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Journey of ever human being

We all are lonely sometimes and some might always be lonely. Being alone and lonely has totally different meaning to me. Being alone means, that a person is alone at the moment, but has people in his life. Lonely is more of feeling of not belonging, not having anyone significant in life. Someone, might feel lonely even having friends and family.

If someone, I, should know all about alone and loneliness, since for years I’ve been both constantly. That’s why I was super interested about Journey of the Broken Circle, because it’s a story of lonely broken circle, looking for a piece missing from its wholeness.


Ups and downs of the Journey

I like emotional games with good story and narrative. Journey of the Broken Circle, got great narrative from start to finish. The game begans with little recap of a Circle and its missing part and feeling of not belonging. At this point it was easy to understand the feelings of this character, who without its piece looked like a Pac-Man. Circle goes through areas/levels that varies greatly. Along the way it will meet other shapes and characters, who will give him insights about life, love, togetherness and existentialism (I personally wasn’t sure what existentialism meant until now).


Circle tries to be in a relationship with other shapes, who could fill its empty space, and with that new piece, it always gain a new way to move and reach things. Along the gameplay I got to try new moves, that were needed to move in certain areas. The controls themselves were simple, nothing difficult to learn. Only difficulty comes in few areas and with some enemies, that are tricky to pass. The skills lies learning correct timing and how physics works in the world of Journey of the Broken Circle.

I didn’t get any dull moments, but sometimes the game crashed completely and towards the end I felt it should end already. This is one critic I always give to video games, especially certain type of games. I just can’t help, but got the feeling, that the game is streched unnecessarily for some reason. [Note: I tested publisher provided copy before launch, game might’ve been patched after this].


Sometimes the Journey is more important than the destination

The whole story of Circle, what he goes through and what he learns, was interesting and touching — specially when I compared some situations to my personal life and experiences. Like the gameplay itself, it was also ups and downs of emotions throughout the whole 2-3 hour rollercoaster. It was clear how Journey of the Broken Circle was representation of ordinary people’s lifes and struggles they go through, just put in a form of a video game.

I think Journey of the Broken Circle really did its job of bringing good narrative platform in a beautiful universe with fun gameplay. Again, this is one of those indie games, that I recommend everyone to play. Since it can be found on many platforms (list below) just grab what works for you and enjoy this thoughtful journey and find out does the Circle find its missing piece.

(Review copy kindly provided by the publisher)





“Circle tries to be in a relationship with other shapes, who could fill its empty space”


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E10_ESRB_agerating_us_02Jun14 7-1 Switch play modespro controller logo

RELEASE DATE: Sep 18, 2020
GENRE: Adventure / Education / Platformer
DEVELOPER: Lovable Hat Cult
PLATFORMS: Nintendo Switch (reviewed)
App Store (coming soon)

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