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I’m very excited about We Happy Few —game that is to be released next month (August 10th). I’ve been waiting this game since it was announced and I would like to have a little giveaway because of it. So this time I’ll give away a new copy of We Happy Few when it’s released.

Participating to this giveaway I would like to start a conversation about We Happy Few’s overall impressions, mainly about the plot. Personally I’m very happy that someone made this kind of game about drugs (medicine) and society. Is happiness gained from pills fake or real? What’s your thoughts?

I will keep this giveaway up until August 10th of Finnish time.

(I recommend to login or leave your email address so I can contact the winner. The game is PS4, PAL—version, but it will work on any PS4 console.)



Thank you and have a nice summer :)

31 thoughts on “We Happy Few (PS4) giveaway

  1. Oh my oh my !!!
    I love this game so much, i actually played it 1+ year not sure.
    I am so happy that I actually can discover some giveaways with this.
    This game have some dope af moments. Like the 2 downer lovers that die at the bridge, or sofa in the city that is beeing thrown by the guys who need more drugs. Those moments make we think a bit about the story rich of this game.
    Well all my respect to you generous peeps!
    Good luck to everyone!

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  2. The game has a lot of character. I love the dystopian world Compulsion Games have built (and I think we’re not far from it). It’s very very interesting and I’d love to have a PS4 copy.

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  3. I love the idea of this game. I think some of the happiness from pills is real. They open up to receive what’s good around you in a more receptive way. But it’s also not real since they’ve had to modify your brain to do so.

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  4. this kind of reminds me of the Giver, where they took pills that actually made them stop feeling basically all emotion. It’s an interesting concept. I feel like pills don’t make you happy, they just keep you from reality

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  5. I think that the pills just make everything look nice, and then after people have been regularly taking them they are made insane and are chronically happy. I just like the whole 1984, 1960s, psychedelic style dystopia thing.

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  6. Honestly I have seen the trailer a while back for the game, but only had gotten a sort of surreal, Prisoner-esque vibe from it. I had no idea of the drug related them. Makes me want to go back and check out the trailer again to see what else I may have forgotten.

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  7. This is actually the first look I’ve had at the game but it looks like it will be an interesting game. It’s an interesting idea the concept of pills altering emotions and in a way dulling or altering reality in that aspect to the user. I”m excited to see how this idea is taken further in the full story of the game and would love a chance to win it.

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  8. The psycedelic, LSD fumed, reality altering, 1960’s hippie era makes this game a sure golden. I think (like someone said it above) the pills just open ups your closed emotions. But does pills just open up them or does it affect to what’s inside of them? I have major depression now almost half of my life and I have tried God knows what pills. I also have other issues (mental and physical pain) that I literally have to take pills so many that it fills my empty stomach at the mornin, so no breakfast needed. Some of the pills have made me insane; I have done things that I have no memory of, just feeling of ‘I think something happened yesterday’. I have been found on wandering in the streets in the middle of the winter and taken hospital… the list is endless. Now I have ‘good’ medication. I still have to take at least 10 different kind of medicine every day. My weight is up like an elephant but I have to choose; skinnier and sexier: cribbling anxioty and physical pains. Or: fat and not wanted: somewhat happier and decent without heavy pain. I also can admit that I have been hooked to some pills such as codeine that I used heavily a long time. I did, however, have pains but sometimes I wondered ‘Do I take these because of the pain or because my body and mind needs it?’
    So, here is what pills might do to you and all kinds of chemicals we put through our bodies. Relevant to this topic I can say that happiness gained from pills aren’t necessarily ‘fake’ since as many depressed person is lacking certain chemicals in their brain that makes us funtion normally. So anti depressants fixes those needs. But happiness gaines from pills that are stimulants are totally fake. They literally gives you strong drug that will wer out. A drug that is not in your system until you take it. I stop now writing ‘cos this would go on forever :) Thank you for doing these giveaways.

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  9. Been really interested in checking this out. Has an eerie yet beautiful vibe/look to it! Thank you for giving us all the opportunity! Fingers crossed for ME though of course.

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  10. Well, IMO even if I think the happiness created by the pills is fake (as in it being created by something you consume, not something you experience) it sure can feel real for the consumer. So interesting to see this and other themes coming in this game. It reminds me of good ol’ Bioshock. Let’s try to win this giveaway! <3

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  11. Hiii. I’m so freaking excited that the game is finally done :) it’s the top and the most wanted game to play on my wish list. I’ve seen a gameplay 2 years ago and I fell in love with it. Since I didn’t have a ps4 nor a good pc that time I had to watch it on YouTube :D but from that time I was still checking their page and waiting for a full release. I bough a ps4 a month ago just to be able to play that :)
    I totally admire their idea of their world, it’s really creative. And I’m really glad they brought the drug ‘joy’ stuff here and they’re showing people what it’s doing it to their bodies. I personally do think that pills like these exist but they’re highly addictive and sometimes they can do more bad than good.
    I’m so so thankful for the chance, my fingers..even my toes are crossed :) have a nice day!

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  12. Still hoping to be to one of THE HAPPY FEW who get to play this ASAP! The time is near folks! Thanks again for giving us all this chance!

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  13. This game is literally marvellous. I’ve played the version before and it was perfect. It seems they added some kind of plot so I’m even more excited. I don’t believe in the pill of happiness, but it would have been awesome :D

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  14. I admire the whole 1950s English vibe – that’s what I find really attractive about the game. It seems like a survival game with an interesting storyline. I’d def want to try it out. Good luck everyone

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  15. I would absolutely adore this game mate, hope I can be the lucky one!

    You’d definitely make me be one of the few happy blokes ;)


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  16. Thank you all for taking part of this. It was interesting to read your thoughts of this game and its overall idea and story. I feel bad that I cn choose only one winner but here it goes. I chose Susanne as a winner. Thank you ALL for taking your time and thoughts!! Lets see what is my next giveaway. I think I’ll announce it soon.


  17. If you got any extra to throw out here and there that of course would make for a HAPPY FEW. Thanks for the opportunity again, and major Congrats to the winner. Will be playing this game one way or another and I’m very excited to get started!


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