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8 years in the making

It has been 8 years since we last got a Bayonetta game (Bayonetta 2). So, it’s no secret that I’ve been waiting for Bayonetta 3 ever since it was announced back in 2017. I like the fast-paced action-shooter-fighting style that the games has, the visual style also hits the right spot.

Can Bayonetta 3 fulfill my long-waited hunger for the series?

Finale to the trilogy

Bayonetta 3 takes place in multiple places in Multiverse. It’s little bit difficult to explain, but Bayonetta is bumped into a girl named Viola, whos coming from another dimension to warn Bayonetta and ask for her help. An entity known as Singularity unleashes the Homunculi throughout the multiverse in an attempt to destroy each world without it. In the aim to create an Alphaverse. So, Bayonetta has to go other realms to collect five Chaos Gears. In these other realms, or realities, she comes across other Bayonettas which she also gets a new Demons, that are used in battles.

What comes to the gameplay and battle, the game is little bit different. In the past two other Bayonetta games, you can summon Demons to help you in the battle, but in Bayonetta 3, player can now fully control them. The battle system is otherwise pretty much the same than before. You can fight using Bayonetta and her over-the-top fighting system or you can summon Demons. The only thing is that Bayonetta has to dance to keep the summoning up, if she got hit, the summoning stops. There’s also a magic meter that runs out eventually and it need to be charged to summon again.

There’s other characters that can be played as, which are Viola and Jeanne. Controlling Viola the fighting is little bit different, because Viola can enter slow-motion called Witch Time only parrying attacks, when Bayonetta can do it only by dodgin attacks. This sudden change middle of gameplay can feel quite jarring and personally I didn’t learn the parrying very well.

There’s also other gameplay modes; when playing Jeanne and with the Demons. In Jeanne’s gameplay it is sideway scrolling, which I hated. Jeanne has to do sneaking in a facility and get through the area with time-limit. I hate time-limits!!

The huge Demon fights (kaiju) happens couple times in the game. It’s like some slow-motion Street Fighter between two monsters. It was a nice addition to the main gameplay, but it didn’t feel as spectacular as it could’ve.

Even though it might sound that Bayonetta 3 has lots of different gameplay modes, but it fells short. I think Bayonetta 1 and 2 has more over-the-top action happening. This didn’t feel as “crazy” as the other games.

What I loved in the two other games was the music. Bayonetta never let me down with the music aspect, expect in this one. Bayonetta 3 didn’t have the same kind of impact in music and I was so disappointed about it. I had waited to add new Bayonetta music into my music library, but sadly there’s nothing to add.

Graphically the games looks terrible. I think it’s not the developer’s fault, it is Nintendo’s, because Nintendo Switch is over 10 year old mobile technology. This game could easily be on PS3 console, in fact, it doesn’t look much different than the first Bayonetta game, that game out in 2009.

The game had some puzzles here and there. The developer didn’t seem to put much of effort to them, since they were kinda easy to solve, except one which I had to seek help online.

As you probably know the voice-actor-fiasco that Bayonetta 3 had just before the launch, I must say, I didn’t even notice that the Bayonetta voice actor was different. It was voiced by legendary Jennifer Hale, who has done lots of video game actings.

The Final Verdict

Bayonetta 3 kinda let me down. It didn’t feel as over-the-top-insane-action as the other two games did. It had its nice moments with the story and few twists here and there. The final twist the game had in the end I did already saw coming. The gameplay was tried to kept fresh by adding new characters to play, but the gameplay fell short and was uninterested. Even the music was a huge let down. Bayonetta 3 was about 10 hours long and it has lots of collectables and some replay-value.

Bayonetta 3 is available only on Nintendo Switch.



“This game could easily be on PS3 console, in fact, it doesn’t look much different than the first Bayonetta game, that game out in 2009”

RELEASE DATE: October 28, 2022
GENRE: Action
DEVELOPER: PlatinumGames
PLATFORMS: Nintendo Switch (reviewed)

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