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Welcome to the flight of Lumini Airlines

Recently I’ve only played relaxing games, than something hectic. Sometimes it feels like video games are like therapy. When being angry, then shooting- and fast phase games will help. Rather than keeping it all in, games are good way to calm my mind. I simply wanted to play some easy games, with relaxing affects. So, I found a game Lumini, that was first released back in 2015 on PC. Console versions got their release January of 2020. I wanted to try Lumini, that seems to have mixed reviews. Why such hard verdicts?

Just relax and play

If you want to know about the story of the Lumini and what you are actually doing in the game, then it’s better to read the developer’s description: “…you take control over a swarm of innocent little creatures called lumini. After being gone for thousands of years, the balance on their home planet has shifted. With their return, the lumini find themselves in a hostile environment from which you need to keep them safe”.

The game starts with player controlling one appearing lumini. As I went on, I found more and more of these luminis. Three different types and they all have one special skill. The game is side scrolling in 3D environment, that was visually beautiful. I understand this game is from 2015 and—at times—it shows in the graphics. One thing what bothered the gameplay, was serious performance issues. The game suddenly turned to choppy, lagging mess. This issue usually game when there were enemies and other processing power eating stuff. Not forgetting the countless luminis I controlled at the same time.

The gameplay is simple and so are the controls. Player has to fly and collect glowing orbs and bring them to the end of the “level” to a stone that’ll takes them, lit up and gives you more lumini. I also found lots of secrets, by flying against the walls and sucpicious-looking places, that revealed to be a hidden area. It paid off, since it gave me upgrades to the skills, which help dealing with the enemies. The enemies were simple to beat and spike walls to avoid.

Lumini had some puzzles, that had to be solved, in order to proceed. The puzzles were always the same and easy to solve, which I didn’t like. I would’ve like little bit of challenge, but this is a relaxing game and nobody can be relaxed if one can’t solve a puzzle. So, I understand the point of them being easy.


I had no idea

To be honest, I had no idea what I was doing as I played. Lumini doesn’t tell anything to the player. Along the way came stones and walls with some kind of drawings, seemingly telling some kind of story, which I really couldn’t perceive. Towards the end the gameplay became absolutely repetitive. The same area just continued what felt like eternity and surely it was pointless. Sometimes less is more.

It was relaxing couple hours playing Lumini. It was calming, easy to control and maneuver in the caves. Visually it was peaceful and mysterious. Easy background music and subdued effects. Even though I had no idea what I was exactly doing, Lumini was a nice game, but it was clear 2015 was the year this game came out and was excellent back then—five year later; it’s mainly decent.

(Review copy kindly provided by the publisher)




…you take control over a swarm of innocent little creatures called lumini


E10_ESRB_agerating_us_02Jun147-1 contentdiscriptors_violence_12sept13 header_speelbaars logo_2awesome

RELEASE DATE: Jan 21, 2020 (PS4/EU)
GENRE: Adventure
DEVELOPER: Speelbaars
PLATFORMS: PS4 (reviewed)
Nintendo Switch
Xbox One
Microsoft Windows

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