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I was writing an answer to a comment left on my
Detroit: Become Human review page
when I decided to write rather little article about it. What I have written in the review is about overall opinions of the game and trying always catch the best side of everything. Now a day after finishing the game and this comment emerged I was very thoughtful and I became realization of the deeper message of the story and how badly it portrays a human being in the future.

MAY 27, 2018 AT 7:23 PM

I’ve seen reviews from large and small publications criticize David Cage’s heavy handed, overdrawn, un-nuanced narrative style in the game. I know he is attempting to make commentary on socio-political, socio-economic and domestic issues like unemployment, systemic bigotry, poverty and domestic violence. Is the story and narrative style as unsophisticated and exaggerated as some say it is or is there nuance and complexity in what he is trying to say and how he says it?

My answer to that is following:


“I have to say the story what I got, on playing the game through only once, was a mixture of all of them. The narrative style was exaggerated yes, and toward the end I didn’t like the phase of how the story went and how much even the gameplay changed. Like most of the newest games, I have played recently, have felt stretched at the end part and with that comes things that actually doesn’t belong to the story since it’s, obviously, extra addition.

I have to declare that I’m super passionate about the concept of the human mind, consciousness, I, soul, mental disorders, A.I., etc. Naturally, I took the side of the androids and hated humans due to the fact that I mostly hate this planet and everything in it. It is and was very challenging for me to think calm, rational, and I think I managed to do it since I got pretty decent review out.

I would love to tell more detailed thoughts of mine about the story and how it’s written, but that will spoil too many things, so I ultimately can’t answer as I would like to. The game shows you the story of one and multiple angles, and making the player do things a player won’t necessarily want to do, forcing certain conclusion happen when in reality there would’ve been other ways to do it. Detroit: Become Human director––writer David Cage should’ve taken care of these big and small details to eliminate the frustration. Seems like he was too ambitious and tried to tie, literally, everythingness (and more) together in a one cohesive piece, which is impossible.

[Humans treat androids — the image of us — like shit. They can be sex slaved, beaten, sold, enslaved to work and nobody cares.]

Another thing I like to address is the length of the story with three different characters to play with. Which in turn includes plenty of other characters —— main and side —— and player have to memorize little too many things and choices made previously with many different perspectives of a view since the player can play each character the way they want i.e. good, bad, by personal beliefs or morals… so it creates chaos such as this unreadable sentence. It becomes easily messy and if this would’ve been shorter, one––sit, gameplay everything would have been fine. I played this in two days and between session I had to sleep, when continuing the next day my choices of each character was hazy and many side characters were gone from my memory such was many little details which the story contains a lot. (The game has flowcharts that show your progress and you can check from there your choices, but it doesn’t show/tell you all the details. The flowcharts also becomes insanely large and full of choices that it confuses even an average player.)

Answering to the question; the storytelling is elevated too much which makes it exaggerated, yes. For example, there were only two persons who were side of androids. The writer portraits every human as evil and they are almost as hating the androids and every single human are treating them like a trash. This is obviously not true even though I’m not living in the year 2038. I still can’t picture how people are kicking, pushing, beating, yelling, name calling their androids all the time. It would be as same as people would scream and hit their smartphones relentlessly in 2018. I believe androids will be treated well since they’re like a mirror image of a human and they resembling us very well.

I didn’t want to put the following into my review as I see it extremely inappropriate, but let me say it here. If androids can be treated any way people want; let me point out there is child androids as well. You can imagine what anyone can do to them as they are not count as a human. They can act, cry, laugh, mimic humans so well that it would be insane idea to let something like this to be legal. This is just one example of exaggeration of how cold humans have gone by the year of 2038. Yes, I like to think there is nuance and complexity of his point of view surely, but it’s the wrong type of. It’s very obvious that he wanted to go way over the line and automatically do humans as monsters. It’s true some humans are disgusting living things on earth, but most of the humans are good.

When an artificial being tries to tell it have started to feel and having emotions we automatically take them down like an enemy? It would be the same thing if aliens from outer space, who has a different type on understanding/consciousness, come and land on the earth we immediately attack them even though they have said coming in peace and they want to talk to us. There is some reality in this, though, in the game the unemployment is over 35%, because androids have taken most of the human jobs, it rises anger and protest in humans to go against the androids. Still, the way Detroit: Become Human portraits us as a whole is very offensive and degrading.”

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3 thoughts on “Detroit: Become Human is insulting humans

  1. I have not played the game, but even when if androids mimics human behaviour, they are machines. If you think that humans can’t be as cruel as the game, you do not know humans at all. Right know humans enslave others, abused them verbally and physically, they do human trafficking, sex slaves, etc. If humans do this to each other, do you really think they will treat androids better?


  2. Thanks for the response. David Cage should focus on writing engaging stories that inspire social discourse rather than making clumsy social commentary disguised as story. I like nuance and sophistication when it comes to writing that sheds light on tough, mature themes like racism and domestic violence. I don’t like to be hit over the head with heavy handed writing and portrayals.

    I saw a scene including Kara and the little girl’s father. He was clearly livid and was in the process of doing something horrific. All I could think while watching the scene and listening to the exaggerated dialogue was how unbelievable and unrealistic this guy was acting. It was like watching a caricaturization of a very serious and horrific act of violence that occurs too often in the real world. It was so exaggerated that it lost tons of emotional impact–at least for me.

    I get it. Humans are bad but we are also complex. It is almost as if David Cage does not have confidence in the audience’s ability to decipher the subtext and undertones of a more nuanced message. Would some people abuse and destroy androids?…maybe. But as you said not everyone is going to be so overtly hostile towards them. Maybe the 35% unemployment rate explains some of the hostility that might exist but I don’t think it would be to the extent portrayed in the game.


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