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Welcome to the Skyrim

It’s no secret or surprise anymore how low quality PSVR image is. It is very blurry and not sharp at all. But it is still good enough. Good in a way that it doesn’t make your eyes hurt when playing. I don’t know if eyes try to sharpen the image all the time and that might make your eyes tired or pain—feelings in the back of your eyeball(socket).
So my first impression was not the bad image quality but the 2009 graphics!! The graphics my dear Lord help me… I’m dying. Of LAUGHTER!
I know for sure they could’ve made better graphics but they didn’t and the short answer of why comes later.
I thought that the graphics was updated to this millenium. It supposed to be a this generation game?
 They have used Skyrim for thousands of times to make a new import or version or remaster or re—whatever but it seems they didn’t calibrated it to match the PS4 Pro system at all. It is just imported and that’s it. This is what you should be ready to face playing this piece of…


How to move (—controllers)

Ok… let’s see… oh I CAN’T see because there is an OPTION WINDOW blocking my way!!
 So try to choose an option how to continue the game since the window is a half inside a house and half inside a human. Or the VR decides to go vacation to the Japan in middle of a conversation.
 Controls are actually very smooth and the options of controls are good. And you can also choose how much the screen is blurred from the sides when you turn to avoid or minimalize the dizzyness and possible I—wanna—throw—up —feeling.
Controls overall are precise and works well with the DUALSHOCK4 —control (I didn’t try out using a move controllers since I don’t own them and all my money went to this overpriced game :/
After that has been said I can come to the fighting system. First and foremost you have your two hands and they can go fisting enemies. Hmm, that maybe give some people the wrong idea, but you get what I meant? You can also use magic to kill enemies or magic one hand and shield or one—hand—weapon, usually a light sword, in other. And finally you can use a two—handed—weapon such as axes and sledge—hammers that do more damage but then you can’t defend all the attacks without a shield.

What you see is what you get… most of the time.

If you’re depressed or sad just play this game and it is all gone. The graphics make you laugh. They are totally from last season and season before that. I don’t understand why they didn’t upgrade the graphics (look Resident Evil 7: biohazard).
When everything is already blurry/un—sharp the Nintendo 64 graphics doesn’t make it better at all. They should’ve drop the picture that comes to the TV (Group View or whatever Sony calls it) to maybe use that processing power to make the graphics even decent.

skyrim-vr-screenshot-01-us-12jun17NOTICE: Gameplay photo of Skyrim VR provided by Sony, but it doesn’t look like this through PSVR at all.


The drawing distance is also very short. Imagine this kind of game that has beautiful mountain views and such but then all you can see is just couple poorly drawn hills and some mishapen objects here and there in the distance.
When you walk/run the objects’ drawn distance is, measured using our world, maybe 10 meters (30 feet).
 So it is difficult to see far away objects and you have to check every place up close to be sure there aren’t anything left behind.
 But it seems like the game is made, or is just by accident, the way that you are always inside the drawing distance. Like houses, caves, castles etc. and only where the drawing thing matters is outside.
 But there are some things that the graphics does well is the reading of books/letters that there are MILLIONS in this heavily story based game. It is very easy to read the books and stuff since the lettering is clear and what I did was lean forward from my couch and read it upclose. So few points from that!
About leaning… I tried couple of times to lean “over the edge” to see the long way down and everytime the camera/game dropped me down (and I died) or misplaced me or started to act weirdly so I learned that with this game is better to just sit down and only move your head. 
I really don’t know what else positive I could say about this game’s graphics. If we look in a perspective of the whole gaming history (approx. 1970-2017) the graphics are decent. I would put it a 6/10 PS3 game from 2009 —categoria.


Little survival guide

I also wanna talk about what you can do in The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim VR gameplaywise. The fighting system is super easy. There are two buttons (L2 and R2) for using your left and right hand. You’ll need to put something to those hands, like I told above, so you can use them. You can put in your hands only those items that are meant to be hold and used that way. Everything else is more passive such as using potions or eating food. And this will lead to another subject. You can use weapons to kill or magic or both. You’ll level up by fighting enemies, monsters and dragons and those level ups you can use either Magicka, Health or Stamina. I used my first ones to get better Stamina. You need Stamina to run, hit/attack and carrying items. You can have as many items as you want but your walking slows greatly if you go over your current limit. Also you can’t fast travel either (player can fast travel whenever they are outside and only those places player has already discovered by being there once.) So don’t be greedy!!


Skyrim VR_20171119183547Updating Skyrim VR.exe


I don’t know how others play these kind of games but I play by collecting lot of stuff that are valuable and then selling them to get coins. In Skyrim VR you’ll see each items stats by looking at them (pointing at it). The stats are damage, armour, weight and value.
 Then you have also level ups for, I didn’t count but I would say at least ten different aspects that are more precise. I say for an exsample: lockpicking, speach (for better deals or for persueding people), one—handed—weapons, two—handed—weapons, shield… there is a lot things you can upgrade to make your gameplay more easy or you can develope your character to the way as you wish.
I almost forget about those books. You’ll learn new moves or get level ups from the books you read. (You don’t actually have to read them, but just open the book and that’s it.)
The last and foremost the Shouts. Since you are dragonborn you also embody the skill of Shouts. Player can learn them and use them in fighting. The most common shout is Unrelenting Force that will push/throw your enemies back. It is like a *PAM* and then a whirlwind. These skills are learned from Word Walls that are hidden in the province of Skyrim.



The saviour of this piece is the story. The main story is intense and it is not completely linear. You can do other side quests or errands or… anything basically in the order of your liking. I didn’t try but I think you can literally go anywhere in Skyrim right from the start (of course not before the beginning but you know what I mean). You surely would die if you encounter an enemy since you’re un—weaponed and low level. But the idea was that it is not a linear game that is made to run straightly from A to Z but from A to Z with going by all the alphabets in the order of your liking.

The story starts of a unknown character, a man (you) sitting a carrage tied up with other fellows having the same fate as you have (for unknown reason.)
You arrive to the little rural village and all the prisoners from the carriage is executed one by one because of their crimes they have made. One try to run but he is shot dead by an arrowest.



When they ask who you are then comes very long and awkward silence. They all look at you and see you to change shape, colour, face etc. for a moment and then the game is continuing (the awkward moment was you making your character.)
You are about to be executed by chopping your head off but just in the brink of time you are saved by… a dragon!! Think of that.
Yes a dragon is attacking the village just the right time to ruin the executors’ day.

Everyone runs away as the dragon destroys everything and breathes fire.
After running and avoiding the evident death you are cut free by some soldier and he gives you a weapon and you and the brave men fight against the dragon and you manage to run away from it to the cave full of spiders and after that to outside to your freedom.
With this kind of beginning you learn all the necessary moves for you to start your journey. You also discover little bit later that you are… the chosen one.  No, just kidding, it’s not that stereotypical. You are a dragonborn. Which means you can suck dragon’s soul in to you after killing it. This will make you stronger… or something.
So your mission comes to kill the dragons and find out why they are waking up now and killing everything.

I didn’t play the game through (with VR) but I did play it through once when it came out 2011. I do remember something from the end but not everything. So I can’t tell the whole story here (and it also would spoil the readers.)
I played maybe around 30—40 hours so I think I played it far enough to judge it. I NEVER want to run the game through in the first attempt. I wanna always discover all the places that comes along and collect things. I also want to enjoy the experience of the story and game itself. I think with 30 to 40 hours I managed to play the story part up to 60—70%.
I have to say, props whoever had the idea and story of the The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim. The story is not just the main and side quests it’s also the millions of books you’ll find from every corner of the Skyrim. The books are not very long but reading them all would still take hours to complete. So if you want to get out every piece of this game or love the idea/story of The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim VR then you should definetly look for those.

­Gameplaying in Skyrim

There are several flaws in the gameplay that I want to address. The pointing/looking/moving/whatever it is called —cross is not made for VR. You need to be super far away from items for you to pick them up or just even look at what they are (by name). The cross is locked in one position in dephtwise. That is super duper annoying. Example; there is a stack of books on the shelf and there is a bed next to it (which is very common in this game). You want to read all the books you go close to them and you realize that you are too close for you to examine them since the pointer is missing (went inside an object) so you move back but the bed is in the way and if you go on the bed you then can’t point the locked cross to the wanted book since you are on the bed and thatfore too high and the book is under other books.
So you just leave the book be and wonder for the rest of your life what that book was. And you die never knowing the truth of Skyrim :'(

This is just one exsample of ten. I think you got the idea about how stupid the pointing is.
Another thing what I want to say is, I don’t know if they are bugs or just belongs to this game since Bethesda didn’t put time and money they earned from 5068209 different Skyrim ports they have made, how the option, speak(ch), etc windows are overlapping everything. They are almost 2/3 always inside or behind some other object so you can’t read what it says and sometimes you can’t go back and move other position to try again. You can move around when speaking with someone but only turn horizontally and mostly that won’t help.

What comes to the sound? Well as you can imagine… it SUCKS! Many times the very much advertised 3D—sound with PSVR fell short. Let’s say a character in front of me is talking, it feels like he is talking somewhere else than front of me or when turning my head the sound effects won’t follow my movement at all.
But maybe half of the time it is good and half it is bad. Nothing special about it and that’s it.

Skyrim VR_20171128212109Ssshhh… I’m hiding inside a fire.


There are also windows that are always out of the way no matter what you do!!
So it feels lot of lazyness from developers to not do these things right before putting out 5068210th port of this game. I’m sure they have money to do that but seems they wanted to be greedy.

There is also the general bugs. The bugs, bugs, bugs that are bugging me. I needed to do some missions twice for the game to process because it got bug’d. So be ready to be annoyed many times for some unknown reason.
You can find your destination where to go by looking the map. The mission is always pointed there but sometimes not (if the mission location is unknown and you need to figure it out or do something else to make it to be shown.) And you can always look your compass that shows all the necessary things.

But… oh gosh. With these kind of games I have used to more clear “pointing the way where to go next or where the mission is” and this game does not success with that.
I don’t know if it’s the drawing distance thing but if you are let say in a town and you need to go somewhere out of the town or somewhere inside of the town the pointer to show the way comes awfully too late. You are basically already going through that door when the game shows you “this way!” and it is ridiculous.
They should’ve fix this, like, in the very first patch back in 2011 they put out. The game doesn’t have ANY dynamical or moving waypointers WHATSOEVER!!
If you are bad in english or something misses your ear or some other reason you’d need a waypointer or more detailed pointer to show what to do. This game is not stuck in 2011 but stuck in 2001.
So be ready to listen carefully everything the key characters says you need to do or you’ll find yourself pressing the PS—Button and using PS4’s web browser and seeking answers from there.

Difficulty level

Novice, Apprentice, Adept, Expert, Master, Legendary. Those are the difficulties you can choose from. I played with Adept.
I don’t think the game is difficult with Adept, but the bugs and those horrible gameplay problems this thing makes it sometimes difficult to progress over even the simplest thing. I could imagine Master and Legendary of being extremely annoying and hard to beat for an average player with this VR—version.
Many times you won’t go out all alone, you’ll have a company of some other character that helps you to do a mission. Sometimes you can even choose do you want NPK to come with you or not. And some point of the game you’ll get a soldier who you can command to do things and follow you to help complete missions. But you’ll need to earn that right so play wise!
Like I said before, I didn’t play this game through so I don’t know how difficult it gets with Adept towards the end but so far it was not hard and I can imagine Novice and Apprentice being like a child’s play.

What I like about this game is lockpicking things. Before you start lockpicking something like a door or a chest it shows what difficult level it is. The lockpicking follows same as gameplay difficultiness. From Novice to Legendary. So far I had lockpicked all but Legendary. If you gonna lockpick something be prepared if it’s Expert or above… or go oldschool and save before trying so you can load to try it limitless times.



You can buy the whole Skyrim now only 69.99€

The price for this was 70€ in PS Store. In physical I could get it for 50€ in Scandinavia where I live. So the difference is a lot. 20 euros being 23 USD.
I got it digitally so 70€ was too much I would say. But the problem was that there wasn’t any store around I could get it for. Gamestop yes but it would cost there 100€ or something.
I always wonder ‘what is the right price for Remasters?’ ….aaaand I don’t get the answer from gods so there is no price for them, it has to be determined individually. For this piece 19.99€ would absolutely totally definetly be the highest bid. Since there was so little to be done to make Skyrim a VR —version and even that was done half way. This game is totally not worth of 70€!! If you really must get this game and you can get this from 50 or under just get it. But try not to buy this from PS Store. That is my opinion. Like everyone has mouthhole so they have opinions.


Last impression in the Word Wall

Ok, Ok, I know I said lot of bad things about this piece of game but I need to make myself clear here. First of all; I am a fanboy of certain things but I DO NOT give them bonus points just because I am fanboy. I always criticise everything I need to or just want to from good to the bad. I say it all. I will find flaws of everything. My main goal is to tell what the game is like for real so if someone is very sensitive to those things they can avoid it and not spend money first just to try it out. I always look things through to the finest details and even when I said lot of negative things about this game I am not saying it is bad. I have always liked Skyrim and I am little fan of it and when I heard it would get VR port I couldn’t wait. Imagine: Skyrim in VR. But what I said above was the truth of this port.

I like this game even thought the image quality is poor. Sound is not that well made to fullfill 3D—status. Windows are blocked, etc. This game is hooking… very hooking and after next day when I need to go back to the Skyrim world I am excited and full of joy that I can ride my horse and go anywhere I like and go to thrilling missions and get more in—depth folklore of this amazing world. I can buy houses and adopt kids and finally… find a perfect pixelmush partner <3

Players all over the world has made lots of mods to PC—version and the game looks like real. It is absolutely beautiful and photo realistic.
I didn’t expect PSVR—version to be that beautiful, but at least I expected it to be far above decent but it barely rise above that visually. It is sad to say but this is the truth and many dreams is crushed. Don’t blame me.

I red from the web something like “PSVR should’ve been the right way to experience Skyrim in the first place”. It is true but only back in 2011, not today.
I simply don’t understand why they didn’t put more effort and tried to make something great out of this… they had all the right tools and right platform. Simply this is about money. I wouldn’t be this angry if the game cost 19.99 but seventy bucks!!

I was also wondering: “why this game doesn’t include the PS4 version?” Mainly what is different in VR version is that you can look around by moving your head and objects are 3D and thats it. Bound game is one exsample; it includes VR and non—VR game.
I think it is purely greediness. Greediness shows in everywhere in this thing. So if your eyes get tired of playing this you can always buy the PS4—version of it only 59.99 and continue playing!! Buy it now since tomorrow it’ll be 89.99!!


Would I play it one more level up?
Maybe just once.
And that’s it.


The saviour of this piece is the story. The main story is
 and it is not completely linear. You can do other
side quests or
errands or… anything basically in the order
of your liking.


Skyrim review



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