Xbox Series exclusive game

I waited 9 months for The Medium to come PS5 from Xbox Series’ exclusivity. The game was praised by critics, mainly because the interesting new gameplay mechanics. I wanted immediately play this new promising horror title. Let’s see how it went.

An unique new horror game

The story of The Medium tells about a young woman who has a supernatural powers to split the reality in half or dive to the other reality for short period of time. After her adoption father dies, she gets an odd phone call from a mysterious man who tells her to come an abandoned hotel resort. The man claims he has all the answers she’s been looking for her whole life.

The resorts is broken-down and nobody seems to be around other than a little girl from the another reality. The main game basically starts aftert this point.

Gameplay, controls and Graphics

The gameplay mechanics is rather simple. I control the main character until the “split” happens, which is when the worlds split in half and I can control both versions of the character. I have to solve puzzles and run away from monsters and hide. The controls felt odd and dated at times. It reminded me of the tank controls from the first Resident Evil -games. As I moved and after the camera angle changed I usually had difficulties to control the character as it always moved to the wrong direction. It wasn’t anything serious, because the game is rather slow-paced. There was faster segments where I had to run away from the monsters. What slowed down the overall pacing was the long loading times.

Technically the game runs pretty well, considering it had to run two worlds at the same time. Half way my gameplay the game got patched and ray-tracing was added, which made the game look from amzing to even more amazing.

Graphically the game looks nice and has this little movie-esque feel to it. It only gets rough when things are looked more closely.

Final verdict

The Medium is great new horror game. It got monsters, supernatural powers, well-designed characters, amazing voice acting, puzzles, new mechanics and beautiful visuals and amazing story. I did enjoy my approx. 5 hours of gameplay and I do recommend this. The Medium can be played on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and Windows.



“Graphically the game looks nice and has this little movie-esque feel to it”

RELEASE DATE: September 3, 2021
GENRE: Puzzle
DEVELOPER: Bloober team
PUBLISHER: Bloober Team
PLATFORMS: PS5 (reviewed)
Xbox series X|S

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