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A new PSVR2 game

Before Your Eyes was released on Windows on 8 April 2021, followed by a port for macOS, Android, iOS and then on PSVR2. The game is known for its use of eye-tracking technology in its story-focused gameplay. I just had bought PSVR2 system and I wanted to experience this type of game, and because there wasn’t very prominent line of launch games for the system, so anything goes.

Play with your eyes

Before Your Eyes tells a story of a soul. A soul that used to belong to somebody. A soul-fisherman fishes you up from the sea and wants to know your lifestory. You go back to your memories, living them through again.

The gameplay and controls are very simple; you do everything with your eyes, head movement and blinking. It might sound rather boring and simple, but it isn’t. It’s rather interesting to just do everything by your head. Everytime you blink (on certain points) you skip to the next memorie—they might be very short or more elaborative—or you can even do a painting with it.

Before Your Eyes lies in its storytelling. The story is nice and nothing sort of boring or stretched, like many games like to be—it’s nice and short. The game is fully voice acted and it does a good job to make the player to dive into the story.

Graphically the game is rather simplistic, but that is not a bad thing. Like I said the game’s emphasis is in its storytelling so the grahics aren’t the vocal point.

Technically the eye-tracking works just fine and it’s used a such good ways. There were times I wanted to be on the scene little more longer but my eyes wanted to blink so I landed on the next scene.

The last blink

Before Your Eyes is a nice little game that uses only your head, literally. I did enjoy my time (about 2 hours) with the game and I do recommend it to anyone who owns PSVR2 system. Games don’t always have to be something extreme and fast paced, they can also be mellow like this.

Before Your Eyes is available on PSVR2, Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.



“The gameplay and controls are very simple; you do everything with your eyes, head movement and blinking”


RELEASE DATE: March 10, 2023 (PSVR2)
GENRE: Unique
DEVELOPER: GoodbyeWorld Games
PUBLISHER: Skybound Interactive
PLATFORMS: PS5 (reviewed)

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