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First Poochy

Couple years ago I bought Wii U and Yoshi’s Woolly World, ヨッシー ウールワールド [Pochi to! Yosshī ūru wārudo]. The game was super cute and I liked it instantly. Some weeks ago I bought Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World, ポチと! ヨッシー ウールワールド [Pochi to! Yosshī ūru wārudo] for my 3DS —console. I hadn’t any idea what this game was like other that it is maybe the same game as Wii U’s but with Poochy? If someone doesn’t know who Poochy is, it is a dog that helps Yoshi along the way and it is familiar from earlier Yoshi games.
I started to play and right away recognized the familiar tune and the game itself; it is the same game as Wii U’s. It made me wonder why it’s not called just Yoshi’s Woolly World 3DS or something like that.

Firstly what I saw was obviously the downgrade of the graphics since 3DS isn’t as powerful console as Wii U is. It didn’t bothered me at all and the game looks good either way.


The control scheme is the simplest it can be. Jump, ‘hover’, eat, shoot and move, that’s it. It was surprise that Yoshi can be controlled with directional buttons also and not just with the joystick. I used the directional buttons since it felt more natural for me and ergonomically correct for my hands.

Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World is platform game where you move left or right. Yoshi can have ‘eggs’ that he can shoot at enemies or other objects.

Yoshi’s Story

The story is very simple, as of any Super Mario game there is (Yoshi is from Super Mario —series, if someone didn’t knew that).
Kamek (a witch) flies over the place where all the Yoshis lives, a Craft Island, and turns all the Yoshis (made of wool as of all the objects and surroundings of this game) to a roll of yarn and takes them with. Couple of Yoshis manage to save themselves and they go after the witch who has flied away but also managed to drop some of the yarn along the way. A green Yoshi goes after his friends and so he jumps to the first world.


Yoshis don’t talk. They keep all kinds of other voices and noises as they jump, shoot eggs, or get hit. There is talking but it is mainly the Kamek who does that.three_decoration_2_1
What comes to the background music I must say it’s the basic kind of music you can also hear in Yoshi’s Island (SNES) game and also in some Super Mario games. It’s cute and childlike and it’s pleasant listen to. All the sound effects also are toned down so there aren’t any bass boomed explosions, more kind and cute.


The game is made to look like everything is made of wool, even the Yoshis. Everything looks soft and itchy and cute as ever. The game looks very much like the original version but with the lowered resolution, of course. Graphics still are sharp enough and you can see the softness of the textures.
As being a 3DS title this game obviously has the 3D effect in it and it works fine. I played it on my New Nintendo 3DS XL console and it has more advanced 3D technique than the previous 3DS’ had. But I think the depth of the 3D effect has toned down as well if I compare it to other 3DS —games. Maybe the reason was that this is kids game so maybe they liked to bring it down a notch. UPDATE: New Nintendo 3DS XL also has updated hardware compared to older ones and this game runs better with smoother graphics and 60fps when the game played with older consoles is 30fps and low res.


You play as Yoshi and your mission is to go through every world and every level. Every level also hold inside some of the yarns that Kamek dropped while escaping. After collecting enough yarns from levels you can knit Yoshis back what the yarns were before. Every world has eight levels which two of them are castles or levels that contains a boss in the end.

There is things to be collected; beads, flowers, yarns and each of them help you in your gameplay. With beds you can buy power ups before entering the level.

Poochy can be played as a bonus stage or Time Attack stages and if all the flowers of the level was collected the Gold Rush for Poochy Dash is unlocked where you can play as Poochy and collect beads.

What I must say about the level design is that the levels are variable to each other. The theme and enemies changes a lot and some of the levels are little bit difficult to beat since you need to do certain things or find the right way to finish it.

The boss fights are also variable to each other. Every boss is unique the way it needs to be beaten but one same thing carries on; they always need three hits to be done with.


I have weird memory of Wii U –version being more difficult than this one? I really don’t know or remember that well but as of playing this version it was totally not difficult at all. Some levels were more annoying—like since I kept dying on the same thing over and over again and the latest checkpoint was far behind. Bosses are easy beasy and I found some levels more difficult than the boss fights.
I think the only difficulty would be to find all the secrets and collect all the collectibles. Some levels are fast phased and if you miss something you need to start over.


Last Yoshi

I like this game and shame it ended already. I usually play horror games or other bloodsplatter and this was good change for a while. Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World is not super difficult platformer it’s more of a puzzle type of game (Nintendo has marked this as ‘puzzle’). The puzzles either aren’t hard to solve but for kids this game is totally balanced. If you are Yoshi fan or want to play something other than hardcore games this might be yours.
I bought this game as new of 29,99€ and I think it is totally fair price. I don’t know how much it was when originally released about a year ago but to compare it to the content I don’t regret buying this at all.

The game is made to look like
everything is made of wool, even the Yoshis.
Everything looks soft and itchy and cute as ever.


Release Date: Out Now
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Good-Feel
Category: Puzzle

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