The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR (PSVR2) review

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR was a nightmarish experience. It wasn't bad or unplayable; it was just outdated and lazily made. It was scary at times and it had a good replayability value, because there was routes player could choose and trying to hit the new high score.

PlayStation VR2 review

PSVR2 is a huge leap forward in technology and gaming. I don't know much about other VR systems since I always used PSVR ones. What I've played and experienced I highly recommend it. The only negative thing about it is that the launch titles are rather thin.

Horizon Call of the Mountain (PSVR2) review

As I said the game is about 85% climbing and that's it. I payed this for full 70€ price and all I got was a climbing simulator. Horizon Call of the Mountain was about 6-8 hours long and I want my money back. It also tests your physical strength a lot. Even though the fighting scenes were good and well made, and the graphics looked nice, it's not worth the full price.