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This giveaway has ended!

Hei taas,

I’m giving away a new copy of Detroit: Become Human PS4 —game!!

To participate all you need to do is comment below and the subject is, of course, Detroit: Become Human. It would be nice to have a conversation about the game and your thoughts of it so far. Your expectations and no—expectations.

I will keep this giveaway up until the game is released May 25th (of Finnish time).

(I recommend to login or leave your email address when commenting so the prize can be send to you. The game is physical copy so I need some address to send the prize. I will not store your address/name any way. The game (prize) is PAL version. PS4 system is region free so all games work with the system regardless the region. Only over 18—year—olds can participate to this giveaway.)




Kiitos :)


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38 thoughts on “Detroit: Become Human giveaway

  1. [I must tell one thing first. I did promise to add Disqus to my site, but there was a little problem in it. I just updated my plan (I use WordPress) but I didn’t take the plan that allows plugins (Disqus) because no one mentioned it soon enough, so right now it’s not possible to add it, but I promise to add it as soon as possible.]

    I know Quantic Dream games such as Heavy Rain. I love that game even though playing it now it feels heavily outdated, but back in 2009 it was the best game ever made. Everything is ‘the best thing ever’ until new one comes and take the title.
    The videos I’ve seen of the gameplay and story of Detroit: Become Human they all tell this game is going to be, not just good but, awesome. The gameplay demo (PS4) was great but it didn’t open the game itself that much, but what I think it’s about; it’s a story of rebellious androids that try to get ‘human status’ to themselves as they been seen as just an ‘android’ i.e. not human. The other androids seen in the trailers/videos will somehow go rebellious also and join the revolution.
    There might also be a situation where the androids ‘develop’ a deeper consciousness such as humans have and they start to ‘feel’ things and have real emotions. Mistreating them leads to the revolution.

    The game might not just be a story of rebellious androids it’s more the future of our civilization and about consciousness and what it is. Can artificial consciousness be ‘real’ ? What makes it different to ours? Maybe they have found the source of human consciousness and they know what it is and the androids lacks it (they won’t install it into they ‘brains/mind’) so therefore they can be used as pleased as they do not count as ‘human’ or any other living being.

    These types of questions have always been in my top 1 list of What I Want To Know. I think we are not that far away from the world what Detroit: Become Human gives to us, so all these questions are very relevant.

    I want the game be ruthless. I want it to give us the ultimate truth about life and death and not some baby blue story. But the truth is that these types of making—choice games can be stupid sometimes because if you play certain way and make certain choices and you aim to certain kind of conclusion but then you play wrong button one time in the end and all is lost. I said I want ruthless, but I didn’t meant this, I meant story—wise.

    I also want the game to tell other futuristic things that we hopefully can have but still staying inside some sort of realistic frame.


  2. I am a big fan of any Sci Fi that explores androids, artificial intelligence, synthetic life and the potential issues that may arise like self-awareness/sentience, rogue behavior, rebellion, revolution or rampancy. Detroit will address most if not all of these “future” issues but it will also be a contemporary and retrospective look at the human to human experience to date—oppression, abuse, incivility and inhumanity. Sadly, we enjoy hurting each other and most likely our savagery will only intensify if we create things that look like us but are deemed life-less.

    To me, this is also a commentary on evolution and the genesis of life, consciousness and self-awareness. Are humans the external negative stimulus/catalyst that trigger an evolutionary event in a formerly non-sentient AI? Can something created transcend its design? Also, what is life? These are questions humanity will have to tackle at some point in the too distant future. I don’t want to bring too much philosophy into this but Detroit has very complex underpinnings.

    The demo was short but interesting. This game was not one of my most anticipated but after playing the demo I found a new appreciation. The standoff with the corrupted android was very intense. I lied about having the gun and shot him to end the scene. I was most amazed at how easily and quickly the android negotiator was able to switch from an empathetic, understanding… being to a cold, emotionless, life-less robot. It was a bit chilling.

    I bought Heavy Rain back at launch but never completed it. This game seems light years beyond that. The mechanics are way better. I hope the story is good as well. If you like this game you will definitely like other intellectual properties like Humans, WestWorld and Blade runner.


  3. Heavy rain is great and i just got to experience beyond two souls since its free with ps plus, my expectations for this game are really good, lately ive been playing watchdogs 2 and im really interested in the advance of technology and its consequences, the games looks stunningly beautiful, and considering the team behind it, its going to have an inmersive and great history.
    Hope to win and also that you review it.


      1. I have send many games to other countries and usually just address is been OK, name wasn’t necessary at all. I had tens of giveaways in (before it got rebooted) and I learned that any address is OK. But I understand if you have some troubles now.


    1. I didn’t quite like the Watch Dogs. Maybe it wasn’t for me or something, so thats why I never tried WD2. But the futuristic technology that all movies and games have makes people think the future in real life. Now it might seem laughable to think some A.I. is taking over the world but we have to think that probably so did people just 100 years ago laugh all the things we would have 00’s. There are even people alive right now that have born 100 years ago so it’s not that far back, so 100 years in the future? I really wanna know :)


  4. I’ve been following this game since E3 2016. Initially it caught my attention since I was looking for a game like L.A. Noire and thought it’d be similar after they showcased Connor’s story. I ended up getting more hyped after realizing it was being developed by the same studio as Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls. Those games unfortunately seemed to have garnered lukewarm responses (and sure, Heavy Rain had its plot holes), but I greatly enjoyed them since I’m more into story-heavy games.

    Kara quickly became one of my favourite characters to look forward to in the game – her voice actress did a really good job with her along with her storyline with Alice. I also do like that they will be adding in the option to rewind your choices if you didn’t like a particular outcome, seeing as there are seemingly lots of branching paths.

    Little over a week to go, super excited for the release!


  5. Please take me out of the consideration for the give-away. There are other participants who will most likely enjoy this more than I ever will. I played the demo again and I realized that I am still not a fan of the mechanics. The story will most likely be great but this style of game is not for me.


      1. Games like this remind me of the old adventure games from the 80s. I’ve always found those games to be too passive/disconnected in terms of the mechanics. In these types of games narrative is paramount but at the detriment of control. I’ve tried games like Life Is Strange and Heavy Rain and I’m always left praising the story but hating the game play. To me it is more like watching a movie instead of playing a game. The only exceptions to this are Telltale games. Somehow I am able to suspend my bias when I am playing TT games…IDK? Now, I’ve only played the Detroit demo and I don’t know if it is indicative of the game in its entirety but if it is I know I won’t enjoy it as much as someone who is a fan of this style of game.


      2. @Esco

        Haha, fair enough. I personally like the movie-aspect of it (Quantic Dream/TellTale/Life is Strange, etc.), which is funny since I’m not particularly a movie-watching person (prefer to spend any free time I have playing video games). I like reaching for the story-driven games whenever I’m tired and don’t have the energy to get frustrated in certain games with hard levels or feel like I want that “movie experience”. It’s also a nice genre whenever you have a friend/SO over, since you can watch and get immersed in the story together, whereas more gameplay-driven games get boring watching someone else play – from my personal experiences at least.

        I guess with TellTale games, they have more QTEs so it could be a reason why that’s an exception to your rule. :P


      3. @ Anna
        I think the art/visual style in TT games appeals to me more for this type of experience. The cel shaded, hand drawn, static pane, art style is very “comic booky” and therefore lends itself to a genre that is, moreso, passively experienced…watch more, play less. I think there may be some kind of quasi cognitive dissonance or disconnect occurring when I am made to watch more and interact less in a fully 3 dimensional game. My brain is telling me that my hands should be doing more but I am not allowed. Maybe, my brain is harkening back to a time when 3 dimensional games (and most games for that matter) were all game play. Also, I think I just may enjoy TT’s storytelling style more than Quantic Dream’s. Wolf Among Us, GOT, and TWD are all great series. None the less, good luck in the give-away.


    1. I admire your honesty.

      (The game’s mechanics are very limited and it might suit only for specific players. I kinda like to play these kinds of games every now and then. If this style would be popular and with that there would be dozens of the games like Heavy Rain — then this would absolutely be boring and not exciting at all.)


      1. If this style of game was most popular and prevalent, I wouldn’t play games. lol


  6. I would love to be able to play this so soon! Heavy Rain is one of my favourite games, and Fahrenheit was really cool as well. (I didn’t play Beyond: Two Souls yet), so I’m curious to see how this one will be. I think the overall theme of the game sounds super interesting, but I didn’t play the demo or looked up too much info because I know I’ll play it eventually and I don’t want to be spoiled too much. I like to jump into things as blindly as possible. Thanks for the chance :)


    1. I usually don’t watch trailers or gameplays all the way to the end because they sometimes spoil too much. I just want a peek. The demo of Detroit doesn’t spoil at all. It’s merely a fraction of the plot (in my opinion) and just shows the mechanics of the game. But it’s only couple days anymore and I can start play it :) (I will send the game to the winner at the very same day).


  7. As a gamer, one of the things that I always enjoyed about games a lot has been the story that they create. With games like God of War, Last of Us, Assassin’s Creed, Yakuza, among others, they each have an incredible story told through their characters and their world.

    While I never played Heavy Rain, it was, from what I have seen, an incredible story based game that hasn’t really aged well in times. The thought of creating story based games that can change its outcome depending on how you play it was really something else. Plus, it added tons of replayability to get certain endings.

    Detroit: Become Human, based on what I have seen as well, seems to wanna take it a step further, in an attempt to become an ambitious story. The premise in of itself is rather intriguing, with the characters proving themselves to be well written. I’m quite interested to see how the game’s choices will impact the overall outcome, especially given you will play as both sides of the law.

    All in all, I have a lot of expectations for this game, and I hope that Detroit: Become Human can live up to them or even exceed them.

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    1. I loove the story part in games. It’s different in games than in a movies since you can (sometimes can’t) affect the story. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I always tend to think the ‘whole story and the ending’ as I make my choices. I just can’t help it when in nature — I should make choices based on the situation and my intuition.

      I read just now that Detroit: Become Human has ‘one of the best and emotional stories in video game history’ from someone who had chance to play it through. (link:

      If my predictions (above) will come true I know I will take the side of androids and let humans die, or something :)
      I’m too excited about this game…


  8. My first quantic dream’s game is indigo prophecy/Fahrenheit back on my PS2 console.
    See the their new game in new medium, i can’t wait to play the same excitement a have back then.
    Hope the branch story get massive.
    First play plan to play the ruthless route for human-android war & see if Kara can unite them all.
    Nice job for quantic dream, hope they still true to their root.

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    1. I’m almost too exited about this game. I don’t know why :) (tomorrow morning I have appointment to surgeon dentist and I’ll have a small operation and then some stitch, too, but I’m not letting it to stop me of playing this game!!)


  9. I’m very excited about this game because I absolutely love the concept of what defines being human. What is a soul and does having a soul make you human? Androids are always great sci-fi content because its almost a realistic circumstance that is going to happen. I’m looking forward to the vast amount of choices I can make and can’t wait to replay it and try new things

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  10. Detroit Become Human is the Blade Runner game I’ve always dreamed of! The moral question it raises are relevant, and while it is set in the near future, the time frame is still close enough to be relatable.

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  11. Heavy Rain is one of my favorite games ever, I didn’t like Beyond Two Souls as much, but this game looks really interesting. I’ve always been interested in stories about AI, like Westworld. Would love to be able to play this.

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  12. Hyvää huomenta,

    This giveaway hae ended.
    Thank you all for participating and I hope you’ll do take part to upcoming giveaways, too. This game surely going to turn heads and your opinions of it were interesting.

    The winner has been chosen: Anna. I emailed you as well and hopefully you all have a chance to play Detroit Become Human.



    1. Oh wow! I was already excited enough about the release when I woke up this morning, reading this just made my day even better! <3

      Thank you so much for hosting it. Hopefully your small surgery/stitch goes by quickly so that you get home early to start playing too!


      1. Just an update, I received the game last night and I’m loving it so much. Shame I have to go to work early this morning, or else I would’ve pulled an all nighter for it!

        Thank you for hosting the giveaway.


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