATE: Dec 19, 2019 (PSVR / EU)
GENRE: Adventure / Simulation / Puzzle
DEVELOPER: Funktronic Labs
PUBLISHER: Funktronic Labs
PLATFORMS: PSVR (reviewed)

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