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Puzzling Places was released on Meta Quest on 2 September 2021. Then it saw a release on PSVR on 14 December 2021, when finally was released on PSVR2 on 22 February 2023 at the system’s launch day. I personally had never heard of this game, even though I did play a lot of PSVR system. Quickly checking online I saw it had a very good reception. So, I decided to try Puzzling Places and see what the fuss is all about.

Countless places to assemble

First thing I did, before buying, I did try the game first (on PS Store there is available a Free Trial). After doing two puzzles I did fell in love with the game immediately. It’s relaxing and the puzzles are fun to do. At first it seemed a little bit difficult to figure out the 3D puzzles, but I quickly got the hang of it.

You can do puzzles from 25 to 400 pieces, depending on your skill level, naturally more there are pieces the more it is difficult to put together. I did try 50 pieces and it wasn’t that difficult, but going up from that it became too challenging for me. So, I mostly did my puzzles in 25 pieces.

Puzzling Places has about 25 puzzles to do, but there are countless of packs you can buy to get access to more or puzzles. For example there are Monthly Packs, Ukraine Pack, Variety Packs, Greece Packs… so you really do have lots to puzzle.

What comes to the game’s technicality, I’d say it doesn’t have any issues what so ever. The gameplay and controls are really easy and they work just fine. You can even tone the environment where you do the puzzles to really relax and get the most of it. The puzzles are 3D scanned from real enviroments and objects.

The final piece to the puzzle

Puzzling Places is really relaxing and stress releasing game. It has nice graphics and all the puzzles are 3D scanned from real places and objects which makes it even more intriguing.

I do wholeheartedly recommend this game. Puzzling Places is available on PSVR2, PSVR and Meta Quest.



“The puzzles are 3D scanned from real enviroments and objects.”


RELEASE DATE: February 22, 2023 (PSVR2)
GENRE: Casual / Puzzle / Unique
PLATFORMS: PS5 (reviewed)
Meta Quest

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