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This giveaway has ended and the winner is VERCETTY94.


Hello again,

I don’t know if you know this, but I’m HUGE Resident Evil fan. My apartment is full of RE stuff. Resident Evil 2 Remake is almost here and I would like to have a giveaway honouring its 20—year—journey from PlayStation 1 to PlayStation 4.
So, I’ll giveaway a physical copy of Resident Evil 2 (PS4) when it’s released on January 25th, 2019.

To participate this giveaway I would like to start a conversation and the topic is: what are your best and worst expectations of RE2 Remake?

I will keep this giveaway up until January 23th, 2019 of Finnish time. I’ll dispatch the game at once it’s released. This giveaway is WORLDWIDE.

I also have another giveaway on which is leading RE fan site where I giveaway two copies of Resident Evil 2 (PS4). Anyone can participate to that, too.


(I recommend to login or leave your email address when commenting, so I can contact the winner. Winner should answer my contact as soon as possible. The game is PS4, PAL—version, but it will work on any PS4 console. DLC’s or other promotional codes might not work outside games region.)

39 thoughts on “Resident Evil 2 (PS4) giveaway

  1. The game looks great. I hope it isn’t too unforgiving. The Tyrant gameplay gave me all sorts of anxiety and stress much like I experienced back when I played the original on PS1.


      1. I’ve played the demo and I come away impressed. The over the shoulder, TPS perspective make this feel as if it’s RE2’s first outing. The controls, aiming and graphics are responsive, precise and crisp, respectively–reminiscent of RE4. The zombies are tough and the tight corridors make it feel extremely claustrophobic and foreboding. I think I will have to play it on easy for my first play through since it takes so many head shots to kill one of those bastards.

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      2. But the amounts of bullets make it easy. The disappointing was that the demo didn’t feel survival, more of smashing the zombies into pieces with the bullets. Maybe the demo was on Easy difficulty? Maybe the Easy is just zombies not being any easier to take down, but givin more bullets. If this was Normal it is still too easy.

        I don’t like to play games on Ultra Hard to get some survival and then fighting with first zombie for hours before take it down. I wan’t it to be decent, balanced experience. Those very hard modes are for those who wants overly difficulty and challenge, but they also have played the game first with easier modes so they know what to expect and what to do.

        Of course there are different methods to make game survival, such like giving less bullets and zombies can be still taken down, giving more bullets and more zombies. Demos also are always difficult to tell from the final product as they can be just made for the demo and not actually being 1:1 from the final game.

        I also liked the over the shoulder perspective and claustrophobic feeling. I usually try all the games on Normal first time, but it always depend on games and if the game gives player to change the difficulty middle of the gameplay so I could always change it to Easy. But sake of making reviews I have to play them on Normal, and I’ve seen it to be OK for me.


      3. It felt like those zombies were a little bullet spongey at that difficulty. I remember the first zombie encounter requiring too many headshots and the bastard still got up and bit me in the back. It was still fun though. I will most likely complete the first play-through on easy or normal if easy is too easy. I usually never play a game on it’s hardest difficulty on my first play-through. I usually play on normal or the second most difficult option if I am seeking a challenge. I


  2. I think that my best expectations for this game is the returning to his “orignal formula”. I have to say that RE7 is also how this franchise should take the survival horror meaning. Honestly haven’t played the previous games (like this RE2), but I’m pretty excited to take part of this game, as some people have told me that his original version is massive. All of this with a fully remaded graphics and improved gameplay mechanics (remember it’s a Remake and not a Remaster :D), could only go well, but we’ll have to see.

    And here is where I go to the bad expectations. Like I said, never played it, and I can’t especulate too much on how the story will go and If it’s going to be good, because I don’t know. That is the magic on being a first-timer, I believe haha. Nevertheless, the fans and community knows this will be a good game, and I hope it will keep Resident Evil to the good way, since RE7 is really good (except the last part of the game :/).

    We’ll see how this goes on 25th of January, good luck everyone! :)

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    1. I have great memories of RE games from my childhood in the 90’s. RE2 was one of them and I hold it dearly and that’s why this Remake feels very personal to me. After playing the demo I believe this Remake is going to be pretty much the same idealwise. Meaning, the same characters and places, but not to the teeth. Everything is re-vised and somethigs changed completely so work in this new installment. I can wait to see 80% the same game. They have to do something with the HDR, though. The game looked visually gorgeous, but the HDR made horrible O.o


  3. I would love it if they nail the feeling and atmosphere of their latest game and combine it with the spooks from the original one! I would also love to play it because the horror game market is one of my favourite.

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  4. I think the new camera angle can and will bring benefits to the gameplay. I just hope that the movement is fast. I hate when I’m playing a zombies game and the characters move too slowly.

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  5. My worst expectation is that the game will be short! The original Resident Evil 2 had tons of replayability with 4 campaign scenarios (A and B) and Tofu and Hunk if you were good enough to unlock them. I imagine RE2 Remake will take around under 20 hours to complete.


    1. The original was long because the puzzles took time and getting an item from a to b and inventory was full so going to the inventory box all the time… If everything was made 1:1 with the way the demo was, the game would be very short because many things could be done much faster. So, thereofre there MUST be new stuff and I can’t wait to see what they are. Maybe just stretching places, adding extra places, rooms, bosses coming back more often…


  6. Hi all!
    I would like to feel like playing RE2 like I did before in Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster and
    Resident Evil 1.

    Both make you feel like a good survival game, for example, in RE1 and RE0 you had to keep your
    ammo as much as you could, learning how to avoid enemies instead of fighting them …
    Another complicated thing was the small inventory, you could not loot everything, you had to
    decide what items you wanted to pick up and, sometimes, what weapon to use.
    This was more effective in RE1 because in RE0 you had a partner, but anyway he had many items on
    the floor in the hall of the mansion hahaha.
    A good point of RE0, where they hunted leeches, made me have a bad time when I had to face them,
    but it was necessary to put tough enemies to make a good game of survival.

    Okay now, let’s talk about OST, for example, in Resident Evil 1, there was an ost in labs that was
    amazing, it was like “Hey, men, are you sure you want to go further?”

    About bad things … I could use RE5 as an example:
    This game lets the feeling of survival become a shooter. The enemies had a terrible design
    compared to other REs.
    I also remember a fight against a boss that I had to run like 10 minutes with the flamethrower
    recharging to kill him (Uroboros). Or on the other side in Resident Evil 0 you had to kill a
    giant bat in the church.

    And finally, yesterday I played the demo of RE2 and I can’t say many things because it was very
    short but and saw some good , the darkness, for example.
    It’s really realistic, the atmosphere is also very good, even though I found a small problem, I
    had a lot of ammo and this scared me a little.

    I hope to see this remake of RE2 to have the essence of the first REs and enjoy Umbrella’s
    experiments again.

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  7. Okay, so I think I will address perhaps my greatest expectation which is also my worst at the same time. That in itself is the continuity that was expounded on with Resident Evil 3 and Outbreak (Both Files), the latter now being counted as canon after excerpts were found in RE 7. That being said, I was glad to see those Outbreak Easter Eggs in the gameplay and demo alone and hope there’s more. I fear if they won’t include what transpired with Jill and Nemesis (Brad even as he was a nod in his zombie form) at RPD. Hopefully they will as they hinted there were more 1.5 elements being added, so I can only hope this will ultimately be the true way to the all these games and their events together.


  8. I just hope this game doesn’t get repetative and what i expect is the graphics and also the duration of this game. I also expect what is added onto the game so we can look forward to hey next game as well from capcom. My mame is Yeng And i love resident evil :)
    I really look forward to your reply and message back to me :)


  9. I loved the orginal re2 and i recently played the 30 minute one shot demo and it was GREAT!! They did the game justice just based off what i seen in the demo. I am curious to see if they kept the 2 stories seperate? Or will they intertwine now. I expect it to be awesome though!! Anyways good luck to all 😎


  10. I’m 33, and played every incarnation of this game as it’s come out. Really looking forward to this remake. Resident Evil 7 was fantastic.


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