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First level is the easiest

Yet again I say this same thing; I should’ve played this game before. I think I’m gonna say it about every title that I missed until now. Maybe the reason I never played Super Mario 3D Land before was the price of it and how it never went down. Every Nintendo —title has very high re—sell value and the games won’t seem to come down from their heights in decades!!

When I started Super Mario 3D Land, スーパーマリオ3Dランド, [Sūpā Mario Surī Dī Rando] and played the first stage I was thriven. The game was super cute and easy to use. The game reminded me of Super Mario World very much. I wanted to play more which indicates that this have to be wonderful title. After playing the game through I realized how much fun it was and there was no worries in my mind while this game was on.


I played with New Nintendo 3DS XL which have new extra buttons but none of them were usable in this title. The reason behind it was the year when this game came out (2011) and then there weren’t any extra buttons on 3DS.
pic3-2Super Mario games has almost the same control scheme overall. It might change due the console and controller but mainly the same thing marries. Mario can jump, jump further, run, run faster, crouch, use object such as a fire flower that gives him ability to shoot fireballs or a leaf (in some games it is a feather that gives him a cape and ability to fly) that gives him a raccoon outfit that let him fly/glide. Of course there is some more rare items that gives him more abilities to ease on the journey.
There isn’t anything new and innovative to be introduced in this title which is kinda let down.

I think the controls were easy to master and it didn’t seem to have anything crazy to do other than some obstacles or enemies to defeat which took some skill especially the bosses that gradually toughened towards the end and the Bowser that came forth every once and awhile through the game.


The story is like you would’ve guessed; Princess Peach is in need since Bowser has kidnapped her, yet again. Super Mario goes after her and stage after stage he comes closer to her. Every now and then he will have a letter that shows her pressing situation and Mario hurries his running steps to her.

The story is there. Nothing else to it. It could’ve been more detailed or some little twist here and there or something. But as of platform —game the detailed plot is not necessary, it is more important to jump over obstacles and defeat enemies.


pic3-1Super Mario 3D Land has very cute and memorable soundtracks. Each level has very lovely tune and sometimes I wonder how easy it is to do. Not technically but artistically to get it work and be cute and memorable and stylized.

Sound effects are typical Mario but everything you’ve heard in older Mario —titles is in high—definition now. I mean all the sound effects aren’t only put in better bitrate but they’re made completely again in HD. It’s very pleasant to be played with headphones, which by the way I recommend highly. Super Mario 3D Land isn’t anything beeping—in—high—pitch sound, more so it’s very high quality and refined and lovely to ears. And I would love to have some of the tunes in my ringtone or as an alarm sound.


Super Mario 3D Land is super well done graphically. I’m not saying it’s the most detailed 3DS —games out there but it’s very smooth and beautiful. The 3D—effect works fine but sometimes it had its differences with my eyes. I played this with New Nintendo 3DS XL —console that has a advanced 3D—effect than its predecessors had which means it canpic5-1 track your eyes and head to make the image correct to your eyes so the 3D—effect had the best quality. Sometimes I had issues with the image but I think it was due the technical part than software.

It doesn’t matter what console you play this with the game looks nice and cute.


The gameplay is very same like any Mario —title out there. You walk onwards on a map and enter the next stage to clear it out by meaning you need to go all the way to the end of the stage and pull the flag down the pole. You can also collect special coins that opens secret levels for you to enter or for you to collect something extra item with you.
The map is linear, though, but it’s more just an indicator or clarification where you are and what kind of level is heading you.

Some Super Mario —games will let you collect one or more items with you and this title lets you collect one other item along and you can change it with the current one or it will be there as a backup plan. Sometimes it’s little strategizing what item to use and when.

I like the variations of the enemies and some new ones are introduced by this title. There is also many old classics but they might be little bit renewed or different size. The main theme with the movements is the same; Mario needs to jump on the enemies to defeat them, but can also kill enemies with gained abilities or some other way.


Super Mario games are always certain type of difficult. The thing is that the games start easy and gradually gets harder and with new things coming up on every next stage you’ll get more flustered and I think that is the difficultiness in words. But Super Mario levels are meant to be played repeatedly until manage to master the level and finish it. I personally didn’t find myself got stuck on any level.

If the game gets too hard; one thing that helps is to turn off the 3D—effect. If it doesn’t work correctly it might disrupt your vision and then makes your gameplay harder.
If you fail enough times on a level you’ll get a special item to help you. It’s a shining leaf that’ll turn you into super raccoon, or such and you can kill enemies more easily and flying is much more better and can reach farther distances.

For difficulty I’ll give it 6/10.

Last level is the hardest

Super Mario 3D Land made me love my 3DS again. I haven’t played a 3DS title for a very long time and after Super Mario 3D Land I wanted to play something else on my precious 3DS and I bought Poochy and Yoshi’s Woolly World, ポチと! ヨッシー ウールワールド [Pochi to! Yosshī Ūru Wārudo] to it. I have played Yoshi’s Woolly World, ヨッシー ウールワールド [Yosshī Ūru Wārudo] on my Wii U and this game should be exact same but with Poochy, or something similiar. I also want to get revisit to Luigi’s Mansion 2, ルイージマンション2 [Ruīji Manshon 2] and many more!!

I think Super Mario 3D Land is very suitable for anyone and it would be very nice time killer when waiting to the flight or in a long car trip. There isn’t any complex plot to follow — just next level to beat.

Yes, yes, one more level, please.

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Release Date: Out Now
Developer: Nintendo EAD Tokyo
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Platform

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